Should Gates Stay At Microsoft And Put Off Retirement?

We will fight them on the beaches, in the trenches, in the air and under the sea. No matter where they try to hide, we will destroy them! A famous speech from a WWII leader. Nope just the mind set of Microsoft while they attempt to swallow up Yahoo. You may have noticed that Bill Gates is still hanging out and was the spokesperson for the new cashback scheme being offered over at Live Search.

Let’s face it. Steve Ballmer is a clown at times who’s antics are well known. But is he the kind of leader that Microsoft needs when they are facing such a crucial battle?  Microsoft is well aware that they need to try and catch Google before the world famous search company has control of the universe. But who is going to lead this charge?

Look what happened at Dell. Michael Dell gave the reins to his company over to a CEO who ran the good ship Dell right into the ground. Whether Dell will be able to recover from this down ward spiral is left to be seen. But one can look back at Carly Fiorina’s decision to merge HP-Compaq, once considered ludicrous by some, as a deal that has paid handsome rewards for the HP empire. If someone would of said five years ago that Dell would fall to the #3 spot, they would of been called daffy. Yet it did happen and the #4 spot is available if one asks Acer. :-)

So getting back to this Microsoft, Yahoo and Google debacle. The folks at Redmond are well aware that in order to remain in their position as the tip of the sword, they need to make a huge splash on the Internet and Yahoo is a must have. This is where I believe that Microsoft will need to depend on Bill Gates to save the company. Bill knows where all of the skeletons are, which buttons to push, and how to succeed where few have.

So what do you think? Should Gates stick around?

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  • the oracle

    Only if he expends all his efforts on operating systems. Trying to be all things to all people is what got Microsoft in the mess that they are in right now – and yes, it is a mess. Instead of gaining market share, they are losing it – perhaps only a little, but Apple is making gains no one in 2001 thought EVER possible. Linux is opening its arms to those fed up with Microsofts bloat, DRM, and anti-piracy schemes, so it too, is incresing share. Andi if a summit ever comes where Unix and Linux work a little more smoothly – the developers that is- Microsoft will have its hands full, no matter how much it does to recover from Vista.

    Microsoft needs to remember the number one thing in sales – you don’t have a sales gain until you hold the sales figures already established.

  • Ben

    Sorry to say that I can see things going very far downhill without Gates. He was the brain behind Microsoft’s operations and without him Microsoft is aimless.

  • Matt

    I think it would be beneficial for Microsoft and for Gates if he lead the charge on getting Yahoo. I think Bill has his mind set on retirement for the long haul but I could see him come back here and there and help out.

    I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t pull an Apple and just go into the ground after their leader leaves, and we all know how much better they are now with Steve back.

    On the other hand though Microsoft could leave Gates out of this to show that they are still as powerful and one the leading companies without him running the ship.

    It should be interesting to see thats for sure.

  • Sutty5

    Come On Gates! Fight For Your Company! :)

  • Esteban

    As much as people might hate the guy (Bill Gates) and his practices he is still a force to be reckoned. You are right on the fact that “balmer is a clown”. He is. He might be smart (or not) but he hasn’t got the sort of Charm needed to take the driver’s seat as CEO of one of the most powerful and controversial companies around.

    Gates is the only one who can help the company IMHO. Yet this personality cult we’ve built (Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates to name a few) speaks poorly of how this companies have been built.

    Enterprises as large as those should have a corporate culture built so strongly that they should be able to subsist and grow without the benevolent presence of their founders.

    Those guys should look at their own companies and make the moves necessary to make them less dependable on the “cult of the founder” religion.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone. Looks like we have the same opinion about Microsoft without Gates. :-)

  • Jerry

    The Microsoft company already seems to be dividing into little pieces of turf that operate independently, and the result of that shows painfully in Windows Vista, with its strangely uncoordinated and eccentric functionality. Bill Gates, as the unifying force of Microsoft, is a blessing and a curse to Microsoft—a blessing because he is the only one who can coordinate all the factors and cause them to cooperate together, and a curse because of his notorious monopolistic and all-gobbling ways. But unfortunately it’s probably already true that even Gates can no longer keep everything in order—he is getting older after all—because the complexities of software design have been allowed to run so far amok that no one person can any longer grasp it all. Partially this is the result of corporations refusing to cooperate, and in fact fiendishly slashing each other’s throats instead of joining forces and profiting from each other’s achievements. The explosion of computer technology and usage in recent years has amply demonstrated that there is enough profit to go around, enough for everyone, but corporate executives never seem to be able to master this advanced and alien concept of giving and sharing, and instead always revert to the same old idea of grabbing everything off the plate before anyone else can get it. In trying to kill each other, they kill their own expertise, and they immerse each other and themselves in ever deeper complexity and loss of control

  • Doug

    I just find it extremely ironic that all the bad attention that Microsoft is getting, is coming during Gates’ final year and after he retired. Is this the tech Gods telling him to stay?

  • Ron Schenone

    Doug – have you heard Ballmer speak?
    Enough said.