RegCure – Effective Software Or Con Job?

I’m surfing the Internet when I run into an article about how to cure registry problems. The articles explains how the Windows Registry can become corrupted with malware, spyware and other intrusive files. The author goes on to explain in detail how this can slow down your PC. So far so good. But there is something wrong here. In the about the author section it just refers to a free scan by a product called Regcure, but no link. Strange.

So I do a Google for Regcure and bang. I use WOT [warns users of risky websites] and up pops all kinds of link warnings. But what was of interest was a site for complaints about the RegCure software. I took a look at some of the complaints against RegCure and it seems that this software causes more problems than it cures. Here is one tale:

I went on the Internet to find something to improve the poor performance of my computer. Regcure promised to repair all of the problems on my computer, so I purchased it and downloaded the program. After running the program my computer would boot up OK but none of my programs would work. I kept getting messages that said “Winsock2 needs to be installed on this computer” and IHPIPAPI.DLL file is not functioning. When I tried to go to the Internet to report theses problems I discovered that I was no longer able to access the Internet. I am not a computer geek so I depend on the products I purchase from the Internet to maintain my computer. I am making this report on my son’s computer since mine no longer works. I went online to [email protected] and reported my problem. I got no response. So I e-mailed them at [email protected] and asked them to refund my money. I still have not received a response. I am reporting this in the hopes that I might save some poor sucker from loosing the use of his/her computer as I have.

I’ve never used RegCure, have you? If you have lets us know what your experience has been. We may be able to save someone from the hassle of bad software if in fact this is the case with RegCure.

Comments welcome.

Complaint site is here.

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  • alastormoody

    Registry editors, and cleaners are dangerous. I hate these types of programs, they are nothing but scams and a ticket to ruining your PC/Mac. The things is, I had this program once, did not make any difference, I wasted $20 on that stuff. I would never recommend registry editors.

  • robinbirdsong

    I use RegCure on a regular basis and have had absolutely no problems.

  • Tooterputer

    Bought + tried + uninstalled = reformat.
    It may be that it cleans “too well”. After 2 months, had to completely reformat. Couldn’t even “repair” Windows. My fault, I’m sure, since I really don’t know the registry and I trusted RegCure to know better—Would have been better off doing it by hand myself! So much for having faith in a program. After that experience, I have to agree with alastormoody and say that I wouldn’t recommend registry editors/cleaners, either—-especially never trust them!! If you’re even thinking about RegCure, go talk to a Geek, first!!! That’s my gift to you. :o)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. It is appreciated.

  • Dave Travis

    I’ve been using RegCure for several months now, and it did make my PC faster. Once I deleted a wrong item in my Registry, but thanks God RegCure has a backup feature, so I got it back.

    I bought RegCure at with a 35% discount, maybe you could get it in other places even cheaper. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested. (I have nothing to do with this site, just found them on Google when I was considering RegCure.)

  • Gordon French

    I am an IT Administrator. I promise registry programs are a very useful tool when used properly. That doesnt mean just run the program every day because you are bored. Most people that have problem are people that do not understand the registry.

    You must remove viruses and adware before playing with the registry. There are tools like startup managers included with registry programs that will save the use hours when trying to fix a computer.

    Please do not talk trash about something you dont understand. Registry programs are a tool not a fix all. If you truly now how to take care of a PC you will most likely never use a registry repair program unless your a fixing someone else’s computer.

  • Alexxeno

    The problem with anything that attemps to clean out the registry is that it doesn’t truly know what is and isn’t needed, It works more off of dates of use and other unbais methods, which can have the nasty effect of deleting registry entrys for important items. So for that example posted, the winsock2 was actually still installed, just that becuase it’s reg entry was deleted it didn’t know where to find it or how to use it. most cases these are actually easy fixs tho just reqiring you to “reinstall” the product so it can find it’s reg entrys again.

  • Rich Mercer

    I have used Regcure for two years.No problems.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Rich

  • Ronald Bowman

    As IT director for a major firm, I have read many threads about RegCure, I come to the conclusiion that ALL the positive entries are probably coming from the people associated with RegCure. The best thing you can do to avoid future registry problems is to peridocally make a backup of your registry. If you have a problem, you can restore the registry from your backup. Making Windows Restore Points is also very helpful. Many SpyWare programs are so hard to clean out, sometimes the best way is to start clean and then be REAL careful where you go and what you do on your PC.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Ronald,
    Good points. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your expertise with us.
    Regards, Ron

  • Zach

    I am an unbiased party on this but i agree that registry cleaners or in this case regcure are good tools if you know what your doing, but a few of my friends have said that this program itself is malaware and i should not put it on my pc or mac…..further more i personally would check more into open source software theres plenty of it out there just got to know where to look if ya want a few links either google open source windows (dist here ie: XP or Vista etc). or email me at [email protected] thanks for your time Zachary

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Zach,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    PS I changed your email address to hopefully prevent your box being spammed.
    Regards, Ron

  • P Driesler

    I have a 5 year old computer .I had a problem with constant error notices .And my computer was slowing to a crawl or locking up. I told my wife that it was time to buy another computer because I thaught it was going crash. I tried to fix these problems myself ,only to be frustrated by all the steps necessary to fix each individual problem. Finally I just threw my hat over the fence and downloaded the free REGCURE program. And naturaly it found a bunch of problems,but in order to get a complete scan you need to purchase the program. Ah I thaught I had nothing to loose.So I baught it and imediatly things improved. I’ve been using it for about 5 months now and I honestly think it saved my computer. Take Care…………………… P Driesler

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello P Driesler,
    I am glad it worked for you.

  • Howdodi

    When I purchased RegCure I though I was getting it for $9 but it ended up costing me $30. I truly never saw any difference in my PC performance after getting it. Strangley and this may be for the conspiracy theorists, but just prior to the renewal of my RegCure licence my PC started to get real slow and started showing more errors. I uninstalled the RegCure and guess what my PC become much faster. At best perhaps it was not compatible with my anti virus protector but at worst it could be a huge scam. Will we ever find out?

  • zen

    regcrue is total shit dnt wast mony and risk crash on your pc

  • Dorris

    I have been using RegCure for 2-3 months and have found no problems with it. I think it was version 1.5 or something. I got the program because I had a problem trying to get another program to run and looked for help online and found details that a reg cleaner like RegCure would help fix the problems and get the program running and as far as I know it worked for that.
    Perhaps the people who had their computers die etc. after using the program had viruses or something already as someone mentioned you should remove these afflictions before using RegCure. So perhaps that is where their problem lies. After reading reviews about the program and the lack of customer support just now at this site:
    I promptly decided to uninstall the program just in case it did somehow go awry.
    I also use Tune Up Utilities 2007 which cleans up disk space, finds and corrects disk errors and has a registry cleaner. I have had no problems with this program as yet either.

    The main problem seems to be downloading shady software and freeware which can often install unwanted malware etc. on your comp. So if people are smart and avoid these things then your comp should be right.
    I have become very suspicious of anything to do with “protecting” your pc lately and I have honestly never used a virus scanner in my entire life and have never had a virus.
    I have disabled all firewalls and protection options for my comp as I am paranoid they actually do the opposite, same with virus scanners. I have a feeling these things actually allow certain things into your computer and freely give your details to those in charge of creating them.

    If your comp happens to get infected by spyware or malware a great program to fix this is SuperAntiSpyware and I’m pretty sure you can get a free version which works great.

    Good luck to all in this age of cons, scams and not very nice people.

  • bubba

    Ive used regcure for quite a while now and i find it does more good than bad windows xp’s bsod is a total drag. poorly made programs are the trouble with windows stuffing up even windows stuffs itself up. its nice to know a program out there is fixing these problems up. yes it does’nt speed the computer up but thats my loss for putting too many programs on it.

  • Pavlo

    First of all registrycleaners are windows only and second while they can boost performence they can be risky, and third they are not worth your money and fourth you need to go on a torrent site like TPB or Mininova and download them and use cracks serials or keygens.

  • Ronald Mack

    I am desperate! I just went with new PC with Vista. The problem is that it is a 64-bit system. RegCure does not work with 64 bit. Only 32-bit. I have tried several addresses to reach them to no avail. I have tried their phone number and it does not ring properly. Does anyone have a correct email address or phone number. they are willing to issue a refund, but cannot reach them. thank you. R. Mack

  • Ron Schenone

    See if this number works:

  • http://N/A Charles Etheridge

    I had Regcure for about a year, but when the subscription was about to lapse reminders began appearing on the desktop of another user. I was the one with the subscription and she had never even heard of it. I have written more than three times asking that those notices be permanently removed, yet they are still present at each startup. I recently installed Norton 360 v.3 and that is quite sufficient and effective. The address of the other user is [email protected] and she is getting quite tired of seeing it. this time I am asking, rather demanding, that you get the hell away from my computer for the rest of time. I have neither the need nor the desire to ever see anything of you again.

  • Rick B

    I installed RegCure in the summer of 2008. I only had a small problem getting it going which Pareto claimed was due to their overprotected piracy code.

    Then again, I never noticed that it made a noticeable improvement in the performance of my PC.

    What I am wondering about is the cost. I paid about $60 U.S. a little over a year ago and now it says the license is expired. Just where did it say I was buying a license for only a year? I can’t see it anywhere in the agreement, invoice or on their website. Is this for real?

  • Rick B

    I’m answering my own question…

    I heard from Paretologic and, indeed, all you get for your money is a 1-year license.

    That’s as close to a veiled fraud as I can imagine because the certainly don’t make it clear that that’s what you’re buying. They say it’s in the license agreement but saying it there, IMHO, is a little late since by then you’ve paid your money.

    Buy this, annually?!? Definitely not worth it, if you ask me.

  • Regcure

    Yes, I agree with every word, it is a great software…

  • Registry Cleaner

    Another advantage of RegCure is that it is easy-to-use even for the non-experienced users. Anyone can fix or optimize the registry error in the computer. This software offers you with advanced and updated technology that determines your system better and analyze all the registry problems in few seconds. It is not only compatible but also quite capable if searching all the plights and ends that occur in the registry. Also the software protects your computer from spy ware infiltrations and any other harm that come along during the installation process

  • chuck

    i see no differance in performance disk cleanup makes it better but regcure i cant tell

  • Daniel

    I’ve used reg cure and it seems ok since I’ve learned to use it properly, it seems the only detriment is the case logs that build up over time that use up space as all logs do. my thought is look before you leap as in all things. it’s a risky world we have and who knows if it will ever improve. thanks, and good luck. 12/08/09

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Daniel for the info.

  • Trond

    After installing it it found about 2-300 errors, and the same amount running it a week later. I ran it right after it was finished fixing problems, and already there were 19 Progam shortcut errors. I hadn’t done anything…

  • Brad Grier

    Hey Kelly, just need to clarify — while MyEmpire is a very cool app, we (the Empire Avenue team) didn’t build it and cant’ take the credit for it — rather it was a group of Empire Avenue fans that banded together to build it. It works, and works well (I use it daily :).

    • Chris Pirillo

      We’ll revise the article. :)

      • Brad Grier

        No worries, just want to make sure the guys get the creds, thanks!

  • Lance Taylor

    (e)KEVINUM coded and (e)LANCETAY and (e)ITCH helped with design and testing. All things are possible with enough time, money, code, and/or beer as I always say.

    • Ruhani Rabin

      Thanks for making this possible. That is quite a lot of work but apparently I can’t use it. You can check new replies to this posts. :)

      • Lance Taylor

        Hi Ruhani, what do you mean you can’t use it? I know there is an issue if you joined EAV with Facebook.. and if you don’t change your password in EAV after the app cannot authenticate as the EAV API is not allowed to share login information. So, if you are having an issue logging in.. try changing your password on Empire Avenue. Also note, that special characters also present a problem (i.e. Ampersand) so try a password with Alpha-Numeric and should be fine.

  • Ruhani Rabin

    This didn’t worked. I’ve already created password manually. Once I put ticker name and password and click sign in. It doesn’t do anything. But if I put wrong ticker it says wrong password. This app wasn’t updated since nov 2010!? (IOS 4.3)

  • Ruhani Rabin

    I’m having almost exactly the same problem as you :)

    • Chris Pirillo

      Have y’all reached out to the developers about this? :)

      • Ruhani Rabin

        Hi Chris, I have posted a reply to “Lance Taylor”, i think he was in the developers team (as he mentioned). Is there any official site?

  • Liam Green

    I love this app i would be so much better if you could add multiple accounts.