Firedog – Circuit City's Answer To The Geek Squad

Today I received via the US Postal Service, a letter from Circuit City with three items attached.

  • The first was a offer to extend the warranty on the laptop computer I purchased for my wife, to 3 years for a modest fee of only $219.95. First reaction. If the the laptop breaks and I can’t repair it, I’ll dump it and buy a new one. I only paid $600 for the unit on sale.
  • A $15.00 off coupon if I spend $100 or more. Expires March 31, 2007, so I better hurry.
  • A advertisement to introduce a new breed of technology service called ‘firedog”.

I wondered over to the fire puppy site to take a look around. Oh, I see. It’s a Geek Squad clone dressed in green. And it’s a Circuit City look a like to go in head to head competition with Best Buy.

And the pricing……well it is just like Best Buy. Just a little high for some services. But you be the judge. Below is the link to the site and see what you think.

Circuity City Firedog Website

Comments welcome.

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  • yo-yo

    Geek Squad only works on computers. Firedog does it all. I think that idea was awesome but the name is stupid.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello yo-yo,
    I have to agree. Firedog is a odd name. Thanks for your comments.

  • Jeff

    I’m currently a Firedog Tech. I enjoy the job, but there is no set system to do repairs and soforth. When i was hired into this position, they gave me nothing to work with but my hands. No resources at all. The advertising is great, but there is no resources for us to use. I had to bring in everything to my store. Its a fun job, but there is no set system.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your comment.

  • CCity Employee

    Well I agree I didn’t like the name at first but it is catchy. Prices are about even with Best Buy. From an inside scoop I can say that the techs at the store i work in (yes its a Circuit City) are great guys. I work at one of the 2 Tucson, AZ locations. They are very skilled at what they do, and we have a lot of customers returning for the great service they recieve. So if you live in Tucson and come by my store you will know if you hit the correct store by the excellent level of customer service we provide.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello CCity Employee,
    Thanks for telling us about your experience and how great the Firedog program is working. It is good to hear that they are doing a great job.

    Thanks for the comment, Ron

  • Fleming

    I saved $59.99 on my purchase of Fixed-mount TV installation package on 26″ TV from Circuit-City store at…….!

  • John

    I am a current firedog (home theater side) tech in TX.. I’m not sure how other markets received the roll out of firedog, but here, we were told on the day of roll out that “hey, we’re called firedog now”.. Not much mention before then that we were switching. Then it took almost 2 months to get our horrible green shirts… And green and black colors?? That has nothing to do with CC.. I feel as if we’re treated more like a 3rd party vendor than an actual part of CC. Do you know how many times I’ve been asked what firedog means? Does it mean we clean chimneys? Are we mobile pet groomers? I have to tell them what we do, then explain what firedog means.. “fire, because of the passion that burns within us for technology, and dog because we’re tech’s best friend.” Honestly, with everything that’s happened in the last 2.5 yrs I’ve worked here, I’m ready to quit. We receive no formal training (I have 12 yrs of previous training and certs), only what is learned by being taught in the customers’ home. We get no info about new technology that rolls out. Blu-ray, HD radio, HDMI v1.1 vs HDMI v1.3.. Had to look that up myself on my own time. We get way way way over worked, putting in close to 60 hours a week because we have too much work, yet no budget to hire even one more guy. Managers that we might see once a week if we’re lucky. And constant issues with sales people that aren’t trained properly on how to qualify a customer. I really do believe that firedog is a last ditch effort by CC before they bleed to death. CC has a habit of fully launching an idea, then resolving issues after they build up. We need to proactive, not reactive.. IMHO firedog was released at least a year too soon… BTW, I have close to 40 other issues with the way the installers are treated in my market. For one, our ‘office’ consists of a computer, a printer that we don’t carry replacement ink cartridges for, and a small trash can that never ever gets emptied by the cleaning crew.. All wedged in between a rack of tvs and a door in the warehouse.

  • John

    Sorry.. Forgot one other thing.. They’re more concerned about us wearing shoe covers, white gloves, using a drop cloth for tools, and making sure the customer knows that they will be surveyed in a week to make sure we do all of this, than giving us the tools and training to satisfy a customer. (We’re supposed to sell at least $250 of extra stuff a day inside customers’ houses)

  • Eric

    I am a Geek Squad Agent. I’m sorry to hear that the Firedogs are not offered nearly as many tools or resources as Agents. So far from what I heard, Firedogs sometimes even simply download Geek Squad’s tools to use on customer’s computers. I believe the tech relies heavily on the resources available, and it sounds like Circuit City is not yet willing to invest.

  • Dan

    Someone above posted that Geek Squad services only apply to computers? False. Any service/replacement plan is dealt with by the Geek Squad, whether it’s Computers, Digital Cameras, Home Theater Televisions/Stereos etc. I work at Best Buy and see my GS co-workers working on other gadgets all the time! Just thought I would clear that up.

  • Tim

    I get the circuit city manager specials on wed through