Microsoft Still Struggles Getting The Enterprise To Use Vista

Microsoft is still struggling trying to get big businesses to start using Windows Vista operating system. According to a survey by Forrester Research, Inc.  about 87% of companies with 50,000 or more employees are still using Windows XP. But the wording of the report takes on a nasty tone when it compares Vista to the ‘new Coke’ and when it is stated that companies should take the lead of Intel when looking into upgrading to Vista.

According to this article:

Mendel’s comments undercut the momentum for Vista claimed by Microsoft, which says it has sold 180 million copies for its 18-month-old operating system to PC makers and end users.

Vista still has double the share of Macs among big businesses, however. The share of Macs grew to 4.5% in June from 3.7% in January 2008; 80% of those are Intel-based Macs.

Linux’s share of desktops, meanwhile, fell significantly, according to Forrester, to 0.5% in June from 1.8% in January.

As a result, enterprise application developers only need to “develop exclusively for Windows XP and Vista. Forget about Macs unless you’re aiming at a specific business vertical where Mac use is prevalent.”

Yipes! I thought comparing Vista to ME was bad enough. But to compare it to ‘new Coke’, which as we all know failed, is a real insult. Using Intel to support this claim also has to be hurting Microsoft. I believe Microsoft really is going to have its work cut out, when trying to convince the masses, especially businesses, that Vista is a good product, with a bad rap.

Here is another insult. Vista is the car industries Edsel. :-)

Joking aside. Is Microsoft going to be able to dig itself out of this hole and turn Vista around? Or after 18 months of trying, are they spitting into the wind?

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  • mike

    Give it up Microsoft. The big hurdle that Vista has is the “first impression” curse. Let’s face it, you don’t earn trust from anyone when you release a product with so many issues even if they do get fixed or resolved.

    Companies can’t afford to risk major downtime for employees because a workstation OS, something that should be a non-issue, is having fits and refusing to cooperate.

    It also didn’t help when Microsoft tells customers , as they are releasing Vista, that Windows 7 is on the horizon (albeit a couple years away) AND XP support is living longer than that–do the math for crying out loud. Why should anyone change from XP to Vista and then have to turn around and possibly go through this within a couple years…ridiculous.

    Bye Vista…enjoy your short OS lifespan… 😉

  • Will Bramlett

    I’d rather keep.. Most of my stuff I’ve either just purchased (and had to save a good deal of money to buy) or it’s so old I’d only get a few dollars.