Dell – We Will Offer Linux On Our Computers

Well the Dell on again, off again love affair with Linux is on again. At least that is the word from Dell’s blog site. According to the figures that Dell received, almost 70% of people who responded said they would use Linux for either work or home systems. Now will come the biggest challange Dell must face. What version of Linux will they offer and support?

Also Dell must deal with the issue of driver support. I believe that Dell recognizes that Linux driver support for their hardware is going to be a major challenge. On the bright side, I really can’t think of anoher major OEM that has the resources of Dell to proceed forward and to be able to actually pull this off.

This could also help Dell in its overseas markets being able to have the ability of offer a Linux based system, with free software that works just as well as some of the commercial paid for software versions. This should help Dell get back on track both here in the US and in other overseas markets.

I for one, am glad to see that Dell is going to go forward with Linux based computer systems. This could actually result in a tidal wave of new Linux users. Some other thoughts are:

  • How will Microsoft respond to this latest Dell proposal? Will Microsoft punish Dell by raising Windows licensing fees?
  • Will the folks who voted in the online survey keep their promises and buy Dell systems with Linux installed?
  • Will the Linux community embrace Dell and do their best to make this plan successful?
  • Will Dell be able to provide systems that will be priced competitively with Windows based systems?

These and many other questions will be raised as Dell gears up to introduce Linux on its desktop and laptop systems.

I  personally wish Dell all the best in this new venture.
Side note: Will the other major OEM’s follow Dell and offer Linux also? What do you think?

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  • marc klink

    I would like to think that this will work, because it would signal an end of the MS monopoly position. They would actually have to think about things like releasing stuff without major flaws, software pricing in the real world, and removing things like the registry from the operating system.

    Unless Dell is very specific about what will be covered under support terms, it could be a nightmare for them, but I would applaud the effort, and think about purchasing one to show support.

    I think about the ideal [one day, a long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away] where one could call up Dell, and get a Dell branded computer, with MS mouse, and reproduction of a Northgate Omnikey keyboard, and the choice of Vista version 4.76, Ubuntu Masterful Muskrat, or Apple OS 11.6.2 [Sabretooth Tiger]!

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Marc,
    That would be nice. I hope we both live long enough to see that day. :-)