Vista SP1 Heading Our Way – Thank Google For This One

Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft may be releasing the Beta version of SP1 later this month, with the final coming to us in November 2007. Though she can’t cite any sources, I believe she has a good handle on the pulse at Microsoft and I would bet that this is going to happen sooner rather than later.

But the reason for an early release has nothing to do with Microsoft being the kind hearted soul that it is, concerned we poor consumers have suffered enough and are deserving of fast relief. It is because of Google. Google has been pounding the DOJ, the courts, the media and anyone else who will listen demanding that Microsoft be taken to task once and for all. Google was not going to loosed its vice grip until Microsoft fixed the problem[s] that Google felt was keeping their Desktop Search from working properly on Vista.

Google has the clout and the bucks to pressure those who need pressuring including the folks up in Redmond. It would be easy to assume that pressure came from Microsofts lawyers and not because the team working on Vista SP1 was actually ready. Which also brings up another point. Why a Beta of SP1? Beta indicates that the fixes may not be ready for prime time. So what we may get is a Service Pack that satisfies the folks at Google but does little to fix some of the major issues that still plagues Vista.

So who are going to be the first guinea pigs to take Vista SP1 Beta out for a spin?  Raise your hands and lets take a count. Anyone? Come on now. Someone has to go first! :-)

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Mary Jo Foleys piece here.

PS I guess we will have to wait until SP2 to get any REAL fixes! :-)

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