Oil – Crisis In America Or Hoax?

Sunday evening was a boring night on the tube, so I decided to watch the movie ‘A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.’ Twenty minutes into the flick the wife informed me that this documentary was too depressing and that she didn’t want to watch it anymore. Besides, what can we do about it anyway? It is beyond our control. OK. So after she retired I plopped back to watching the DVD. I’m tough. I can handle the truth. I have read many articles about the looming oil crash on the Net and even several articles here at LG. I personally find the subject of interest and basically have the opinion that it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves behind the eight ball.

What I find of interest is not the numbers of how much oil is left, or when we will run out, or even the facts about alternative fuels. It is our attitude about oil. I’m talking about the attitude of the American people and what we expect and want. We want to own our own cars and expect gas to flow at the pumps when we pull into a gasoline station. We do not want to hear any excuses, nor be bugged about conserving or any of the other rhetoric that may be presented to us. When we flip the AC unit on we want to be cooled and couldn’t care less where the energy comes from. That is someone else’s problem, not ours. When an oil refinery goes offline for what ever reason we all know that it is just the oil companies trying to run up the costs to increase their profit margins. Just because our oil refineries are getting old and no new ones have been built in more than 30 years is no excuse.

There is no oil shortage and it is just a giant hoax to increase prices. Those folks in the middle east are hoarding all of the good stuff and don’t want to give us our fair share. Oh, and they want to charge us for it as well. Talk about being unreasonable. Oil is just squished dinosaurs compressed over the years and you just need to poke the Earth’s crust and it comes belching out at the top. How much easier could it be? Plus, if there was a real, real oil crisis, our politicians would be on top of this and working feverishly to prevent a crisis and protect us.

We all know that technology will save us. We all heard about the guy back during WWII who invented a pill that would change water into gasoline. That the car and oil companies bought his secret and we won’t get it until the oil companies want us to have it. Water is cheap. It must be because it falls out of the sky for free, doesn’t it? Which just goes to show how those people who sell bottled water are taking advantage of us as well! How do cities get away with charging us for water anyway if it’s free?

If you believe any of the above statements, then I highly recommend you see this documentary. Not to be a doom and gloom advocate, but we do have a problem. One that is going to be a lot harder for us to handle and one from which technology may not be able to bail us out. I found the film enlightening and informative. Though I don’t agree 100% with some of the facts that were presented, there was one fact I do agree with that the film addressed.

Ever since the oil embargo in 1973, when we were sitting in line for hours waiting our turns at the pump, I always wondered why, after 30+ years, we are still so dependent on oil? Why our government has never sought a firm conservation policy, why restrictions were not placed on the behemoths that American auto makers continue to produce, and why we seem to ignore the fact that at any moment our economy could be shut down if someone in the world decided to shut off the oil spigot?

The why, it turns out, is us. We want cheap gas, big SUVs, and we want it now! We may scream at gas prices increasing but we will scream even louder when it hits $10 or more a gallon. But we don’t care. We want it. What Mikey wants, Mikey gets. If any politician running for office stated that they want Americans to conserve, that Detroit needs to build smaller cars, and that a higher gas would be needed for alternative fuel research, they wouldn’t get elected. We want the politician who lies to us, tells us they will increase gasoline production, reduce the price of gas, and tax the oil companies more. Yeah! Got my vote. :-)

Are we spoiled or what?

Side note: The wife changed her mind and decided to watch the film after all. :-)

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