Windows 7 – Can It Really Boot Up Under 15 Seconds?

Over at the Engineering Windows 7 blog there is a recent posting in which the problem of booting up is concerned. What problem? The time it takes. Now before you get all excited and start to dance in the streets, there is only one minor issue.


In the lab, a very good system is one that boots in under 15 seconds.


Notice the words ‘a very good system’.  What does this term really mean? The reason I am being skeptical about the 15 second boot time is because we have been down this path garden path before.


I recall a press conference in which Bill Gates stated that the next version of Windows [which turned out to be Vista] was going to boot in under 30 seconds. That Microsoft was going to be working with motherboard manufactures and other hardware vendors to make this a reality. Does anyone remember this beside me?


We were also promised a host of other features that we never did see in the final release. But that’s another story.


So my question for you Vista users is this , how long does it take for your system to boot?


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  • Bobzilla

    Boot once and forget it…. Oops, forgot we are talking about Windows, where multiple boots after a BSOD is the standard operating procedure. If Windows would fix the need to boot several times a day, boot time would not be an issue.

    Funny thing, I’ve never seen a kernel panic screen in Linux, only read about them.

  • Zachary Magee

    a lot more than 30 seconds that’s for sure

  • paul

    I disabled windows defender because i use something better, and i disabled sidebar because its useless to me. i do NOT have a dual core processor, and from the time i start it to the time i am working with programs is about 33-36 seconds, depending.

    its not bad at all.