Review Slams Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn – Version 7.04 – But Was It A Fair Review?

I just got finished reading a review of Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn  version 7.04 over at ExtremeTech written by Jim Lynch, in which he was highly critical of the new Linux distribution and basically slammed it with some mediocre reasoning. Though he mentions that he wants to like the distribution, he then goes on to rant about several issues he found that just were to unbearable for him to live with. As a example he mentions that Firefox didn’t come with flash, which has nothing to do with Ubunutu.

There was some other dribble about not being able to install NVidia drivers correctly which in one of the comments it was pointed out that he didn’t do the install the correct way, which just went to show his lack of knowledge of Linux. But what was disturbing about the entire article was that comparing any operating system to any other is purely subjective and is only one persons opinion. The review was supposed to be about Ubuntu Fiesty Fan version 7.04 and not Vista, Xandros or a Mac.

Here is my gripe in a nutshell. If you are going to write about any operating system write about the specifics of that OS and not in comparison to other operating systems. In the end it was quite obvious that this writer was most likely a Mac head to begin with.

He first states that Ubuntu was worse than Vista  because Vista detected his video card and installed the correct driver. I wonder how many people are still waiting for the correct Vista driver to get their video card working after upgrading to Microsoft’s new OS?

Then he states for a real Linux experience you should try Xandros. But in the next breath it is Linux might not be ready for the desktop so buy a Mac.

You can take a look at the entire review here.

What is your opinion? Is this a fair review or is it biased?

Comments welcome.

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  • marc klink

    We all have bias. The best that someone can do is fully explain themself so that the reader gets why the bias is there and can mentally compensate for that bias. However, someone who makes statements that someone who tries any flavor of Linux should really use a Mac shows they don’t really get it. Using Linux is about choice anyway, so if one espouses the Mac they are merely saying they are willing to accept what Steve Jobs thinks they should own for their computing chores. As much as I like the Mac, I resent anyone having that much control over my computing experience, so I don’t use one as my main machine.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for your comments. I think it just annoyed me that Ubuntu [or any OS] is unfairly slammed just because a user prefers one system over another. The writer has a perfect right to critique software and then provide an assessment to what they like and dislike.

    Instead of even wasting time writing an article he should of just stated “Ubuntu sucks, Xandros is OK, but overall Linux sucks so buy a Mac” LOL

  • Tim Hodkinson

    “At this point though, I’m getting somewhat skeptical about Linux on the desktop anyway (with the exception of Xandros and a couple of other distros)”

    Does this make sense? Xandros and a couple of other distros That’s quite a bit isn’t it? How can the author still be skeptical about Linux on the desktop?

    I think Kevin Carmony’s latest Linspire Letter sheds some light on a review like this where Carmony talks about the market right now being mainly “Linux Enthusiasts”. For people who don’t appreciate the security, privacy and complete control that comes with Ubuntu and Linux in general, then the slightest inconvenience offends them.

    One other thing. I think a lot of reviewers feel pressure to say “extreme” things (no pun intended) and to over simplify to please their audience. Evaluating an OS is complicated. In the end it’s as much about what you want to do with it as it is about how “good” it is. Just like any other tool. Perhaps the “Desktop” market will never be a single, large group but rather, a number of medium-sized sub-groups, just like the markets in the automotive business (budget-cars.. family.. luxury.. sport.. ). Or take the travel industry. Some people like to get off the beaten path and meet the locals, and there are others who never want to leave the hotel.

    I think that Linspire guy is pretty smart.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Tim,
    I agree. I enjoy reading the Linspire newsletters as well.
    Thanks as always for your comments. Ron

  • Ed Pimental

    I am a novice when it comes to Linux. I tried to install 7.04 and had a resolution problem which prevented me from installing the OS. I emailed support and received a great deal of help. I finally upgraded my video card and was able to get a 1024 x 768 resolution, which allowed me to install the OS.

    My experience with Fiest Fawn has been excellent so far. Video codecs were installed automatically and I find superior to what I have in XP. Firefox automatically installed Flash. On the initial boot, over 300 updates were offered. It took a little over an hour to download and install on my system. I am having a problem installing Java and the Opera browser, but that is my lack of knowledge and not that of the OS. Fiesty Fawn is stable and F A S T. It will stand on it’s own. I have used earlier versions of Ubuntu and also Suse, Red Hat 9 which have all been good. I find Fiesty Fawn my best experienc with Linux so far. Support is great and additional software abundant. I am able to mount the NTFS drives on my PC and transfer mp3’s, videos, pictures and even access my Excel spred sheet with Open Office.


  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Ed,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I also have used Fiesty Fawn and found it great. That is why the poor review surprised me.

    Thanks for your comments, Ron

  • Bob

    I was just glad that somebody besides me doesn’t like Ubuntu. I’ve installed it on two machines so far; mine, and a friends. On my friends computer, Ubuntu booted once ok. It crashed when I tried to run xterm. And now, after shutting down, it freezes immediately after logging in.

    I also installed it on my computer. Repartitioning during install is an unnecessary pain, as for previous Ubuntu releases. And after I installed, and got most everything up and running, I can’t get my wireless card working. I spent a couple days trying to get it to work, and then went back to my Debian machine. Ubuntu is just not ready.

    I know I’m off topic, but I wanted to say something. It seems like so many people are raving about Ubuntu. I’m glad someone besides me doesn’t like it.

    I do have one good thing to say about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the only OS that I’ve tried that works with my crappy “Recoil” video game controller. It doesn’t work with Windows 2K, XP, or Debian. It works out of the box with Dapper Drake, though. But I use my X-box Duke controller anyway, which works fine with Debian.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the comments. Sorry Ubuntu didn’t work well for you.

  • Akshat

    Maybe OT

    It’s a good idea for you to install Automatix (look on google) installing Opera/Codecs/What not is very easy via this handy tool

    I for one like Ubuntu, IMHO it’s better than other distros out there.


  • Anonymous

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