Microsoft Surface Recognition? What Happened To Voice Recognition?

All the hype behind the latest technology from Microsoft, called Surface Recognition, seems to forget one little fact. Whatever happened to voice recognition? I recall a time when voice recognition was also going to change the way we dealt with computer systems. I also recall similar statements that the keyboard and mouse would go the way of the Dodo bird because we would only have to talk to our computer systems and like magic our wishes would be instantly carried out. Typing? Nope. You would just talk to your computer and like magic a letter would be typed at the speed of light. It was envisioned that secretarial jobs would vanish overnight.

Microsoft and other companies invested billions into speech recognition software. No matter how much it was hyped, it just didn’t work right. For the most part it has been a fiasco. If you have ever tried to get speech recognition to work you know how frustrating it can be.

So let us look at this new technology that Microsoft calls Surface Recognition and put all the hype aside. First of all it is going to use some form of Windows so it starts out with two strikes against it already. What are you going to do when the system freezes up? Turn the coffee table upside down to push the reset button? If there is a hardware problem with the unit, do you call a furniture maker or a computer tech?

Fingerprints. I don’t know about you but I hate fingerprints on my computer screen. I have never understood why, when someone wants to point to something on a screen, they must put greasy pinky prints to the screen and push hard. It’s like us men with a remote. When the remote doesn’t respond, we push on the buttons harder. It doesn’t dawn on us that the remote could use some new batteries one in a while. So will every unit come with a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels?

Here is the serious part. If it was Apple who came out with this technology, I would give it a green light. But after seeing some of the problems that Vista is having, can anyone really take anything seriously from the master of patches and fixes? I think not. But that is just my two cents.

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