Microsoft And Yahoo! – Can They Catch Up With Google?

Well the on again, off again, love affair between Microsoft and Yahoo! seems to be leaning towards a possible joint effort between the two companies to try and catch up with Google. But can these two companies working together really put a dent in Google’s armour, or is it too late to try and enter the horse race? Or is this another of those rumors that seem to crop up on a slow news day?

Putting the rumormill aside, what purpose would a merger between Microsoft and Yahoo! serve? One thing is for certain: The days of Microsoft being able to squash the competition like it did to Netscape may be coming to an end. Even Microsoft had to bow and let the user decide which search engine a user can use in Internet Explorer 7. Ten years ago it would have been MSN only, which could lead one to believe that maybe, just maybe, that spat with the DOJ did have some influence.

What would Microsoft and Yahoo! do to attract new advertising business? Put up Micro-hoo ads to attract business in the hopes of stealing business away from Google? A kind of Field Of Dreams attitude: Build it and they will come? It may be a little too late for that. Google has done a great job overall of instilling a perceived attitude among businesses and consumers alike that they are not to be feared. Whereas the perception of Microsoft is just the opposite. Yahoo! is caught in the middle.

IMO this is nothing more than a rumor. I don’t believe that Yahoo! would be foolish enough to place its trust in a Microsoft alliance in light of the recent legal skirmish involving Microsoft and Best Buy. Yahoo! may have to be content in just trying to maintain its current status in the search engine market. Also, Microsoft hasn’t fared very well in its MSN endeavor and it can call it anything it wants, but consumers will not be flocking to its site.

What do you think? Is a Microsoft-Yahoo! alliance in our future? Or is this a nasty rumor?

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  • Kyle Keeton

    I cant see it happening. But who knows. Yahoo I think would have to second thought any partneship with MS.
    Microsoft would want the partnership.

    I will as always be a Google fan. They are my start page, my search page. From what I hear they are going to make a big push in Russia, The market here is growing leaps and bounds.

    Pretty soon you will see the pirates not only waving the Microsoft Flag, But the Google Flag will be below it, waving in the wind.

    Kyle Keeton

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Kyle,
    I’d rather see the Google flag on top! :-)


  • Tim Hodkinson

    I can’t see it happening either. What would MS get from a “partnership” with Yahoo that they don’t already have?

    I think it would be like one of those airline mergers; you end up trying to mix together two very distinct and traditionally competitive groups when what both parties really want to do is to buy out the other and get rid of them.

  • sam

    Since the Yahoo toolbar seems more closely related to a trojan or spyware (it always mysteriously ends up on family members computers) I would be very reluctant to install anything that was partnered between Microsoft and Yahoo. I refuse to use anything from yahoo, and since Google started removing all my options and forcing me to use their choices with their toolbar, I no longer use that either. I do still use google as my main search engine, but I don’t use any other google products.

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  • PC Easy

    We have the most ignorant and extreme people in the country passing laws. They don’t trust science but instead put all their trust in a book written 2,000 years ago.

  • Andrew Marquez

    when i search for mobilenotifier, it doesn’t pop up in the cydia search. Is there a particular source?

  • Jacob Burrell

    They copied android on this one.

    • Justin Hansen

      I understand that. But Android copied iOS FIRST.