Windows Home Server RC – Open Beta Testing

Microsoft has opened their Beta testing program to anyone who would like to try their new Windows Home Server RC [Release Candidate] software. This software is basically a pared-down version of their Windows 2003 server software. It has been designed for those who have a broadband connection with two or more computers connected together. The software also provides a easy and auto backup of your systems connected to the server. Microsoft also states:

Today we opened up the Windows Home Server Beta program to everybody and anybody that wants to take a look, test it, or sleep well at night knowing that their PCs are automatically being backed up every night. Sign up and you are in!!

Don’t be the last household with a broadband connection that has 2 or more PCs to take this great software for a spin. It is simple to setup, easy to use, and provides powerful capabilities including automated PC backup, easily expandable centralized storage (“no more drive letters”), remote access to your home server for downloading and uploading files, and remote access to your PCs too with your own personalized internet domain name.

We are getting close to shipping, so sign up for the beta now before it is too late…..

The download is about 1.4G and is in .iso format. A DVD burner is required as well as burning software such as Nero that can handle the buring process for .iso image files.

I have been testing this software for several months and it works extremely well and is worth taking a look at.

For additional information and information take a look here.

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  • marc klink

    I was going to download it until I saw that it is time limited to 30 days. Usually MS makes the limit 90 or 180 days. I tend to wonder why this is different. More benevolence from Redmond?
    Seriously, for most people 30 days is hard to judge, unless you are spending hours per day to do so. So for me, it just is not worth it, after reading in several long descriptions by beta testers that most of it is Server2003 rebadged, with a couple of things renamed for the new product. [If I need drive aggregation I can do it with hardware, with better protection against loss of data] Since I have a never opened copy of SBS 2003, I’ll wait and see what things can be grafted from this new product.

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