Scott Peterson Blogs From Jail

If you are not familiar with this case, let me provide you with some of the highlights of the case. Some 3 years ago, Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his wife, Laci and their unborn child Conner, in Modesto, California. At the time I followed the case, as many others did, including the subsequent trial. There was what appeared to be a mountain of circumstantial evidence that seemed to indicate that Scott was in fact the suspect who killed the pair.

There is now a couple of blogs from Scott on the Internet, in which he and his family allege that he was framed by the police. According to Scott’s father, the police had ‘their man’ and that man was Scott. There are other allegations that allege that Scott was setup by the cops and undulying convicted. So where is this new information coming from?

Well there are two websites setup for Scott on the Internet. One is provided by a Canadian group who are against the death penalty. Another appears to be a product of Scott and his family. Both provide additional information about the case and are asking for donations for Scott’s defense. The Canadian site also features pictures of Scott and Laci, prior to the muder.

Scott’s dad also mentions the following:

A now deceased, eminent lawyer once said “If a cop decides he is going to convict you of a crime he has the unquestionable power to do so.”  What happened to my son could happen to any of us. All it takes is one bad cop.

So what do you think? Was this man framed as it is alleged?

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Scott’s blog site is here

Canadian site is here.

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  • Beverly

    I read the book when it first came into publication. This killer is a guilty as they come. I believe the Rocha family, he should have NO!! privileges as internet contact with the out side world, indclding his parents. Visit him on visiting day.
    He should not get the death penalty, he should have to stay in jail with no privileges whats so ever until death. My heart ached when I read the book and as a woman in her 60’s I cried alot. He did it, now he should have to live with it. He was a con artist from the word go. And that girlfriend of his had to know something, come on now, are we that niavie. She came forward to cover her you know what.

  • Mister Commenter

    This is the sort of reflection humanity is investing time into? Who friggin cares. The last thing I want is to spend my money (taxes) on is to tell our citizens (Scott’s family) what they can publish. It’s about this and nothing more. End of story. Lame.

  • Scott

    Kinda sensationalist. “Scott Peterson Blogs From Jail”

    He doesn;t “blog from jail”. Inmates on death row don’t have Internet access. The blog belongs to his family, and from the CNN article it sounds like he passes his thoughts to a family member to post.

  • I wanna Fight

    “If a cop decides he is going to convict you of a crime he has the unquestionable power to do so.”
    That also goes true for Navy lawyers who need someone they can point a finger at to keep one of their fellow officer buddies out of trouble. In this case the careers of the enlisted is considered expendable.

  • Kim

    I think Scott Peterson is absolutely guilty. He’s a sociopath, therefore believes his own lies. He’s guilty as sin.
    He should just keep his mouth shut.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for all of the comments. They are appreciated.

  • Paula

    That is the hallmark of a sociopath…they are so convincing that even those closest to them believe every word they say. Ted Bundy was VERY convincing. ANd so is Scott Peterson. I don’t blame his family for not wanting to believe that they could have a child with no conscience but they are just wrong. He is guilty and dangerous. I don’t believe in the death penalty but do believe in no parole.