Microsoft + Novell + Wal-Mart = Internet Explorer Only

First it was Microsoft and Novell striking up an agreement in which both companies would collaborate in order for their to be a mutual interoperability between Windows and Linux. Which still has the Linux community in a uproar. It would be like Hitler and Roosevelt signing a agreement to work together during WWII.

Than the two new friends [Microsoft and Novell] go over to Wal-Mart and devise a deal with the king of low pricing to service their computer needs. Which just so happens to include a idea by Wally World to sell video’s online to be downloaded by it’s customers. Wally World wants a piece of the action from Netflix. And Wal-Mart now will not allow users of any browser except Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to play in their sandbox.

Gee. That’s terrible. Wal-Mart tried the video game before and it failed miserably. And their online site has been plagued for years with major problems, even after being upgraded, sliced and diced. They even experienced problems during the holiday season and their site was down for a period of time.

So by playing the game with Microsoft and limited who can download videos, there is a good chance that this new attempt at videos may just fail again. Only time will tell.

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  • Anonymous

    Great article Chris. Bit off topic but on the same vein I will say if netflix doesnt get with the program with android its going to hurt both android and netflix big time. Google offering movies is a step in the right direction. Im skeptical about the cloud music app though… we’ll see if it doesnt get shut down. Remember the google library?

  • Kira Permunian

    Good for Google and for us too! But i would be glad if Google would fix the flaws with Android in the lack of a media store. Because with this one, Google is obviously trying to remedy that situation.

    Anyway, whether they are successful or not we have yet to see, but I still believe in Google products. I have my fingers crossed hoping for an invite to Music Beta so I can take a look at it, but the longer Google takes in rolling this out, the harder it will be for them to draw users from Amazon.