596 Free Games Available For Download From Microsoft

This morning I was roaming around the Microsoft Marketplace looking for a specific software when I stumbled on a free game site being hosted by the software giant. At first I thought it was paid for games, until I realized that they were actually freebies. The number of games was also surprising since the total being offered for a free download numbered 596. I was still scratching my head since Microsoft usually doesn’t offer to many things for free. :-)

So I decided to try one of the downloads to see what was required to get the freebies. You must have either a Live ID or MSN account [which I have] or apply for one which is free as well. This in turns sets up a Digital Locker in which you can than download the free software. Just as a test I downloaded 3D UltraPong to just see if it worked or not and the download proceeded without incident.

I than checked my Digital Locker and saw that the reseller of the free game was Tucows. This lead me to believe that Microsoft was acting as a middleman for the freebie games being offered through out the internet from other sites. Again, this is just a guess on my part.

However, whatever the situation is, this is a large depository of free games available to anyone. The site is set up in categories to make it easier to find the games. One note. Since these are free games, do not expect game play to be on par of paid for software.
Sign up for a free Live ID here.

Microsoft free games located here.

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  1. eldergeek says:

    So you register, thus MS has access to you and you’ll have to log into the identity once in a while or you’ll lose it so they have a hook to encourage continued access and they no doubt ask you for an alternate email address, thus widening their access, giving them an address where they can send reminders if you’re crass enough to allow their access to approach cancellation (on account of you failed to log in for however long the minimum is). In return, you get access to “free” games you could have found with google and not bothered to register. Wow, sounds like a great deal to me. Hey, I’ve got a great deal working on this bridge in Brooklyn and I was thinking of selling a percentage of it. Are you interested in a share? Let me know dood.

  2. Ron Schenone says:

    Hi eldergeek,
    Thanks for the offering about a percentage of the Brooklyn bridge. Currently I have my cash tied up, but I do have available stock options for the Golden Gate Bridge.:-)

    Regards, Ron

  3. imran says:

    where are your 596 games?

  4. Ron Schenone says:
  5. karen elidio says:

    im downloading games battle realms

  6. nilesh says:

    free game

  7. BS reddy says:

    very good an funny