Is The PC Gaming Machine DOA?

I started noticing a few years ago that some titles of the newest games  were not being released for the PC. That games were being developed for the PS3, Wii and X-box that left the PC gamer wondering. Is the PC gamer a thing of the past? Then along comes AMD with some type of a logo program that appears way to little, to late.

I must admit that after playing all of the console boxes during the past year, that they do out shine the experience one can get from a PC. Especially when one of these consoles is hooked up to a big HD television. My buddy from CA, who is now my neighbor, has a X-Box 360 hooked up to a Samsung 50″ DLP set. The graphics and play are superb compared to playing on a computer.

I also remembered something else? Wasn’t Microsoft touting some type of a new Direct X 3D something or other, along with some new video cards that were going to propel PC gaming into the next dimension? Did this happen and I missed it,  or did this go the same way as the Vista Ultimate treats we were promised?

Here it is. Direct X 10 from Microsoft here. Take a look at the games available. The list looks kind of skimpy to me.

So is it goodbye PC games and hello console?

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  • the oracle

    Are you sure you’re comparing apples to apples? My son and his friends only own both because many console games never come to PC.

    Now, on a cost basis, consoles are a better deal, but I think that from a ‘look and feel’ aspect, a PC game played on a high end PC is pretty awesome.

  • John Cow

    I doubt we’ll be seeing the last of PC Gaming for quiet some time. Also a high end gaming PC is way more powerful then any console on the market right now and compare one of those high end gaming PC’s graphics with a Consoles Graphics and you will see a major difference.

    PC will take that 😀

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    Owning both makes sense.

    Hello John Cow,
    I hope you are right. I still have my gaming rig. :-)