Google's Free Wireless Broadband Access Rumors Continue

This rumor I love. Plus it seems to continue unabated with more twists and turns than a slinky. The hope is that the FCC is going to provide a portion of the wireless broadband spectrum that will be coming up for auction in January, 2008 for free access providers. In the back ground sits Google. The latest rumor is that the Chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin, may propose such access and has circulated his proposal to others at the FCC. Included in the proposal is the following:

Open access spectrum, as proposed by Martin, would allow consumers to connect any legal device to the wireless network. The rules for the spectrum would also contain prohibitions against the network provider blocking legal content, a key provision of network neutrality.

One may wonder why I continue to be so interested in the thought of having free wireless access? Several reasons. Where I live the only access to high speed b

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  • marc klink

    Ron, if you don’t have DSL available, I guess you might be in a very rural area. Do you think the wireless will be available before the phone company upgrades your ability to get DSL, possibly with fiber? I know here in SoCal, everywhere cable is the only choice, Verizon is quickly moving into the area with FiOS. This has actually worked against me in my area, as we already have 3Mb DSL pretty much everywhere, so fiber is not being pulled here, instead its going in in a big way about 8 miles from me, where only cable has been.

    I think that when this is approved, both cable and DSL offerings will improve markedly.

  • marc klink

    I know you can’t beat free, but with RF there is always some RFI, which is why I’m working so hard to remove the wi-fi in my house which has gotten really spotty with lots of neighborhood RFI emitters recently moving in.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Mark,
    I live in a town of 12K, which has DSL from ATT everywhere, but stops just short [2 blocks] from where we live. We are on the outer edge of the city limits. :-(
    The cable company is in the process of installing fiber and according to the serviceman who comes to our home regularly because of interference problems, once the fiber is installed, the skies will part, the sun will shine, the birds will sing and life will be perfect! :-)
    Unfortunately I have heard this song and dance before having suffered through a similar experience when living in CA. You see the cable techs carry around a box full of connectors and tees which thy move from house to house. In between service calls that shine up the connectors to make them look new. Then when you call, they change a connector which they promise was the problem, and for 30 seconds the picture is perfect. They then race down the driveway to escape knowing that in the next few minutes, crappy TV reception will return.
    But here is the best one. My buddy Den bought a new HDTV which I helped him hook up. Naturally a big screen amplifies the snow flakes so he called the cable company. The woman on the other end of the phone told him that she was going to push the clear button to see if the picture improved! Of course this didn’t work since there is no such thing. Cable people are so full of BS that their breathe stinks.
    Two weeks later I was notified by the than SBC that DSL was available and I signed up right away. Than I switched over to Dish. When the cable guys came to disconnect their cable service, the skies opened, the sun shined, the birds sang and Ron was a happy camper!
    End of rant.

  • marc klink

    If you could band together, with a neighbor that has DSL down the street, and would cooperate, you could do point to point wifi with high gain, narrow beam antennas. It would get you better service, and allow him to split the cost of service. Maybe with the idea that he might move up a notch in speed, if available.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    Good thought. :-) I have several other ideas I am also working on as well.
    Thanks, Ron

  • DEN


    I almost forgot about the CLEAR–BUTTON Episode…!
    Cable is still the same here They keep sayin it’ll be all Fixed Soon….
    I Hope I Live That Long…….
    At least There’s DSL at our home. I’m still Workin on Machines with DIAL–UP..
    Geeeeeezzzzzzzzz Got too make sure all my Stuff is UPDATED
    before I go to a Clients Home.

    Later Ron

  • Ron Schenone

    Heh Den,
    Be patient. I only waited 10 years for a better picture! :-)
    Thanks for the comments.

  • Cody Engel

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  • Lionel Faleiro

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  • Anonymous

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