Microsoft – Still Paying, Paying, and Paying

Well if you are a lawyer in Iowa and want to make some big bucks, sue Microsoft. Seems that a judge in Iowa has approved a class action settlement of some $179.95 million big ones of which the lawyers involved representing the people of Iowa get $75 million of the reward monies. Not bad. The settlement is payment to those who bought Microsoft software products between 1994 and 2006.

But more is yet to come for the software giant. A European court must decide in September whether Microsoft should pay more that $1 Billion in fines brought against the company by the European Union. The EU has charged Microsoft with anti-competitive behavior and other things like charging to much for licenses and not providing enough technical information.

With Microsoft having to take a hit on the X-Box 360 for the tune of $1.1 Billion for repairs and extended warranty coverage, 2007 is shaping up to be a very expensive year for the Redmond, WA. based company.

Do you think we should take up a collection to help Microsoft out? LOL
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  • Tim Hodkinson

    I’ve suffered mental anguish every since I had to put up with “Clippy”

    Must be thousands more out there whose blood pressure goes up whenever they start a wordprocessor now. Some probably can’t work at all anymore.

  • Jeremy

    Anti-competitive behavior? Microsoft? Nooo…..I would NEVER suspect that from Redmond…lol

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Tim and Jeremy,
    Thanks for the comments.

  • Will Bramlett

    I pray to that the non-existent God, no. Facebook & Twitter are two entirely different platforms & services that can not work well as one.

  • Tech Tube From YT

    I swear i hope these rumors are false. I absolutely love twitter but hate facebook. Facebook just sucks like most geeks tend to think. If facebook buys twitter i know they will probably close it and have it redirect to twitter.

  • George Alegre

    I think that Twitter and Facebook are 2 completely separate things that shouldn’t be joined. I love Twitter as it is and I love Facebook as it is. They are simply used for different things. Facebook is for sharing pictures, playing online games with others and just connecting with people. I see Twitter like a tool for people who want to connect with their public or followers. I find Twitter to be more like a promotional tool, and to help you share your content with the world and with people who care about what you actually Tweet..

  • Oliver Lerno

    I hope it’s not true. I hate facebook with a passion even though I use it (rarely). Let’s hope that if it is true, that Facebook won’t ruin twitter like they ruined their own product.

  • Todd

    I don’t use Facebook for different reasons and if Twitter sales then I’m off Twitter also. I just don’t like Facebook that much because it’s to busy. Twitter is a single streamline feed which is perfect for me.

  • Beth Terry

    I don’t want to see the acquisition. I’ve made a conscious decision to stay off FB. I think it’s an implosion waiting to happen. As JD Rockefeller once famously said, “when the masses all think it’s a good idea, it’s time to bail.” or something to that effect. FB has not proven itself to be concerned about privacy or safety. All the vicious spam emails I’ve received with my friend’s email addresses in the last year have been due to a FB hack. Zuckerberg might be brilliant, but he has a lot to learn. I don’t know about you – but I’d be a happy camper if my business were worth $45 million. So what if “only” 8% of the population uses Twitter. It’s the SMART 8% – yeah fellow Tweeps? I love it the way it is – a great resource for new ideas, interesting links, great information, and quickly IM’ing friends.

  • cole

    It will never happen. Facebook and Twitter. One would have to ask why? Facebook has not had a clear mission since they sold out the college and young professional crowd allowing advertisers and marketers to invade their space. Their original target market was ticked and moved on. Twitter would be an acquisition of sensationalism. It would be bignews for awhile but soon dry up. Then what?

    Facebook lost their edge with young professionals when they opened the gates to marketers and their parents began to use the site. Twitter is a free for all but being acquired by Facebook would be utter confusion.

    When Google acquired it made perfect sense. Their roots are in organic search and no blog service fit better than They compliment each other.

    Twitter won’t admit it’s a blog service and Facebook won’t admit they don’t know what they are anymore. How can that work?

  • Alexander J Turner

    Facebook is one of the major forces for evil on the web. It causes massively more harm than many realise and it has a culture of not giving a hoot for privacy or even personal protection. If twitter was bough by Facebook it would be a major win for the forces of darkness.