Google Grants For Non-Profits

Google has an interesting program for non-profit organizations who need some help in driving traffic to their website. In addition to generating traffic, Google is offering free Google Checkout to those organizations who qualify. All of the details on how your organization could benefit is located on their site. They describe the programs as:

Grants are made through Google AdWords, our online advertising program. Before you decide if Google Grants is right for you, please watch our tour of Google Grants and learn the basics of how AdWords works.
Determine if your organization is eligible for free Google Grants advertising.
Apply for a Google Grant. You’ll need some basic information about your organization; for example, U.S. organizations will need an Employer Identification Number, mission statement, and some example keywords (words or phrases that describe your group, activity, or mission).
Get familiar with the application process so you’ll know what to expect next.

This would be a great project for any non-profit to generate support and revenue for their cause.

Read more about Google Grants here.

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  1. Molly Rich says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am inquiring about how an organization can apply for grants whose purpose is to provide support (transportation, sitter service, grocery shopping, respite relieft, etc.) to folks who are disabled and/or elderly and who want to remain in their homes. The organization is called, “A Helping Hand” and is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They provide services to folks who live in several counties and their source of revenue has been local grants, donations, and charges for services rendered. The organization could provide more free and reduced fee services if they could receive more grants. Currently, there annual budget if $440,000 of which $260,000 is earned through client fees. The organization provides services 24 hours, 7 days a week. I recently learned of this organization because my mother, 84, and my disabled sister (55 and who suffered a stroke 6 years ago) will need some additional support in the next years – more than I alone can provide. Do you have some suggestions about applying for grants for this organization? Thank you in advance for any advice you may have to offer. Sincerely, Molly Rich

  2. Ron Schenone says:

    Hello Molly,
    Check this link and towards the bottom is the application button.
    Let us know if this works or not for you.
    Regards, Ron