Cuil – Bad Day For The New Kid

This morning I wrote about the new search engine, Cuil, after which it appeared that the new kid on the block suffered some massive growing pains. Servers were overloaded and the system went down briefly. What was even more embarrassing was a news story on CNN.

They were trying to show the attributes of Cuil, and were having problems. When they entered in the name George Washington, they received a nothing found message. Not a good thing for the folks at Cuil. Though growing pains are to be expected, it was not the best way to try to show your stuff. Especially since Cuil was being compared to Google.

I don’t the folks at Google have anything to fear. In fact I bet they really enjoyed the day. :-)

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  • Kevin B. in Iowa

    The former Google whiz kids must have been bummed about such a rocky start. However, I just did a search on Cuil for Caroline Kennedy and got 132,460 results in approximately one heartbeat, nicely displayed. The same search on Google gave me about 887,000 results in 0.08 seconds, in the format I’m used to seeing. I’m a fairly diehard Google fan, but I plan on using both for now and seeing how it goes in the future.

  • Bobzilla

    I gave Cuil a test run and the first rattle out of the box it returned a server overloaded error. My second test was much better with acceptable results, however I’m not overly impressed. Yet again, I was not very excited about Google’s debut either. Only time will tell.

  • mike

    First, lose the clever and cutesy name…I’d rather have something that works as opposed to something brainstormed by a marketing person but then that’s the techie in me.

    Second, obviously we can’t judge a book as it were on the first day but still…comparing yourself to Google…are they idiots or are they trying to go down in flames quickly? WHY on google earth would you compare your fledgling company to an established and heavily used site like Google–you will only lose.

    Better to have simply introduced people to the new search engine instead of making “faster than google” statements.

    Just my opinion. For all new or up & coming businesses out there…here’s a thought: Keep it simple, don’t compare yourself to an already established competitor and put out a good product or service…the success will follow.

    Why is this concept so difficult for business people in the country to grasp…oh yeah, I forgot, WE [Americans] don’t actually make or produce anything anymore and farm everything out to foreign countries so we’ve probably forgotten how…