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Last week I was reading another blog site which stated that the best company to write about is Google. Everything else is boring. I’m not sure if I would personally go that far, but Google always seems to be in the news. Whether it is about Google launching new software, applications and new technology, Google is way ahead of the competition in most cases.

So this past week the Google phone is back on topic. Rumors are flowing that the first Google phone may be launched in India. Interesting.

But now we are getting into the hottest of rumors. The Google phone may run on a version of Linux. That’s not really surprising since Google basically has said no to anything Microsoft. But if true, what is really going to blow our minds is that Google plans to have GPS installed as well. Couple this with the other Google goodies such as Google maps, gmail, docs and whatever else can be incorporated on the new phone, this may just be the dream phone we have all been hoping for.

Again, these are all rumors that may have been leaked or are just wishful thinking on our part.

Want to know more about the Google phone? Just do a Google search and you will find more information and even some sites that show alleged Google phones in operation.

You gotta love this stuff.

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