Microsoft Back Peddles On Windows XP Use

Microsoft Windows XP – the operating system that will not go away is now getting a third lease on a life and could be extended even further.Microsoft is finding itself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Windows XP and its life expectancy. The company had planned on dumping XP and forcing the masses into using their latest flagship operating system known as Vista.

But a strange thing happened. Thanks to Asus and their popular Eee mini-laptops, Microsoft had to adjust how their  Windows XP was to be deployed in order to counter Linux from being installed on these pint size laptop offerings. Not only did Asus get the ball rolling, but now other manufactures, including Dell, are entering into this new explosive market place.

Originally Microsoft had set the parameters for using Windows XP on the new netbooks as:

Originally, Microsoft set the screen size limit at 10.2 inches and the storage capacity at 80GB to be able to run Windows XP. 

The software giant now has changed the parameters to include the following systems:

The new limitations on netbooks and other computers running Windows XP will be a screen size of 14.1 inches and a storage capacity of 160GB.

The only restriction Microsoft is keeping in place is that the systems can only use a single core processor and limit the systems to 1G of RAM. But with Intel stating they will be introducing a dual-core Atom processor for the mini-laptops, this also could change in the very near future.

Which makes one wonder. Will Microsoft be able to trim down the next version of Windows 7 to run on these little guys, or will Windows XP be around into the next decade? :-)

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  • Don Naphen

    Hi Ron; well we just got new desktops at work (USPS Boston) and guess what … all had XP Pro installed AND had VISTA stickers on the case! LOL. Apparently, our I.T. boys had a directive making it mandatory to stay with XP. I guess that says something about VISTA, huh! I did notice that, after the pc was set up, that it contained an upgraded version of the Office suite … from 2002 to 2003.

    I’m guessing that, because of the hardware/software upgrades required to be compatible with VISTA, that we and other major players opted to stick with XP. Our printers, for example, are probably 4 or 5 years old, and there’s just no way any company is going to shell out big bucks to replace hardware that is perfectly functional. Doesn’t Microsoft get it?

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Don,
    Thanks for passing this on. The cost of Vista is not only the program itself, it is the added cost of upgrading other software & hardware. For businesses this can get costly.

    Have a good weekend. Watch out for Hana! :-)

    Later, Ron

  • zitiboat

    My sister’s netbook has Windows 6.2 which seems to have all the gripes of Vista and none of the joys of Win7