Dell Introducing Laptop Computers For $238 – But Not In The US Market

I have read several articles including one from The Hindu News Update Service concerning Dell being in the process of selling laptop computers for $238. The article also states that Dell is looking into the China market and will be introducing a similar computer in the same price range. The article also states:

“The new products will have longer battery life, increased connectivity and performance,” according to Dell India General Manager (Sales), Sameer Garde, said on the sidelines of company’s product launch.

When I first read this article and several others covering Dell’s expansion to other countries, I had a few thoughts that popped into my head.

First thought was, I would venture a guess the new systems would not be equipped with Vista. So what kind of a OS would Dell be including on these cheap models?

Second thought was why aren’t these inexpensive computers being offered in the US market? I am sure that Dell will still be making a profit even selling these outside of the US. So why not here as well? For $238 I’d take one without a OS. :-)

Third thought I’m leaving for you? What is your take on this? Should the US get these cheapies as well?

Comments welcome.

Full article here.

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  • marc klink

    Sign me up for 4 of those, as I have a wife and 2 kids who also want one at that price.

    However, I doubt we’ll ever see any of these laptops in the U.S. unless some 3rd party decides to gray-market them.

    Should we get the chance to buy these…of course!

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    No problem. Stand by your mail box they are on the way.


  • Kyle Keeton

    Hi Ron,

    Windows Vista is not out of the question. Remember the Vista Starter. Very low budget and made for this type of application. I have seen Vista Starter on computers in schools in Moldova and Ukraine. It runs very fast on low end machines. will only utalize 256 mg of ram. The starter is put on machines now that go to schools and are bought cheap. I feel that the USA has plenty of poor, that lap tops such as these and other computer systems are and would be utilized. The world has poor, but so does the US. The people in the USA like to make the world think that Americans are rich. I have to tell you that Americans have done a good job of putting across we are rich. The rest of the world really belives that. They belive that if you go to America that you will be wealthy.

    A tidbit of information… The schools in moldova are so scared of the new computers, The computers are setting on tables with covers over them. They schools are not sure if they are legal are not. The issue in Russia has them scared. They do not know how to check for activation. They would rather let the new systems sit and be safe. They think microsoft will destroy them if they are caught using illegal machines. I tried to help but they say I am just another American who thinks he knows everything.

    So you have an issue, Even though the schools in poor counties get computers, cheap or free. Can they use them, do they know how? Will the God microsoft destroy them. Sounds a little like a catch 22 situation.

    Kyle Keeton

  • Kyle Keeton

    Is this the program you are talking about, every child has a laptop? This program is getting big news on this side of the world.

    My Hearts in Accra.


    Is it legal to post a link to something like this, If not, sorry.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Kyle,
    I can understand their concerns. The OLPC systems currently will come with Linux as the OS. The systems however will be MS compatible. No problem postings links and thanks for the info.


  • http://googel Vikas Bhaskar

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