First Bloggers Convention

What is being called the first of its kind blogging convention and exposition will be held in Las Vegas, NV between November 8-9, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The conference will offer a chance for bloggers to get together and share their experiences and expertise with one another. On the Web site, it is stated that:

Any Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster, Internet radio broadcaster, or producer of any other form of new media content. If you blog about business, technology, politics, sports, lifestyle & culture, general news items, or celebrity gossip, If you are a Milblogger, or Godblogger, or advocate a social position you need to be at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

If you are serious about your blogging, If you want to increase your readership, improve the look or functionality of your blog, if you want to influence decision makers, sell a product or service, if you want to promote yourself as an industry expert, or build your brand using new media then you can not afford to miss BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

Sounds like fun and lets face it. How could you not have fun in Las Vegas?

Pricing and a schedule are on its Web site for your viewing pleasure.

Details are here.

Comments welcome.

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  • Dan Gray

    “How could you don’t have fun in Las Vegas?”

    Is there a session on copy-editing? :)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Dan,
    Thanks for stopping by. I think there may be a session on copy and paste! :-)

  • Daniel Gray

    I’ll be doing a little song and dance and a pony show, too. Viva Las Vegas!

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Dan,
    Sounds good! LOL

  • Rick Calvert

    Thanks for the post Ron! I hope you and your readers can join us. It is going to be a bash.

    Confirmed speakers:
    Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, Jory Des Jardins, Aaron Wall, Charlene Li, Des Walsh, Paul Dunay, Jim Kukral, Leo Laporte, Leesa Barnes, Brett Trout, Shel Israel, Hugh Hewitt, Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Wright, Dave Taylor, Matt Mullenweg, Glenn Reynolds, Colonel Austin Bay, Bill Roggio, Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, Andy Beal, Ed Morrissey, La Shawn Barber, David Corn, Will Leitch, Tyler Bleszinski, Matt Cerrone, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Larry Webber, Howard Kaushansky, Andy Wibbels, John Furrier, Ari Newman, Steve Boyett, Larry Schwartz, Maggie Fox, Brett Trout, Craig Howe, Professor David Perlmutter, Brian Clark, Brian Solis, Brad Feld, Stephanie Agresta, Avinash Kaushik, Rich Brooks, Paul Gillin, Thomas Frey and many more.

    Blog on!
    Rick Calvert
    CEO & Co-founder
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo
    [email protected]

  • Rick Calvert

    Oh and we certainly are not the first blogging convention. There are tons out there but we are the first bring tech bloggers, business bloggers, political bloggers, milbloggers, godbloggers, sports bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters all to the same place at the same time.

    We just thought it might be fun.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for dropping by and clarifying the convention details. It is appreciated. It does sound like fun.

    Regards, Ron

  • NorCal Explorer

    Ok, I am cancelling my aol email account. This is proof AOL has gone to the dark side.