Microsoft's White Paper Compares XP to Vista To Win Converts

Microsoft has a new white paper in which they downplay Windows XP and glorifies the attributes of Windows Vista, in order to convince IT departments to upgrade. In the white paper Microsoft shows the newest features of Vista that XP does not employee and attempts to actually show us how bad XP really is.

Which makes one wonder. Is it a smart move to actually attack your own product since Microsoft will continue to use XP on many future mini’s and also the OLPC laptop systems?

After looking at the white paper one could almost conclude that anyone who uses Windows XP is a fool. The paper dissects what XP doesn’t have compared to Vista, but fails to offer a convincing enough argument to switch to Vista, but actually provides a convincing argument to dump Windows all together. The white paper could effectively be used by Apple in their Apple vs PC commercials to further show how bad Vista is.

But that is just my take on the paper. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Comments welcome.

White paper is here. [the doc is in .pdf format]

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  • Ryan

    This is standard technical marketing. Worth a read…

    lessons in brevity:

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Ryan,
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Tech Tips and Tricks

    Wow, I read through and am really embarrassed that I am actually running Windows XP. What a crappy operating system I have been so proud of over the last 5 years.

    My problem with Vista is that it still seems slow until you are up to 3 gigs of ram and a quick processor, maybe it is the constant indexing? Also on a new Dell 1525 laptop the bettery is only lasting us 45 minutes where I get 3 hours on XP with a supersized battery. I was expecting to get more around 2 hrs on battery with Vista.