I Like This Google Rumor

The latest is another series of Google rumors is that the company may still have plans to bid on the 700 spectrum which the FCC will put up for grabs in January 2008. To add to the hype Google has been testing an advanced wireless system at their Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. So when will we know whether Google does intend to bid on the FCC offerings? Seems that December 3, 2007 is the date set by the FCC for those to apply who plan on making a bid.

If Google does decide to make a bid to go wireless, and if their bid is successful, what could it me for us? There are so many different scenarios that only Google may know the ansewer to this question. Everything else is just guess work. So lets do some guessing.

Google could be their own carrier. Possible, but unlikely. This is an area of uncharted territory. Google’s success is through search and advertising. Taking a chance on an untested business model may be risky. It would be more prudent to lease the airwaves to others who would provide services that adhere to Google’s open source and free thinking. Companies that would join the Google alliance would enter into an agreement to provide beneficial services to consumers.

A Google spokesperson has been quoted as saying “Our goal is to make sure that American consumers have more choices in an open and competitive wireless world.”

This would be a giant undertaking for Google, but they could just pull it off.

But the first step is to confirm that they are in fact going to bid. Than the next is whether they win the bid or not.

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    Google has definitely been perpetuating rumors lately, perhaps because it has taken over so many tools lately (first YouTube, a while ago, then all the social networking tools, phone systems, etc.). I think it will be interesting to watch it develop. Like Apple and other companies that have broken into multiple technology sectors, I think Google could experience some really exciting changes and hopefully bring something new and useful to the table for computer consulting professionals and businesses as well. There’s never anything wrong with offering more options for those trying to maximize the potential of their computers and IT assets! It only makes things more efficient, competitive and keeps progress happening.