Five Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 3G – Really?

So I’m surfing the Internet when I find a site in which the author makes a bold statement about how lousy his iPhone 3G experience has been, plus he cites 5 reasons why nobody should upgrade from the original. But wait. I just read that Apple has sold over one million iPhone 3Gs, so is this just an isolated unhappy user?

Since I personally don’t own an Apple iPhone 3G, I am going to have to rely on your expertise to comment on this story. The author states:

1. AT&T’s 3G network sucks.

2. The battery life on the new iPhone sucks.

3. Wi-Fi is becoming more ubiquitous and will continue to become more ubiquitous over the next two years.

4. When you upgrade from your old iPhone to a new 3G version you no longer get any free SMS messages.

5. $10 more per month for the new iPhone’s data plan is a rip off.

The author states at the end of his rant:

So there you have it. My advice? Only upgrade if you break your old phone like I did. Otherwise stick with your first generation iPhone.

Like I said, I don’t have an iPhone 3G nor do I even have the iPhone original so I really can’t comment about the authors opinion about whether these issues exist or not. But I can make an observation. If the author actually dropped and broke his original phone, and he was happy with the original service, why didn’t he just buy another original? I’m sure he would have been able to find out some information before buying the new iPhone 3G from someone who had owned one.

Just my two cents. What do you think? Does the author have some valid points or is he just blowing smoke?

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  • Jennifer

    “If the author actually dropped and broke his original phone, and he was happy with the original service, why didn’t he just buy another original?”

    If the author had taken the time to do the most rudimentary research, he would have found that Apple and AT&T no longer sell the original. They only sell the new iPhone3G.

  • Stu

    Wow, it sounds like he overheard me explaining to my friend why, the night before they were to go on sale, I’d suddenly decided not to buy the new iPhone. I combined 4 and 5 into one item, but everything else was pretty much what I said except I also pointed out:

    I consider the iPhone 3G to be a downgrade. They turned the back into cheap plastic that’s already developing hairline cracks in it, yet the weight difference is absolutely negligible.

    If I had gone and upgraded, I’d be dropping $300 on the phone, another $180 per year on extra carrier fees, and for what? An extra 8 GB, real GPS (when the faux-GPS used in the original works just fine), and 3G speeds (even though coverage is spotty and wifi is all over the place).

    When I thought it through, it was a no-brainer. If you’re into the iPhone, it’s not so bad to buy a 3G as your first one. If you already have an original, it’s downright stupid to upgrade unless your phone breaks or you just have to have more storage space.

  • Nicolas LaBarre

    I agree with Stu. This might be a bad example but Vista is a downgrade from XP, just like the 3G is a downgrade from the original iPhone. Sometimes when you try to fix something that’s fine you create a new problem.