Acer To Microsoft: Vista Is The Worst OS Ever

Gee! Acer has no qualms about telling Microsoft what it thinks about Vista without having to use the word ‘sucks.’ The #4 computer manufacturer seems to feel that Vista is becoming more of a liability than an asset and also hints that because of Vista, PC sales are sluggish. Microsoft on the other hand seems to think that Vista is great and sees no problems. Which does make one wonder who is really telling the truth.

My buddy Den in California is also wondering the same thing. He sent me an email a few days ago asking why I don’t ask people what they think about Vista. Well Den, I haven’t asked the specific question, but I have received many comments for other articles I have written concerning Vista.

So I am going to take a very simple, unscientific poll.

The question is simple. Do you like Vista?

  1. YES
  2. NO

I’ll start. I select #3. NOT SURE YET. I’m still trying to decide if I really like it or not. I must confess I am still partial to XP and recommend people keep using XP for as long as possible.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Acer article here.

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  • Denny

    Hey Ron Cool………

    My Answer is…………NO……….but

    I like Lookin at all the EYE-CANDY that comes with “VISTA”
    I Have VISTA on one of my Machines
    so that I can Help my Clients When they start callin with Problems…….

    I Use my XP machine when I really need to do something…!

    Thanks Ron

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Denny,
    Thanks for the comment. Your NO answer has been recorded. :-)

  • Kristin

    No. God, no. I have read article after article stating that Vista is supposed to get better with time as the operating system optimises itself. I haven’t see it yet! And… what’s with an OS that sucks right ‘out of the box’. I don’t care if it will be magnificent in 6 months… it’s sucks now!

    With my other laptop with XP, I had very few problems… with Vista it seems like there are errors and conflicts all too often.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Regards, Ron

  • Adam

    I vote NO.

    The imminent approach of Vista was actually part of why I switched to Ubuntu. (The rest was that my PC died and I didn’t want to pay an extra $200 for XP. Poor college student, you know.) Now that Vista is out and showing just how bad it really is, I’m glad I switched early.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for your vote and comments.

  • Tim Hodkinson


    It’s done so much to liven up the computing world this year. So much of what used to be merely mean spirited Microsoft bashing has now become a reasonable point of view. Microsoft has become the enemy of desktop users that they were always accused of being, but never actually were, until Vista.

    From the article:

    It’s possible, Cherry added, that Microsoft might find itself forced to recognise more reality in the future. “At some point, they might have to consider limiting the availability of XP,” to push people to Vista.

    Facing “reality” for MS now seems to be overiding the desires of desktop users instead of fulfilling them.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your comments. Maybe Windows 7 will get us back to reality! LOL

  • Scott King

    no- i would rather use windows98se, given the choice.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Scot for your vote.

  • Gary Greene

    It’s a mixed bag for me…. While I like the new UI, there are some nagging issues I keep running into. UAC, dropping support for the Creative Live 5.1 (EMU10k1), dropping support for gameport devices (which means my MIDI connectivity is now gone :( ), and still IE doesn’t have a download manager. At the same time, the cleaned up UI, the cleaned up directory structure, built in support for NFS, and made the back up solution in the OS halfway usable for businesses.

  • kiko

    I must be the lottery winner cause I just got a new system running Vista and I wouldn’t go back to XP at all….if you know xp you can figure out Vista in a few days..sorry for you if you can’t figure out the new navigation – Google is your friend too…the eye candy is nice but it IS actually more stable – you can stop and start explorer.exe without losing your desktop view…it does a lot…have had 0 problems with drivers and the system is smart enough to turn off Aero for games and the turn it back on…and it actually works…I’m sure SP1 will settle it down for many but works great for me right now…guess I didn’ need that 45 million$ – just a system that did what it should….

  • outsider

    I vote NOT SURE YET.
    Using Linux as my primary OS, I’m not impressed with the eye candy aspect of Vista. Currently I triple boot both my desktop and laptop with XP, Vista and PCLos. I’ve been trying to use Vista as my primary Windows OS as much as possible to see if anything is going to impress me.
    So far the one feature I do like is the file structure that lists my user account before “My Computer” and offers a “Downloads” directory to help organize programs and applications prior to installation. It’s nearly as well organized as most Linux file systems. And I don’t mind the security measures as much as some I’ve heard from. As long as I can be sure that malware is going to have to jump through as many hoops as I do when attempting a legitimate operation, I feel marginally safer. I’d feel a lot safer if Microsoft would isolate the user layer from the root/system layer like Unix has for years.
    So I’m undecided but leaning toward finding more good than I expected, though still haven’t seen the killer that would cause me to recommend anyone switching from XP to Vista.

  • Jay Miller

    As others have mentioned, I have Vista home Premium running on an extra PC here BUT if I really want to do some work…. it’s XP for now.

  • Will

    Haven’t switched from XP, won’t till I have to. Guess that makes me a “no”.

  • Steve

    No and NO

    My 6 month old Asus laptop (deemed Vista ready out of the box) ran soooo slow, I reverted to XP Pro and never looked back.

  • Rick

    My vote is YES. Vista has been working great for me. We have Vista on two computers here and have not had any problems to speak of.


  • Jim

    No. It may be OK in 2 or 3 service packs.
    In the meantime I’ll stick with XP, Ubuntu and OS X

  • Jesse Slicer

    As a user, I say NO wholeheartedly. However, as a developer, I would have go with YES simply for one reason alone: Transactional NTFS. Now if they released it as an update for XP, I’ll go NO for that as well :)

  • Marc

    Not Sure.

    I was forced to Vista when my old hard drive died and I no longer had a legal copy of XP Pro available (it was back in the states and I needed my machine up and running fast). The Base Exchange had sold out of XP Pro, and was overcharging for XP Home, so, I bit the bullet and bought Vista since I figured we’d all be using it in 12 – 18 months anyway. I haven’t had any major issues with it, despite putting it on an older, unsupported (by HP) for Vista, machine. So – for now, It’s “Not Sure”. I like it to some extent, but I’m reserving judgement for now.


  • Batharoy


    I have seen too many forums posts with people having problems with Vista.
    I have seen some where people love it.
    I have even seen some where people love it and then continue on to ask a question on why it isn’t working correctly.

    I only visit 1 person who uses Vista so I can play with it sporadically but
    I am not inclined to purchase it anytime soon.

  • P J Thomas

    Not no, but hell no. I tried my cousins Dell laptop w/Vista. After about 30 minutes I shut it off,,,,,,,,, oh, that’s right, I couldn’t shut it off! What kind of crap is that? It said if the batteries got low it would shut it’self off??

    If they gave Vista away, I’d just get Linux instead.

  • Bill Bomar

    I tired numerous pre-release versions (somewhere between 6-8) of Vista. I installed both 32 bit and 64 bit on various systems. I then did the same with the RTM. I do not have Vista installed and have no plans to do so until there is little or no other option. Many are heralding a future Service Pack as being the thing that will bring Vista into line and become a viable OS. I fear it will take much more than a Service Pack to cure all that needs polishing in Vista. I not saying that Microsoft should drop back and punt concerning Vista but it might be a good idea to line up a good kicker.

  • Marc Erickson

    See my posts on Vista on my blog. Acer saying “Vista Is The Worst OS Ever” means they have forgotten about Windows Mistake Edition (ME).

  • Angelo

    My answer is YES.
    I’ve Vista up and running on two of three of my PCs and the one still running XP is because its primary use is as a Mediacenter, and the only app that sucks in Vista is the new Mediacenter (poor DivX-XviD support).

  • Mike

    I vote yes!

    I don’t play games. The heavy work my computer does is Photoshop. Vista is more stable and error free than any other OS I’ve had.

    Sure, I had to upgrade some software, but so what, I’d do it anyway.

  • Koolance

    NO! I do not see me switching from XP to Vista anytime soon. I built a PC just to try Vista and the 64bit OS. I will try is again when Windows 7 comes out.
    If Microsoft wanted to build a better OS then then should have fixed what little there is wrong with XP. Then added Eye Candy, better Security, etc…

    Just my thoughts.

  • Dhensli

    My ageing PC setup is a combination of recycled hardware, dust bunnies, new upgrades and XP SP2, so I’m in the market for a lap/desktop. There is absolutely NO WAY that Fistula, sorry Vista, tempts me to go any further down the WinTel route. Once I sort out what WinTel emulator will do what I want on OSX, it’s off down the Apple store for me.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Gary, kiko, outsider, Jay, Will, Steve, Rick, Jim , Jesse,Marc, Batharoy, PJ Thomas, Bill, Marc E., Angelo, Mike, Koolance & Dhensli,
    I really appreciate all of you taking the time to comment and voting. Thank you very much, It seems that Vista is going to be very controversial for some time to come.

  • Mike


    2000 Pro was the best desktop OS that MS ever managed – I wouldn’t even change to XP without a good reason.

    If you want eye candy then move to the Mac – no-one in their right mind ever bought a PC because it looked pretty!

  • Ron Rosenthal

    Yes. I have Vista running at home, Business Edition. I’ve run the pre-release versions; after the second one, I vowed I would never go back to XP or any other Windows version. It is rock stable, no driver problems, and runs virtually anything I throw at it. I can’t wait for it to show up at work.
    One of the things I did to my Vista implementation is change the swapfile to a fixed swapfile and defragment the drive. It beat windows XP by a mile when I installed it and with the fixed swapfile, it boots twice a fast as XP ever did.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Mike and Ron,
    Thanks for your votes and comments as well.

  • Ted Sbardella


    There is no real reason to move to an operating system that gives you less productivity while using more of your systems resources. There are many more compatibility problems using Vista than there are with XP. That will change in about four years which is when Mac and Ubuntu will be there to take XP’s place. Vista is more of a DRM platform than a PC operating system using it I feel sort of creepy like I am being watched in the shower by intelligent cockroaches. The next MS “Operating system” will be a closed box sort of thing Think of “OfficeBox 420″ The sort of thing that would work really well on a lawyers desk while they send subpoenas out to College students for downloading a copy of Sandman.

  • Evan

    My vote is for Yes. I’ve got Vista up and running on three different computers, and the only issue I have is my media-card reader isn’t working. A device I’ve used a whole two times since I bought my system two years ago. I can wait a month for the manufacture to release compatible drivers.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Ted and Evan,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for your comments.

  • Chuck

    Just bought a new HP as my old Dell got hit by lightning. Love the computer – hate Vista. The folks that love it must not play with their computer. MS pushes the security of their system and it is very secure …. It won’t let me in as administrator to many subdirectories. It just pops up a little window saying I don’t have the clearance to view these files. Won’t tell you what program is stopping me or offer help, just these stupid messages. It is prettier than XP lots of eye candy but little substance. There is a supposed upgrade due out Tuesday a week (8 Aug) and the list of things it is supposed to fix is staggering. See:

    So for now my answer is a resounding no and I would tag it ” The not ready for prime time OS”

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Chuck,
    Thanks for your vote and the link.

  • Barry

    Replaced my laptop three months ago and the new machine has Vista Home Premium. What a fiasco. I don’t blame Microsoft entirely as most of my gripes are with hardware and software that does not work with the OS because the manufacturers have not come out with new drivers etc. IN addition it is very “buggy” and keeps advising me that it must shut down a program and will investigate the reason. I am not interested in having something that is tempremental.
    I just ordered a new desktop today and specified Windows Xp pro for the OS.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Barry,
    Quite a few people have gone back to XP.

  • Dave

    No!. I bought an Acer with Vista pre-installed. I had to return it because of numerous, irreconcilable hardware compatibility issues which neither Acer nor the hardware makers could resolve. Maybe when Vista’s been around for a while I’ll try again, but for now the drivers just aren’t on the market yet for me to want to go through that agony. Hated giving up that Acer laptop though. It was one sweet machine but the OS made it a nightmare.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your vote.

  • Rick Hogan

    I already voted, but I just have to comment on this. Believe me, I know Vista is not perfect. I know it has some minor glitches. I know some vendors have been slow to provide updates to their drivers or their applications to make them work with Vista. However, at the same time, it seems strange to me that all these people are claiming to have such horrible problems with Vista.

    I have installed Vista on my computer and on my son’s computer. My son’s computer is a few years old, with only a single core 3.4 GHz P4 CPU, an old ATI 9600 video card and only a gig of RAM. My computer is much newer, with an E6600 dual core CPU, ATI 1950 video card and 2 gig of RAM. In both cases, Vista works nearly perfectly. It is stable, reliable, performs well, runs our applications, works with our hardware, etc.

    I can understand why some people might feel that the new features in Vista are not that worthwhile when XP is still quite good. I can understand people not being in a rush to go out and be among the first to upgrade to Vista, instead prefering to let others find the bugs and get them fixed. I also know that just because Vista works fine for me doesn’t mean it is going to work fine for everyone. Still, I just find it amazing that so many people are claiming to be having such terrible experiences with Vista. Obviously, some of these people just don’t like anything that is new. These are the ones who say they’d rather use Windows 98 or 2000 instead of Vista. And I see there are one or two who don’t like the tighter security, which I suppose is their choice, whereas for me, the tighter security is a welcome enhancement! Still… I just don’t understand what people could be doing wrong to be having such problems with Vista.


  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Rick,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with Vista. I do agree that for some it may be a matter of getting used to something new. Yet for others, they have or are experiencing major issues with Vista. Hopefully when SP1 or 2 comes out, some of these issues will be sorted out.
    Thanks for your comments, Ron

  • Tony Rich

    YAWN!!!!!! Just get Linux. OR The instructions “said” Windows 2000 or
    better, …So I installed Linux. :))


  • Ron Schenone

    I guess I’ll take that as a no. :-)

  • Hugoton Horatio


  • Pat Haven


    For now I say no. I mean, the OS looks nice. Nice interface and all that is. But just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean it runs good too. And for me, Vista would really not work because of my older system. Over the years I have built my computers. Forget the canned computer! But with Vista, I’d basically have to buy all new everything just to get Vista to potentially run. I would just say run but with all the problems others are mentioning, I choose to say potentially run.

    I guess if Microsoft continues to push more and more for Vista and less of XP and especially if they choose to stop XP and proceed with something even worse after Vista I may soon find myself saying hello to Linux. Unless I choose to shell out the money to get myself a working, STABLE PowerMac. OS X, the operating system that actually works!

  • Kawa

    The quick answer: No

    What I like:
    – It is good looking
    – 3D desktop opens the door for good things to come

    What I don’t like
    – It is slower than XP
    – It needs more memory
    – Not all the software I use run in vista
    – Not all the hardware I use works with vista
    – DRM. I will never pay for an OS which tries to protect others from me by eating system resources.
    – 3D desktop is implemented poorly (hey ms, please don’t just copy 30% of MacOS and linux wow stuff, add something new too or you are 70% behind)
    – Pricing policy and EULA

  • ORenyRen

    3) Not sure yet – I’ve never actually used Vista.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to post your comments. They are appreciated.

  • Oldtech

    Curbside donations get recycled with Mepis, here, and given to single parent homes, at the rate of several each year. Ditto for more at local thrift stores and schools in 41 states. All it takes is fast, secure, competent, concurrent multi-processing (upto 50X faster processes)!

    Microsoft is NOT contributing to the environment, and makers must become ‘GREEN’ to pass muster. Vista is a total failure in the Fortune 2,000 surveys, in the chain stores, and for the major system makers.

    Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, HP talk of more retail Linux boxes. WORD, the customers await in numbers that Dell has not been able to satisfy!

    Then, too, there are System76 Linux systems, and the local Installfests! lists 700.

    Watch for Wal-mart to offer the Linux Dell systems this Fall. Linux systems are thespike on the flatlined sales chart (8 years of flat sales).

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi OldTech,
    Thanks for the info.

  • QUEEG501

    No its ME 1.5. Sucks particularly with Nivida.

    I will stick to XP on my PC and my Mac Book Pro (By far and away the fastest and most reliable laptop I have ever used)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello QUEEG501,
    Thanks for your comments.

  • Jim E

    I vote YES. I installed it on an old HP and it works great! No crashes – no problems – and only one compatibility error with an old piece of hardware. I don’t have enough memory for the great graphics on this box, so I’ve bought a new machine and I’m very impressed.

    You can all go on being Microsoft-haters if you want to, but I think the company has stepped up to the plate and come up with an exceptional OS. The whiners I’ve read up above remind me of 15 years ago, when everyone just wanted to keep their DOS boxes. They all asked: Who wants a GUI anyway? Admit – you all do – and this one’s as good as I’ve seen (and spare me the comparisons to niche OS’s with microscopic market share – they ain’t gonna make it).

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Jim E.,
    Thanks for your comments.

  • robertwolfe

    A resounding NO! Within the past 2 months, I have bought and returned 3 PCs (HP, Compaq, and Acer) with various flavors of Vista pre-installed. I configured my DSL connection for each computer but could not access the Internet even after several hours on the phone with tech support. Sadly, all 3 pcs were returned. I have no problems connecting to the Net with my aging eMachine and XP Home. So what gives MS? I will keep my trusty eMachine humming and working as long as possible. I am not optimistic that Vista SP1 will solve the Internet connectivity problem!

  • That guy sitting over there

    I tried Vista back at the end of January when it was first released but I knew within the first 10 minutes of usage I would be spending hours restoring my pc back to XP. Until this past weekend, I decided to give Vista another try since a buddy of mine mentioned there have been more updates and fixes so I did the upgrade installation. 10 minutes into my usuage again it was the same thing AGAIN! I am now back on XP again. I am currently on a core 2 duo e6700 machine with 2GB of very fast corsair ram with a very expensive video card and I still experience sluggish moments. It works nice and smooth at first, but after a while, it takes like 10 sec for it to quit thinking hard just so I can browse through my computer. I enjoy playing games and I tried using the latest vista driver right off the NVIDIA website for my 7950 GX2 and the games I tried(FEAR and Test Drive Unlimited) both were very sluggish. I think I will stick with XP until Microsoft stops supporting it. Plus vista slows me down. XP is faster and a lot more reliable on this date. To me Vista still seems like it is in the beta stages.

  • kj dante


    Half the time, I cannot even look at my folders. I am the administrator (and the only user), but Microsoft won’t let me use Explorer to re-arrange my startup menu. I have to remove Google Desktop completely from my machine in order to remove it from starting up. Napster is another “Microsoft required” program I don’t use and would like to remove from active duty without deleting it entirely.

    Give me the tools and let me control (and be responsible for) my own security — I don’t want nor need big brother doing it for me.

  • Chuck Howard

    Have tried it for several months on a Toshiba laptop
    as a pre-install, to give it a fair chance. It was a little
    slow until I trimmed out some eye candy then it seemed
    as fast as XP. It has 1 gig of ram.
    I installed Zone Alarm for Vista which gave me the BSOD
    screen. I uninstalled and everything went back to normal.
    All my other software including versions not claiming to be
    Vista ready run fine. I needed one driver update for my
    built in Atheros chip for wifi to get it more stable.
    Overall about the same as XP when it first came out. I
    think by a couple of service packs it will be as good as
    XP but for the people who like the eye candy it is done
    nice enough and will be a reason to get Vista. I give it a
    thumbs up so far.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello robertwolfe , That guy sitting over there, kj dante and Chuck Howard ,

    Thanks to everyone who has submitted a comment. They are appreciated.


  • kiko

    a few days later – after I said I liked Vista….being my usual I decided to get rid of the Dell recovery partition ( no – I don’t need another 30 days of Norton thanks..) and expand it to store a disk image – C:\ is now around 50 GB…so thinking Acronis Disk directo – that works good I resized the recovery partition to 75 GB from 10 GB…Acronis took 45 to do it and when I rebooted I got the Dell bios flash and a black screen…and then a reboot and the bios etc etc..endless cycle…not good…looks like a reformat….so out of trying everything decided to boot from the Vista dvd to see if they had recovery like xp…got a screen and a choice was “repair my computer”…sure…why not?…clicked that and it hummed a bit and said ” Windows has found a problem- Partition not Found ” – “do you want to fix it and reboot?…ummm YES!….so it did…and rebooted back to the Vista I had….try that with your xp….and to kick my ass more I found out that Vista has support for resizing partitions without data loss ( which I could have used)….so I would say yes it works- one thing that needs fixing is large file transfers – too slow- but I’m sure that will come soon….as a self-repairable OS Ithink it’s ahead of xp ( why are there so many sites on how to re-install xp?…lol)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi kiko,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • Mike

    I vote emphatically NO!! Resource hog, slow, typical Micro$oft. It is not worth the hassle. I’ll stick with XP Pro.

  • Dude

    Vista is a steaming pile and I’ve tested ever beta and the final reason of all flavors. Microsuck should have to reimburse anyone who paid for that crap and give them a copy of XP.

  • linda

    Hate it. Really I have found so many problems with this OS.
    The administrator permission thing is so annoying!!
    and I have to “repair connection” on every start up.
    and firefox doesn’t give me the message, so I have to use IE to get to my repair panel fast.
    I hate where they placed the back button.
    If I had bought my computer with this, I would return it, but Dell replaced a very old computer I had that had smoke coming out the back….
    with a new XPS preinstalled with Vista, so I hate to be ungrateful and complain. I gave it to my 9 year old.. ( so he could play all his memory hog games) and he asked for his old computer back after getting so frustrated with all the problems.
    Im using it as a search engine box and that is so pathetic.
    I have a webdesign business and I can’t afford to have some of the problems I have found with this system and I don’t trust it at all with any of my work.
    Just google Vista Sucks or Vista is the worst, and wow, look at all the people and complaints. ( and not about the beta either)

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us as well as your comments.
    Regards, Ron

  • Robzilla

    I vote Yes! I have to say I have been using Vista for several months now. I do not understand what people are complaining about?

    Is it better than XP? I think so. Of course I was not a big fan of XP. In terms of features Vista adds many new features I like. It seems very stable for me. I like the photo and dvd software. The search tool is nice. The GUI is very much improved. Overall, I would say Vista works better than XP and has more features. Is Vista really that much better than XP? Not a lot.

    So I would say if you bought Vista as an end user beside the look, UAC and a few additional programs there is not that much has changed. The same filesystem.

    My big problems with Vista is it is a resource hog. Uses way too much hard drive space to do nothing! It could be a lot faster! DRM is another issue. Same old NTFS file system. I think I am underwhelmed by Vista. Multiple price options all of which are a rip off!! Offer one or two choices and thats it!!

    So I would say that Vista works, it is stable so far for me, but overall is underwhelming.

    When you consider what Apple offers with Leopard at an affordable price OS10.5 just blows Vista out of the water! As the other alternative Linux is getting really good lately. Linux offers tons of great free software, uses less resourses, has great eye candy too!

    If I was in the market for a new computer and had the money, despite the hardware restrictiveness, it would be an Apple.

    Right now I am dual booting between Vista and Linux and I can’t really complain about either one. Both work for me.


  • David

    I would have to vote NO. I recently helped with some classes for seniors that a local community collage was giving. They had a mix of Vista and XP laptops connecting to the internet via wireless lan the XP machines worked fist time every time The Vista machines were problematic at best and worthless bricks at worst. I spent at least 90 mins a week trying to get the vista boxes to give more than a local connection. But at least they got no adware,spyware,viruses,etc.

  • Henry Ladder

    I know the poll is closed, but I’m so frustrated with Vista that I must put my big NO vote in here! At work (I’m a software developer) I’ve been given a new IBM Lenovo + Vista laptop 3 months ago, and from the start it gave nothing but problems.

    First of all it’s a resource hog, it had only 1GB of memory so I had to turn off every eye candy crap and every possible service so that I had a bit of memory to run MY applications (what a luxury!). A request to buy another 1GB of RAM followed and was installed.

    Very unstable, random Explorer (windows explorer, not IE!) crashes.

    Incredibly frustrating “features”! Regularly I’m unable to delete or move folders, because it just says “Destination folder access denied”, I’ve had do do reboots (!) to delete a friggin’ folder, great for productivity…
    Explorer folder types magically change, my C: folder is now a “Picture folder”, the Documents folder is a Music one, tomorrow who knows?…

    If I hibernate the computer, when it wakes up nothing works properly, I have to reboot it… now I have to leave it on all the time.

    I’ve never had much reason to complain of MS OSs, and I’ve been using them for a long time now, but Vista just gets on my way all the time… if this was my home computer, I would have already formatted it and put XP on it (BTW: my personal laptop is a much lower spec machine with XP and runs rock solid (and fast!) for 2 years now without a glitch (knock on wood)).

    Good to know that for some people it works fine, but in my case just slows me down. I hate it.

  • Jeremy


    Where I work we are recommending people stay with Windows XP or transition to GNU/Linux (we’re all using Kubuntu at home and a ClarkConnect server at work).

  • Lawson

    I’m a software developer for factory automation applications for a compound semiconductor manufacturer. I tried Vista on several PCs and compared its performance against those same PCs running XP with SP2. In every case, Vista ran at least 30% slower. Not to mention that real-time process applications written in C# and VB6 were no longer real-time. Many of the time critical events were missed by seconds, not merely milliseconds. This could be disasterous for semiconductory manufacturing processes. My company has decided not to allow any PCs with Vista into our semiconductor Fab. If it weren’t for Dell extending the offer for XP on new PC and laptops, we wouldn’t be ordering any new PCs. Once that extention period expires, I’m not sure what we’ll do.

  • Memo

    becuase it is incredibly fast. i can get to the google page -internet explorer- just 47 secs after i press the turn on button of my laptop – (booting not hibernation) . in xp, it was around 3minutes..

  • MS

    Almost everyone that voted yes on this Vista poll had problems. Most said they had some sort of hardware problem like media card reader or sound card not working. Others said media center sucked, it ran slow, it didn’t transfer files fast, or they had to take all the eye candy out to get it to work. Then they still went ahead and voted yes? What is wrong with you people?

    Vista was sold on the eye candy. If I got it home and couldn’t use it I would have taken it right back to the store.

    The OS is supposed to run your system. That is why it’s called an operating system. If even one piece hardware doesn’t work then Vista is not operating your system. Why use it? Why not use XP? You could get the same work done and probably all your hardware would work, even if you didn’t really need to use that hardware.

    As for Memo, if you can get from cold to Google in 47 seconds with Vista, but it took you three minutes with XP you had Malware on your XP installation. Vista does use a little trick to make you think it’s booting a little faster though, but not that much faster.

    One day when an update that requires a real reboot happens it’ll probably take you a good ten minutes to get to Google. Then again you may never know. Updates in Vista don’t really require true reboots for the most part. One day you might get one that does though.

    If I reinstalled XP on your comp the right way it’d probably run faster once it was booted though.

    I’m not even against Vista though because it really did run fine on my computer with no problems. I would say it’s a pretty good OS. What I don’t understand is people that did have problems with it, and instead of going back to XP just took it up the butt from Microsoft and said, ‘Yah we’re getting in the rear because our comp is slow and broken.’ Who does that?

  • MS

    What’s up with the question marks in my post? I think you got a conflict with Word 2003 going on.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello MS,
    Thanks for the comments and for sharing your opinion. I fixed the posting problem with the question marks.
    Regards, Ron

  • Kent

    I’d have to say “NO” to Vista. I hate it so much. I’ve got a copy that I used on my desktop several months ago. I was having so many problems playing games as the system would just chug. I didn’t understand why it should be chugging on 2 gig of RAM, with an AMD64 3800, and a GeForce 8600 video card. I mean, games should have been fine, but even a game like World of Warcraft, which really doesn’t require all that much, would just crawl. Come to find out it’s the fact that I didn’t have a dual core processor that was holding me back. So I went back to Windows XP.

    Now I just got a new Dell Laptop with a dual core 2.0 Pentium, 4 gig of RAM and an 8600Mobile Video card. Now that Vista runs better with a ridiculous 4 gig of RAM, I still say “NO”. I try to delete files and I get permissions errors, even though I’m set as an admin. I try to make my computer available to share with a friend who has Vista, and we have nothing but issues. I’m sure this is some really stupid setting on my machine somewhere, but I really can’t help but feel like Vista “baby proofed” all the computers. I don’t need bubble wrap on the corners of things to protect me. With over 9 years experience in computers I think I can manage my system just fine. sigh. I really really hate Vista and it reminds me of the resource hog that was Windows ME. I remember getting XP when it first came out and I don’t remember having 3/4 of the issues I’ve had with Vista.

  • queequeg

    my answer is just plain simply a big fat NO!

    i want to switch to a mac to try something different. And hopefully works better than Vista or any windows.

    Windows ME never took off and Vista certainly ain’t going to any better.

  • killer

    whoever likes vista is stupid

  • Chris Bloor

    I think Vista is a barnacle on the keel of humanity!
    I absolutely HATE it! The single worst version of window’s ever!

    I have been making a full-time living online for almost 9 years and have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of software but in all that time NOTHING has been as un-user-friendly.


  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    I also took a look at your web site. Impressive. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Ron

  • Giorgos

    I am sales executive for a major computer manufacturer.At the beginning I advised people to use Vista and I even installed them to my notebook.After some months of using them I think I had enough!A very powerful system looked like ancient working with Vista.TOO SLOW!NOT AGAIN! I installed XP again and I feel great..I can finally work.So guys…if you want Windows (to say the truth Linux and Mac are getting the price) only XP worths working with.



  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  • Demian

    NO and NO and NO!!!

    It’s slow, awkward, and crashes consistently. Plus the driver issues.

  • Demian

    I should also mention that I would prefer to use Windows ME over this version, and I thought it was the worst OS ever… until now.

  • nick

    YES. I’ve had no problems, much prefer it to XP. Just takes up more memory as one would expect but my average laptop copes with it well and it works like a dream pretty much for me. I dont see what all the fuss is about.

  • Jeffrey

    I found this site because I googled “Why is Vista the Worst”! I would consider myself an advanced computer user and Vista is ridiculous. Someone had a comment that it looks cool and I agree. The window switcher and sidebar and even it’s cool transparent look is great. But since I bought my brand new 64bit HP AMD Laptop I have been troubleshooting Vista the entire time!

    I agree, Vista is like ME. It should be trashed and replaced with a working OS. I’m going back to XP!!!

    My next computer will be a MAC!

  • mick

    Vista is a piece of s*it
    It’s just nice but when I have to do real work on a computer, I prefer working with XP, Ubuntu or even W2k but not with Vista, too slow, to unreliable.

  • Anirban Basak

    No (Not a bit)
    Mr. Schenone, I’d like to give you an idea of what smell of Vista (actually Microsoft) is in India’s (actually Calcutta) air. please be patient to read the whole as it will tell you much.
    1)10% people use 98SE as dey believe its most stable OS ever. 8% of them run it in older PC as lack of choice. 2% of them really praise for it and wont change it until compelled to do so (LIKE ME).
    2) After XP was born Calcutta people just loved it. Then 90 % people used it and told good about it. I also say XP pro is worth this. Now in Vista era 70% use XP !!!
    3) The Vista accompanies with a f-word everywhere i ask about it. 20% uses it for eye-candy. They tell its for show and they do not care if its performance is acceptable or not. They just want to see “good”.

    I tell Vista is an irritating junk of Microsoft, who found nothing more useful to suck money giving nothing in return.

  • Aiden Cameron

    I would say Yes

    I run vista home basic using 1gb ram on an emachines Basically a renamed Acer Aspire.

    It hit me with the blue screen of death when i installed sp2 so it required reformatting. I did so. it got rid of everything and started a fresh. It ran really quickly. and applications ran fast and were easier to navigate too. I also like its UI the UI brings a fresh new outlook to Microsoft. and have you noticed that they have brought a vista-like style to their windows live services and their website? I like that it shows that they are changing for the future. Couple of months ago i needed a new computer. Nothing fancy just a computer to do homework on. so i went with apple and bought what i could for strict budget. A powermac g4 graphite. but they never had it in stock. so i was hunting around and found a nice looking for the price Acer Emachines E510. and it was perfect. It runs Vista nicely when it wants to and the wifi is strong. however i hate the UAC as it gets IN THE WAY.

    Thats my major gripe about vista the safety features. It told me the other day that my avg free was turned off when it clearly WASN’T It doesnt know what its talking about lol

    Just my .02


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  • Gonzalo

    In 2009, Vista is still giving us headaches! Micro$oft step back with the cancellation of XP and is running to get Seven ready. I hope Windows 7 is really what they are promising (experience, however, tells us not to trust them too much).

  • Reuben

    F**K VISTA! It is the IT support nightmare. A class action law suit should be presented to Microsoft for such a piece of shit operating system.

  • Jordan Brown

    The majority of our PCs use Windows Vista and it has got to be the worst OS ever built. The GUI is much worse. I actually was dumb enough to “upgrade” one of my laptops to Vista and when I tried to downgrade back to XP I had so many driver conflicts. So I’m stuck with it until I can get my hands on a legal 32 bit copy of Windows 7. I’m looking into dumping Vista for Ubuntu 10.10 though.

  • Mitch Bartlett

    People who post Tweets longer than 140 characters annoy the crap out of me. What they are saying usually isn’t worth an extra click. It’s an annoyance that should be banned from Twitter altogether.

  • Anonymous

    I think longer Tweets kinda goes against the whole point of using Twitter. If you’re looking for some middle ground between a blog and Twitter, that’s what is for.

  • Anonymous

    sometyme we need to expand our tweet this so kool but it will some what boring and who is having that much tym to read the whole tweet of more than 140 .

  • Mike

    Tweets are limited to 140 chars for a reason. SMS only allows 160 per message, and Twitter reserves the first 20 for the username. Services like this will put those who can only use twitter on their mobiles via SMS at a disadvantage.

  • P Bennett2243

    So what I gather from all the comments here; if you have sonething longer to say that won’t fit on twitter then write it in a blog on blogger, tumblr etc.