September & October 2008 – Two Big Months In Tech. History

During the next two months of September and October, 2008, there will be the introduction of new products [toys] for all of us to go ga-ga-google over. :-) Some of the best things to hit the techno world will be, but not limited to:

Netbook computers: Those pint sized wonders that will weigh in at 2lbs or less and that are specifically designed to make the word ‘portable’  more meaningful. These little guys will come with the new Intel ATOM cpu that will extend the battery life of these little giants. Screens varying in size from about 8.9″ to 10″ will be the norm and some of the units will feature some of the first SSD [Solid State Drives] replacing the standard hard disk. The benefits of the SSD is that they are shock resistant and can take a licking but keep on……. oops. That’s another story. These midget computers will take us into the world of cloud computing, though some of us will go kicking and screaming into the future. One benefit. Some of these systems will come with an old reliable friend Windows XP. I bet Microsoft is kicking and screaming over this decision.:-)

The Apple new stuff: Apple is coming out with more updated toys and improvements for both of their iPod Nano and tweaking the iPod Touch with new software. Plus Apple will bringing the new iTune to the masses as well. The iPhone 3G will also start to be sold at your local Best Buy store. Who knows. There may be some other toys included from the magic of Steve Jobs and company.

Google phone: The dream phone, the Google phone, gPhone, it has a number of different names and also a number of different release dates. But it now appears that the phone from HTC will in fact be in our pockets in October 2008. The new design will incorporate a keyboard and swing open case.  It is the real deal.

Even down to the Google logo on the lid.

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  1. Mike Prudence says:

    Netbook Computers: I have one of these, and my personal opinion is that September and October 2008 should be the months when the world discovers it *doesn’t* need Microsoft to get onto the internet, send and receive e-mail, and do simple office word processing and spreadsheets.

    The whole point with these machines is that they do not need the gigabytes of ram and gigahertz of processing power that the, seemingly, over-blown Microsoft operating systems require.

    If you run XP on one of these things, you’re missing the point of the cloud: the OS is not the issue; maximum battery life, maximum performance, and a sensible, useable feature set is what it is all about. The fact that there are cost savings to be made not paying Microsoft for every PC in your life is the one unexpected benefit.