New York Launches A Site Just For Dell Complaints

I am sure that this is exactly the opposite of what Dell has been trying to do and that is to gain consumer confidence. But when the state of New York sets up a website dedicated just for complaints against your company, in this case Dell and it’s financial services, it becomes obvious that all is not yet well. The web site not only is geared to take on complaints against the #3 computer maker, but also has horror stories of victims who have been duped by Dell sales people. Some stories are:

 58-year-old Paul Reisner, a computer programmer from Westchester County, had a stellar credit history when a Dell sales associate “baited” him to apply for Dell’s preferred no interest and no payment financing offer. When Dell’s sales associate assured him he had qualified for “Dell’s Preferred Account,” Mr. Reisner made his $1500 purchase. Two months later, Mr. Reisner discovered he had been switched to a regular plan with DFS, Dell’s affiliate, at an interest rate of 29%. Mr. Resiner says his regular credit card would have charged no more than 8%.

When 67-year-old Barbara Williams, President of the Crochet Sewing Guild, bought a Dell computer, she also purchased 3 years “on site service.” When Ms. Williams’ computer crashed, she called Dell’s technical support. Ms. Williams says Dell simply abandoned her for 2 months before agreeing to send a technician to her home. 

But it gets worse for Dell. The state of New York is also suing Dell and states:

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that his office has filed a lawsuit in Albany County Supreme Court against Dell, one of the world’s leading computer companies, and Dell Financial Services, LP (“DFS”), an affiliate that is a joint venture between Dell and CIT Bank, which offers financing to consumers for their Dell purchases.  The lawsuit accuses Dell and DFS of engaging in a “bait and switch” marketing strategy and failing to provide their customers with adequate customer service.  It also charges Dell and DFS with perpetuating numerous other deceptive business practices relating to their technical support services, promotional financing, rebate offers, and billing and collection activity. 

Attorney General Cuomo said, “At Dell, customer service means no services at all.  Dell’s consumers were intentionally misled, and they had to pay for that privilege.  I hope this lawsuit sends a message to companies large and small that delivering a product is simply not enough; the promises they make must be delivered as well.”

If history has taught us anything it is that it will only be a matter of time before other states follow the lead of New York. Times are still going to be tough for Dell now and in the future. I bet that Acer is relishing this site since it has it’s sights set on bumping Dell down to #4.

What do you think? Does Dell deserve this bad rap or is the company just being picked on?

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  • DRTigerlilly

    Despite having to change nearly every component on my inspiron 1100, i still prefer to Dell to my other subsequent notebook manufacturers, Toshiba & Lenovo.

    1. Dell has online access to tech support in addition to phone support
    2. International Support (which is more than can be said for HP & their current insanity of only supporting models where they are sold)
    3. Next day service.

    Like i said earlier i pretty much had everything on that machine replaced, but at least i knew i’d be back up the next day, the technician would be at my apt with the needed part & i’d be back in business.
    VS Toshiba, Lenovo & HP who want you to ship the notebook off to them & be w/o it indefinitely.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello DRtigerlilly,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad that you are enjoying your Dell.

  • DRTigerlilly

    well i don’t have it any more, but now that i’ve had to deal with other companies & their support procedures i’m much more appreciative.

    None of them are perfect, and definitely not saying Dell is either, but when i have ended up in problems, i felt they dealt with them in a timely manner, which is what you want when things go wrong

  • leftystrat

    I think Dell’s visible, so you hear a lot about them. You won’t hear good things because that’s not news.

    I work in a Dell shop. We have used their pc’s and servers for years without complaint. We were allowed to bypass Dell India when we need service and the service is always good. Is Brand X going to send a new part and a tech, if you need one, the next day?

    My only issue is their website, for which I believe someone should be prosecuted. It’s frequently slow, it does weird things, and it doesn’t do the same weird things consistently. One day I typed `computer’ into the search field and it told me it couldn’t locate any of what I requested.

    I suspect the web servers are located in a different state, perhaps an altered one. Maybe a different dimension entirely. One not subject to the laws of physics as we know them.


  • aplatt

    Businesses and government get great prices and service because they are Dells bread and butter. In fact, these two get premium customer service and tech support, all based in America. This is NOT the case for the average Joe. As far as Dell is concerned we are second class citizens. I was a diehard Dell fan for 10 years. But when I was in Iraq I began to have problems with tech support for my laptop. And in at least one case I realized I knew more about the problem than the tech support person. When I needed a new laptop, Dell would not give me extended interest free purchase, despite my long time customer loyalty. I switched to Gateway with a service plan and have been very happy with them, including their all American tech support. I would not buy a Dell again.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions with us.

  • TK_M

    NYs Mayor is also after HP with a class-action lawsuit for charging for on-site warrenties and then trying to get you to send your computer back in.

    It might drive up our service contracts a little, but if it gets us the service we think we have paid for, then it’s worth the extra.

  • ALD

    US-based tech support and customer support are most definitely not accessible to the average person. I logged over 50 hours trying to get my $300 rebate check, which was the only reason I bought the computer, and it still never arrived. Talking to the India-based customer service support that was entirely scripted was close to the most frustrating customer service experience I have ever had and convinced me to never buy a Dell again. I only wish I had known about the lawsuit earlier.

  • Ron Schenone

    TK_M – thanks for the info.

    ALD – Good luck on getting the rebate.