MagicJack – $19.95 Per Year For Local & Long Distance Phone Calls

I saw this advertised on TV and went to the MajicJack website to see what they are offering. On their site MagicJack states that you can make both local and long distance phone calls using MagicJack and a broadband Internet connection. They also claim that for a one time cost of only $39.95, which includes one year service, MagicJack will meet your phone needs. MagicJack plugs into a USB port and you hookup a phone for local and long distance calls. They are also offering a 30 day money back guarantee as well which expires today.  After the first year, you pay $19.95 to continue using MagicJack

But wait. MagicJack is also being sold by Amazon and I took a look at some of the reviews. It seems that MagicJack either works very well for some or for others they have a terrible experience. One comment is:

In the 10+ years I’ve been shopping on Amazon this is only the second review I’ve ever written, this product is that good. From reading around the internet, it seems like people either have a great experience with MagicJack or a horrible one.

Which pretty much describes most of the comments.

Has anyone tried MagicJack? What has your experience been? Let us know please.

Comments welcome.

Amazon site for Magic Jack is here.

MagicJack web site is here.

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  • Richard Conti

    Hi Folks,
    I do not usually write reviews at all but this time in defense of a really great product I simply felt compelled to do so. I am no youngster nor am I a computer genius as the inventor of this amazing product surely is in my opinion. I am merely a former New Yorker now living in Boca Raton, Florida.
    I have worked in many fields through out the years ,one being sales and this MagicJack has to be a salepersons dream. At first I thought another gadget that is sure to fail like all the other as seen on TV disasters of the past. They are usually junk in my opinion and one really has to be very careful and even a bit ready to get one you know where !!
    However, because of this fella Dan who invented this product and his background I thought I would take a chance.
    Well I did . . . . .. . . It works great !! I have since ordered two more and turned on a bunch of my friends to this great deal as well. Who wants to give hundreds of dollars away each year to the phone companies or even the Skype Sellers for that matter !!
    I use one at home here and I sent two others to people in Brazil , a step son and an Uncle through marriage. Took about a week to get to them but once they arrived they were calling me right off in less then 5 minutes and clear as a bell. Don’t know who was more thrilled Them or Me :O)
    According to what you have set up in your PC I guess you may or may not have to go through a few quirks but MagicFix takes care of that for you very , very quickly without ever a need to call anyone or wait on hold for an hour !!
    I had no rpoblem at all with mine nor did my step son. Uncle had a bit of an issue but was on his way in less then 15 minutes and everything has been fine with ALL of us ever since.
    If you simply use this gadget when you traveled and only traveled once a year it would still be a bargain. To use it anymore then that as we do is a God send.
    Now that they have their own in Brazil they can call us here on any of our phones, cellular or a wired home phone. Not only us but anyone here and anyone who has their MagicJack number can call them as well and without the use of a computer at all. Amazing !!
    Thank you Dan for a Great Product and Thanks for ALL that money we are saving too.
    P.S. One last note to all those nay sayers and complainers I have seen out there who prompted me to actually write this review in the first place. Patience !! Find out what YOU are doing Wrong or What is WRONG with YOUR System and ALL will be fine. And MOST Important . . . . . read those helpful tips and above all the instructions !!
    Don’t know what the heck you expected for such a low price anyway. Did you expect the guy to come over and personally set this up for you and give you lessons ?
    I know peole who are computers morons admittedly and even they found it as simple as a child’s toy to use.
    Maybe some of you are just over qualified :O)
    Have a Great Day A Better Night and an even Better Week End

  • sukhwinder singh bahia

    i was order1 majicjack 5/18/2008 with 5 year pay, total i pay $100.80, they charge from my credit card $3.95, but i did not recive any confirmation e mail or majic jack , i no have a any contact number, please reply soon.

  • Sam Filler

    I bought this MJ a few months ago, & I’m ready to junk it.I have had problem after problem with it! The so called “online help” is a pathetic joke.They seem to know less than I do.MJ keeps saying, if you have a problem,just escalate it to a higher up-yea right! They’ll fight forever to not do that. Then they say “Sorry-nobody available” Besides, if calls are free, how come you can only IM with them? Very strange!! At this point, I’m not sure if MJ is a total rip off, or just a very inept company.What I do know is the price may be good-but not worth it.
    Sam F.

  • S kIDD

    DO NOT BUY MAGIC JACK if you want reliable serive
    If you have only a cell phone & want a phone # to give to people who may sell or give your number out and a phone to use to help cut minutes on cell, you MAY want to get this.


    THE BAD – it cuts in and out so badly you can’t hold a conversation MOST TIMES
    YI dial a # and hear no ring–try again & again until yI finally give up & call from another phone ONLY to be told it DID ring on your party’s phone, they answered and could hear ME but I could not yar them.
    It disconnects and connect a LOT even when you are on-line
    NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT – IF you get their phone #, there is no way you can get a person to talk to. The 24/7 online support is NADDA, ZILCH, NON-EXISTENT. You are taken to an impossibly large list of things that have NOTHING to do with your problem.
    You can dial a # with the area code and it tells you you NEED to dial an area code – DUH!!
    the MagicJack logo comes on in the middle of your screen on TOP of anything you are viewing and blocks it. There is no way to get rid of it, so you sit there adjusting your screen up & down to be able to continue what you are doing until it finally goes away.

    DO NOT BUY if you are looking for reliable phone service.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for all of the comments about Magic Jack.

    Sharing your expertise and opinions is helpful for all of use who read this post.

    Regards, Ron

  • l. bates

    how does one renew for $19.95?

  • destiny_driven

    Thanks for all the great feed back. Those of you who got screwed, take solace in knowing that your posts cost Magic Jack a sale. The old saying if it seesms too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true, definitely applies to this product!

    PS – The one guy who wrote the short novel on his positive experience, is probably the brother of the Magic Jack inventor and all he does all day is post this very same story on every site reviewing the product.