German Torches His Own Car To Protest Fuel Prices

An unemployed German poured gas over his 1995 BMW and torched his own vehicle to protest the high price of gasoline. According to an article by the BBC it states:

An unemployed German man has set his car on fire in protest at rising fuel prices, police say.

He drove the black 1995 BMW 3-Series car onto grass near a Frankfurt conference centre, emptied petrol over it and set it alight.

By the time the fire service got there, the car was burnt out.

There have been demonstrations across the world against rising fuel prices. The price of oil is trading at record levels of over $140 (£70).

“The Bavarian… said he carried out the act because he was unemployed and could no longer afford a car due to the high cost of fuel,” police said in a statement.

Most of us who read this article would think that this is a dramatic and silly way to protest high fuel prices. But one can understand the man’s frustration.

What do you think? Did this really solve the problem or was it just a waste of time?

Any volunteers to set their own car on fire? :-)

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  • Ryan

    And I protested Firestone by slashing my own tires. /sarcasm

    Seriously, why do the oil cartels and Bush administration (same thing really) care if some German dude totals his own car?

    What message is he getting to me?

    That I hate paying $4.29 a gallon?

    I know that already and try to combine trips or walk when it’s a short distance.

    Not much else I can do, I guess…I mean if someone wants to buy me a compact car or something, I won’t fight you.

  • Stray Comment

    Right there is lack of respect. No respect for anyone else. Did he think of the polution he caused? The chance of someone else getting hurt? Wasting the fire departments time?
    Not to mention the dumb@ss could have sold his BMW and maybe paid a few months rent! Oh well, who cares. He tried something out of the norm just to “get his point across.” He failed. Everyone might see his story and think, dumb@ss! And off they are to continue along with their lives and their own problems.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for the comments.

  • E2001

    LOL @ Pollution! Ever see a space shuttle launch?


    Any protest is silly. You can’t “solve” the fact that oil is running low, and the government needs to squeeze every penny out of you for their war machine.

    Besides… Any after-Christmas bargain hunter will tell you that prices never go ‘down'; they merely ‘revert’.

  • collin

    So if you can’t afford it burn it?
    Why wouldn’t he just get a job, or sell is car…maybe he could afford it if he just had a steady job or even just sold the car.