Security Updates As Of August 3, 2008

Make sure your system is up to date and has the latest protections in place.

  1. AVG anti-virus: 08/03/08
  2. Avast: 08/03/08
  3. Norton anti-virus: 07/30/08
  4. McAfee anti-virus: 07/30/08
  5. Lavasoft Ad-Aware: 07/31/08
  6. Spybot Search and Destroy: 07/30/08
  7. Microsoft Windows Defender: 07/30/08
  8. Nod32: 07/28/08

Updates as of August 3, 2008 6:00am CDT.

Attention AVG 8 users. You can remove the annoying notification area message. Check out my article below.

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