Vista – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well after five years of peace and quiet, Microsoft has awaken to introduce a new operating system that it is calling Vista. Have you ever wondered what XP stood for? Experience. I never did understand the relationship of XP and experience. Oh, well.

So what is Vista? It is a completely new operating system built from the ground up in which a new graphical interface has been attached to make for a more pleasing user experience .

The Good – dubbed Windows Aero, the new look of Vista is very pleasing to the eye. Microsoft has also improved the security of Vista to try and prevent viruses and spyware from attacking the system. Other features include improved search, advanced networking capabilities, and new audio, display, and print sub-systems. I’ve been using the test versions for the past six months and I must admit Vista has some impressive features.

The Bad – Vista requires some added horsepower in order to run properly. Most of today’s Penitum 4 and comparable AMD chips in the 2g and up range should work OK. But more RAM in the 1g or higher range may be needed to get this puppy performing at its best and a high end video card of at least 128MB or higher will be needed to run the new Aero feature. Will your system support Windows Vista? Try this Upgrade Advisor tool and see.

The Ugly – Pricing. It’s going to be expensive to upgrade to Vista compared to previous Windows versions and to add to the confusion, Vista comes in four different flavors. The price list below shows full version / upgrade version pricing.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate: $349/$199
  • Windows Vista Business: $269/179
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: $239/$139
  • Windows Vista Home Basic: $199/$99

Want more information on Vista? See Microsoft’s Vista site.

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  • George Brown

    I’ve just got the Vista-preloaded compaq laptop and after 1 day I have over 70 registry errors!!! Even System mechanic 7 pro and Registry Mechanic 7 are detecting them but unable to resolve them!!!
    I am so sad that I chose this OS laptop. Now I am going to install good old XP.
    Never ever install this f**king Vista!!!

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello George,

    Sorry to hear about your problems with Vista. It would be interesting to see what Compaq would have to say about those reg errors.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Arsik

    Yeah I totally know what You mean George I’m havin sam problem but little less. I can’t even use my web cams I have 3 and none ofthem wont work plus my mic. kind of need em and som of my od prgrmms and when I turn on computer I have to hit X amos 100 timesfor those error messages. an finally gonna do my decision tomorrow and go back to good times with XP

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks for your comments and observations. It is appreciated.

    Regards, Ron

  • Mark Knepp

    I HATE Vista. I have been using home computers since the old Vic 20 came out and Vista is by far the worst operating system I have ever used.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Mark,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and leaving a comment.
    Regards, Ron

  • jayme Kollar

    vista is so HORRIBLE
    i updated my pc to vista and thought wow this is great
    boy was i wrong
    i get alot of errors and its starting to get my really angry ive heard good things about macs and wish i would have switched to one

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Jayme,
    Thanks for sharing your comments with us. And there does appear to be some sentiment that is reflecting the buy a Mac instead of going with Vista.

    Regards, Ron

  • Arsik

    whats up with Vista? I know It sucks so bad but I like it in some ways I mean graphic and easy to use but whats up after couple weeks after you install vista? so far I had 3 crashes with vista and I cant even remember when I had my last crash with XP my point is my 2 crashes were same Instleed vista and after couple weeks I use it normally and everything will be allright installed and updated my old programms that would work with Vista everything seems to be fine and then computer just freezes does nothing so I restart the Computer the next thing what I see is Blue screen for about 10 seconds then Computers restarts itself I say okay I will wait and try it again same thing doesnt matter if you turn on your computer 100 times still does the same thing blue screen and restart. so I decided to reinstall vista. it worked perfect again but after couple maybe 2 weeks same problm I have no Idea what to do instead of reinstalling cant go to my BIOS and it’s not my BIOS i know that or cant even go to Safe mode it sucks. and this 2 problems happened with my Laptop and yesterday I found out that you can use only One product key per a computer but I installed Vista to my Laptop and Desktop and the desktop one says the Product key already in use please try another one (which means but another one for couple bucks and install it to your computer) but where is same old XP version? where you can install windows to 10 comp and still use same product key? I know I know they made Vista more safe and other Sh** . and they thinking about illegal; copyies I know that too that if it goes oversees and entire country will be useing same product key and it sucks for Microsoft income. but they could of just made 1 product key number usable for only 2-3 computer after installing it more than 2-3 computer you cant install it 3rd time (which is when you install it to 2-3 of your comp you will read your Privacy policy Sh** and register your comp) but my Point is Microsoft is sucking our money with Vista I think like buy Vista install only to one computer and buy another product key to install it to your desktop or laptop and but other programs that would work with Vista. oh whats up with Customer service? all companies has 1-800 numbers except Vista customer service if you needing help of Microsoft Advisor you have to pay $60 thats completly gay paying money wor Vista’s problem to solve it?
    anyways VISTA sucks for those who didnt buy Vista yet dont do it Stick with XP for a year then when they fix Vista you can buy my suggest is.

  • Arsik

    oh sorry for my spellcheck I didnt correct ’em was so pissed and still.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Arsik,
    Thanks for your comments. You do not sound to pleased using Vista. And I am sure others will take your advice and wait.

    Regards, Ron

  • Gup

    GOD,why didn’t i find this site before i installed “VISTA”.I hate it with a passion!!
    Nothing works with this O/S.
    It crashes all the time,programs shut down left and right.Not a fan.I use CS2 a lot and have not had as many crashes in it as i have with vista.Most things you try and install or date just don’t work with vista!!Even vista its self doesn’t work with vista,calender has stopped working ,must close…Media player has stopped working,must close…and thats when I’m not even using them!!!
    vista is a show pony,all looks no go….

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Gup,
    Sorry to hear that your experience with Vista has been less than what you should of expected. I like the statement ‘vista it self doesn’t work with vista.’

    Thanks for your comments and all the best. Ron

  • The Freedomizer

    After reading this essay (written by one of the founders of the PGP encryption method), I promise that you’ll have the urge to uninstall Vista.

    Contrary to the hype, the reality is that Vista is a downgrade from XP when it comes to users’ freedoms in interacting with their PC’s due to the DRM functions implemented directly into the Vista kernel. Check out the essay for yourself…

  • Ron Schenone

    The Freedonizer,
    Thanks for the link. Interesting read and analysis.

  • Karlmarx

    Why install Vista when it’s just released, wait for a few months and then you will see it will work great.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Karlmarx,
    I’m advising people to wait until at least SP1. By then most of the kinks should be worked out. By Sp2 Vista should be humming right along.

    Heh Arsik,
    Well guess what? I had two lock ups last week while the system was doing nothing – just at idle. Unbelievable!
    I’m talking total lock up. Nothing worked to unfreeze the system. Did a hard boot. GEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

  • Bazza

    Hi to all,
    I’ve had vista hone premiun for a couple weeks now and am beginning to like it.
    I must admit I have loaded the system several times to get an idea what this beast was like which involved foul language at times.
    I have a reasonably good system, but being used to the snappy response of XP I just thought on many occassions while installing software or drivers that Vista had frozen. Go make another coffee and come back to a click next dialogue box or whatever on the screen. The massive compatability issues Vista faces are going to go on for quite some time obviously.
    Do your homework before migrating to any new system.
    And from my limited experience Vista does adapt to your use. It has Steadily become more snappy and stable as I use it.
    Thumbs up from me, but still has a way to go. Remember XP before SP1….hmmm.

  • Ron Schenone

    Good advice. Thanks for your comments. Ron

  • John – Honolulu Hawaii

    Vista is terrible. Wish now that I had stayed with XP. Stay away from it for a few years is my advice

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the advice. I think most people will heed that advice and at least wait for the first service pack.

  • robzilla

    I think everyone here is being rather harsh on Vista. In my opinion it is the best version of Windows to date. Is it perfect NO! Was XP perfect when it came out? Give Vista some time and I think the bugs will get worked out. Some of the features in Vista are really amazing. Mostly eye candy but I hated the ugly XP GUI!! If you have the right hardware and enough ram Vista is awesome. It has some of the best features of Linux, Mac and Windows in one package! I think Microsoft has a ways to go but are on the right track. It is a quantum leap from XP!!

    So keep on complaining. Buy a mac for double the cost and no hardware choices. Buy a mac and have no ways to customize your system. I had a mac before I got Vista and I still love OS 10 but it is not perfect and there are some things I like about Windows a lot better. Point is there is no perfect OS. Linux and BSD have there features, Apple has theirs and Windows now has something on par or maybe better in some ways than the competition. Time will tell. So far I am very happy with Vista!


  • Ron Schenone

    Hi robzilla,
    It’s good to hear that you are pleased with Vista. I hope your experience continues to go well. Have a good one. Ron

  • Shlfarrell

    I have not gotten VISTA yet because of some of the comments mentioned here. I was told by a couple of co-workers is that it is a monster and that it takes up a lot of memory. However, they also said that they liked it. So, I am confused. Overall, is it worth it?

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Sheila,
    That’s a tough question to answer and am I sure the responses will vary. Overall Vista is more pleasing to the eye than XP and because of the way it handles installing of software is somewhat more secure as well.

    But the hardware requirements are quite high compared to XP. I’m using Vista Ultimate on a system with a Video display adapter with 256MB, 2G of RAM, and a sata 200MB hard disk, and a AMD 2800 cpu and it works fine. But I still can not get my sound to function properly. :-(

    And some of my software will not function on Vista as well.

    Right now I think it would be best to wait until the first service pack before deciding on a purchase or not. That’s just my 2 cents.

    Regards, Ron

  • Mike Rozzoft

    Hello Ron and everyone.

    Just thought I would drop you a line on my own experiences with Vista.

    I recentlly purchased a HP Pavilion
    a1740n desktop with,
    2 gigs of DDR2 4200 ram,a Intell 6300
    core 2 duo processor,320 gig sata2 hard
    drive,onboard Intell 950 graphics processor,and HP Lightscribe Multi-DVD

    I am happy to say I have not had a lot
    of the same problems as the people in this
    forum thank god. Part of this comes down
    to the fact that I have not been tied
    down to a specific legacy app and have not
    used a computer for work porposes,otherwise
    my experiences so far may have been totally
    The thing that makes my situation also
    a little different is that I have not
    had a computer up and running since sometime in 2003. Windows XP had only
    been out a little while in my area for
    general purchase,most people, including my
    roommate who had been a certified A+ tech
    were still using Windows 98 SP2.
    I was only able to use Windows XP Pro
    for a few months before I had to dissasemble my computer. When we first seen
    XP we tried to install it on several machines with a great deal of difficulty
    so what is going on with Vista does not
    seem that strange to me.When we first got
    XP many of the drivers were incomplete
    and it took months to remmedy some of the

    I have not personally had to much problems with Vista on this machine,it
    tends to run quite fast even with the
    onboard graphics. I can even enable Aero
    if I want.I’ve only encountred a couple of
    programs that did not work right off the
    bat. One was Kasperskies Internet Security
    which Vista would not install because of
    a compatibillity issue.Luckilly this was
    remedied with a download from their site.
    The only other problem sofar has been
    with a BFG 6600 OC’d video card I puchased
    which does not want to install,most lickely because of N Vidia drivers issues.
    ATI is supposed to have better support for
    their cards and I may buy one in the future. For most other people though I
    would say to hold off on buying Vista till
    alot of the driver and incompatibility issues are worked out hopefully by the end
    of this year. If you’re dead set on
    getting Vista I would say purchase a
    preconfigured PC. That way most of the
    issues will allready have been worked out.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on and
    we will hopefully see you later.Take care.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Seems that Vista is treating you well. I also noted the system you purchased was a higher end machine. This could account for your success since at least 2g RAM is kind of the sweet spot. And that core 2 duo porcessor I’m sure helps as well. :-)

    Thanks again, Ron

  • priestess turanda

    after upgrading my ram to 2G(as i only had 512MB before)i clean installed vista ultimate in my hp pavilion laptop last january.i had an audio and mic problem(i had no sound for 1 month!!!)but i eventually worked it out by first downloading and installing the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.After that,i installed the Conexant High Definition Audio Driver for windows xp and got my sound back.unfortunately,i forgot how i got my mic to work except i remember goin to safe mode and enabling something there.anyways,everything went okay after that.speech definition rocks and it definitely looks better than XP.had some software compatability issues but after going to its Properties and ticking the “Run this program in compatability mode for Windows XP”, most of them worked ok(warcraft did too!)but 3 days ago,after trying to tweak my system(which i got fond of doing back in my XP days)something went wrong and i ended up re-installing vista and doing all the stupid stuff i had to do before.And as i cant remember how i got my embedded mic to work,i still havent worked that one out yet.But now,lookin back at all the frustrations and helplessless and being just so angry,i wonder why i even bothered at all.but then again…who doesnt wanna be updated,right???plus,it really is is it worth it?hmmmmnnn…if you easily get stressed,i suggest you wait for the service pack 1 at least.or you can buy a new pc with vista pre-installed in it…or maybe just dont bother at all…

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello priestess turanda,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Vista. I hope that you get your mic to work. If you do, please pass this on to us since I am sure others may be experiencing this same problem.

    All the best, Ron

  • priestess turanda

    hi!finally got my mic to’s so amazingly simple i uninstalled the audio driver a few times and did it all again just to be here’s how:

    after installing the audio driver for xp,reboot and go to safe mode,right-click the sound icon in the taskbar and click Recording Devices.A window will pop up sayin audio service not running,enable Windows Audio Service?click “yes” and you’ll be taken back to Recording tab again.Anyway,because after installing the XP driver,a “Sum Conexant High Definition Audio Device” (or somethin like that)will be set as default,just disable that and set “Microphone Conexant High Definition Audio Device” as default instead.Now reboot again and test your mic.The volume might be too low so go to the Recording tab again,click “Microphone” then click “Properties”.Click the Levels tab, drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume, and then click OK.
    that’s’re done.

    hope this may help…:0)

  • Ron Schenone

    priestess turanda,
    Thanks for getting back to us. I am sure that this will help someone.

  • Derik

    Wow, what a piece of garbage.

    Why should it take 2 gig of ram just to run a damn operating system?

    It’s crazy.

    I bought a perfectly good 700 dollar laptop, dual core, 1 gig ram, etc etc came preloaded with vista, etc etc.

    It hangs all the time. Spent money upgrading the ram to 2 gig, and it did indeed run better, but why should I need that much ram just to navigate the os?

    Personally, I say install Windows XP professional, buy a license for Windowblinds and get the eye candy, in addition to stability, better driver support, and MUCH faster speeds on even new hardware configurations.

    I had a hell of a time finding the drivers for my laptop when I downgraded it to XP Pro with a clean install. Spent a good part of 8 hours finding the right wireless driver (apparently, the hardware for the Acer laptop I bought didn’t really have XP drivers, so approximations had to be found)

    Acer’s website sucked, and didn’t provide any help with finding good XP drivers (the integrated webcam still doesn’t work QUITE right)

    But people are basically buying Vista because 1) it tries to be more dummy proof and 2) it looks pretty

    Pick up a damn book, read a bit about spyware, virus’s and such, and install windowblinds.

    The ONLY reason I’m going to dual boot my alienware desktop PC is because of DirectX 10

    which, of course, won’t be available on XP

    Micro$oft sucks

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Derik,
    Thanks for your comments and observations. They are very much appreciated.

  • http://? Jake

    VISTA SUCKS just like xp when it first came out…How can bill(ionaire) Gates claim he spent 4 BILLION on vista and it still sucks?!?!?!?!? (at least i think it was 4 billion all i remember it was in the billions)

  • http://? Jake


  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Jake,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Allan

    I like Vista, I’m using the Ultimate version. However I have it installed on a separate HDD so I can choose between XP & Vista at boot up.

    I have found Vista pretty useless when trying to play BF2, it is just too laggy. When I return to XP no problems with lagg.
    I did find that Trainz 2006 ran OK at least the sound was much better on Vista than XP for this game only.

    In conclusion I use Vista to keep in touch with progress, but return to XP for my gaming. Hopefully some improvements will make gaming on Vista OK in the future.
    So if you’re a gamer then I suggest you save your $$$ stick with XP and use the $$$ saved to get a better video card.


  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Allan,
    Thanks for your comments.

  • Animesh

    It’s a fuckin bad OS.

    Try switching to open source world Fedora or KUbuntu. It will be worth it.

    Microsoft copies thier kernel code and stuff from open source anyway. The company is full of stupid people who know how to steal open source code…and then make speculations that open source steals thier codes. Fucking assholes….and using microsoft softwares is like a curse on all those students who work hard at universities to make up good techie stuff and offer them for free. Wht microsoft knows is attach thier shitty label to any good product and claim it as thiers….and whatever bright products they have come up with are juts good lookin but not worth keeping. Microsoft is perfect example of a guy who picks out any good lookin girl he wants from the bar but always has commitment issues.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Animesh,
    Interesting take on the situation. Especially since Microsoft alleges that Linux violates some 535 of their own patents. :-)
    Thanks for the comments.

  • Yonah

    Dear poor people, your old computers can’t run a new operating system. Please go back to waiting in line for food stamps instead of spamming this page with “OMG WINDOWZ VISTA BE BAD!” (yes, in all caps)

    Also, with Linux you really do get what you pay for…. even software can’t escape the laws of economics.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Yonah,
    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  • Konrad

    I really like vista, it looks good and once you get used to the slightly different controlls to xp its very easy to use. The other thing I have found that it is really stable. I’ve only had it a month but in that time the only problem was IE freezing once when I tried to close it. That was a simple ctrl+alt+del to solve.
    I admit I do have a very fast computer but the startup times in vista are really good. About 25 seconds (plus the 10-15 seconds it takes for all the bios stuff at the beginning, but that is indipendant of windows)
    My old wireless card doesnt have compatible drivers but its so old that it isnt a problem to buy a new one.
    I hear people complaining about how its such a resource hog but honestly buying 1Gb or even 2Gb of ram nowadays is incredibly cheap (£80 can easily get you 2gb or ddr2 800).
    Maybe im just lucky, maybe its because I have a very powerfull computer, or maybe its because I dont insist in installing really old out of date software but I give vista a big thumbs up.

    p.s forgot to post my specs
    Intel Quad core Q6600
    nVidia 8800GTS 320MB
    2GB DDR2 800 ram
    300Gb 7200Rpm hard drive
    Only cost me £600 including vista, build your own computers people!!!!

  • Ron Schenone

    Hi Konrad,
    Thanks for your comments. Building a system is one way to go. :-)

  • DAve

    It sucks. Acrobat requires upgrade, Outlook XP never downloads email, it tries but always fails after huge delays and Altium Designer, my 8000.00 PCB design suite crashes during launch 100% of the time.

    And to think I bought the machine to upgrade? I now have to back up, install XP Pro and reinstall everything that should work.

    MS just can’t focus on stability and performance. Nope, they keep producing larger resource hogs with pretty interfaces. It is all show and no go.

  • Jusitin

    I disagree with all of you vista is the future. Even though you hate this op now eventulaly you will warm up to it. Let’s face it visita has better security than xp. Xp is old news it time for all of us to move to vista.


    my vista experience has turned me off to microsoft …my trust in that company has never been lower…………vista does look pretty….but thats about it…..many programs were’nt and still arent compatible with vista……if you have verizon yahoo…forget about the anti virus protection that yahoo offers….it wont work with vista……many companies are rufusing to make their products that were released prior, vista would need to purchase new products…even some of microsofts very own products were’nt vista ready……microsoft sent the vista o/s out way too soon….i never thought that i would ever think that a company could be worse than aol….but i was wrong…hello microsoft…or should i say goodbye…from now on, i’m going with the apple…………one last thing, vista has changed the way some of my programs work…with xp, you could record music directly from the computer …vista puts a stop to refuses to allow programs to function as intended..such as creative sound blaster and such…

  • Arsik

    After fighting with Vista over a year now I have come to conclusion that Vista is ok but prefere Microsoft better though. yu can work with Vista is you fight enough with it and make it work by yourself whereas in Microsoft it fixes itself.

  • Buddy

    Most people who “hate” Vista have not used it for more than a few days and typically had a bad experience months back when more than a few people couldn’t find (good) Vista drivers for their hardware or peripherals. I was one of those people – I used Vista for a few days in early 2007, didn’t like how it did a lot of things, and spent the next few months flaming it.

    However, out of sheer curiosity I installed Vista again 3 months ago and haven’t looked back since. Hardware support is now pretty solid, and overall I think Vista provides an excellent user experience for those with fairly powerful computers (at least 1Gb of RAM, a speedy processor, and a 80Gb or larger hard drive). I’m running Vista on a one and a half year old Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with 1Gb of RAM and I’m loving it.

    So it all depends – if you’ve got an older computer Vista won’t run well, if at all. If you have a newer computer with at least a gig of RAM, you’ll most likely love it.

    P.S. I know many IT guys (I’m one of them) who are running Vista and prefer it over XP. Not all “expert” users prefer XP over Vista – not by a long shot.

  • Zac

    To Run Vista Soothly You Need a Top Spec Computer
    My Advice to peeps is WAIT, UGRADE, GO

    WAIT till SP1
    UPGRADE your hardware
    GO buy a MAC! (gaunteed more quality!)

  • stims

    Vista is a good o/s but obviously has it’s problems, but remember back to the beginning of XP?!

    The unfortunate thing with Vista, and why it has had a lot of negative feedback is that a lot of third party vendors are writing bad drivers (look at nvidia) which cause vista to crash and therefore people think that Vista sucks. Given good drivers, and a good system, it flies along without a hitch, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect though and no doubt the SP1 and sure to follow SP2 will iron out a lot of problems.

    Look back to XP, it was awful really until XP_SP2 came out (which was really a huge re-write of much of the O/S.) Seeing as Vista has only been out a year, i’d imagine that it will be another year or two until people are pumping out good quality drivers throughout and products really start utilising the O/S. As for the argument about it requiring more power, well this is just how the market keeps evolving… sure it’s more of a resource hog than XP, which was compared to 2000 and that was to 98 etc etc, but in it’s favour it is doing a lot more in the background, apparently keeping us all safer and doing automated system procedures etc. It’s a bit of a two way argument, if people are given huge amounts of memory and disk space, the programming will never be as tight as say in the ‘old’ days when people had 8K to play with!

    Vista’s had a lot of stick (like XP did when it first emerged) but in a couple of years, it will be the operating system of choice, making XP and the others looks dated.

    Personally i quite like it, i’m looking forward to SP1, although it’s not going to be a huge overhaul like XP_SP2 was, it will iron out a few things… once the drivers and apps become written well enough, everyone else will fall in line!

    (XP by the way is the eXPerience…get it?!)

  • Malve

    I had the same proble as Arsik, I just bought a Dell XPS and it came with vista, (there wasn’t another option, only which version of vista you wanted) I have bought Dells for some time now and I’ve never had any problems, until now. Vista, as Arsik, said, does suck in many ways. The errors and specially the system crashes. Right now I had to call Dell Support and I don’t know when they’ll be coming but as for now I’m fu**ed as I can’t use my computer. Its all very nice with Vista, I mean, the interface and everything is very smooth. But the system crashes. Damn, they just fu** everything up. I think for now I’m gonna stay with vista as I don’t want to pay for another OS but I don’t recomend for any of you who are buying new computers to ask for them with Vista. I also think it’d be better to wait for a year or so till Microshit can fix all that they’ve gotta fix.

    And now, does any of you know if the system crashes stop with the 64-bit version? ‘Cause if thats the case maybe I’ll buy the upgrade/


  • mario papworth

    Bought vista premium for £88.00 I live in united kingdom where all things microsoft are always inflated in this country..anyhow moving on…built a brand new computer for vista specifications i.e. 1gyg ram 512 pci-e card
    320 gyg hdd etc
    Did it work?
    well… it did all the right installations etc ,when it finally appeared I was a bit taken aback at its lack of speed file downloads were appaulingly slow and that annoying “do you want to do this” message on everything programme you are installing on the system,Microsoft stop making adults feel like children please…thats has to go asap..also it was having problems with the so called vista aproved motherboard I was using an asus kvm 8m or something after a while I got fed up with super sow vista
    and reformatted and back to trusty XP PRO.

    After a few months of looking at vista in its shiny plastic wallet on the bookshelf I decided on a last chance saloon with it I have an old athlon
    shuttle SB40 2200+ 1GYG PC2700 120GYG HD 128PCI CARD XFX
    NVIDIA WELL I put it on that shuttle added service pack 1 and its working
    and thats al I can say Its working it will never be better than XP.
    Microsoft take a hint “if its not broken dont fix it” vista is your nemesis the second ME wich is rather unfoutunate vista will never have the cutting edge its far too bloated with software that does nothing and aero for???
    does it do anything? no…this Pony is not a performer. I`m very dismayed by Microsoft, at home we have 7 computers on a Network 1 Apple macmini power pc,1 apple macmini core 2 duo,2 xp pro laptops,1 ipaq windows 5.0 pda, and 1XP PRO Main computer pc and that vista on a shuttle which isnt on the network as yet.
    Inconclusion to all this stick with XP ,VISTA is a one legged duck it aint going nowhere.

    XP wont be retiring just yet I can the june deadline extended as several main pc company`s are not really happy with vista, who is?

    Beware Linux is getting better by the year…..let that be a warning to all..

    all comments welcome

    Mario Papworth, Computer repairer,Builder,computer geek

  • Steven Papworth

    Well, Vista is not the big hit in Microsoft land!
    why not changed to a Mac?
    MacPro Desktop 8-Core Xeon, up 16 GB Memory
    and four hard drives with over 2 Terabyte!
    MacOs 10.5.3 Leopard makes vista look like a poor
    copy! (Reports say that Vista will run better on a Intel mac). At present using both Systems on my Mac
    Parallels Windows xp prof. see:
    works well, can drag and drop from windows to mac and vise versa. Problems with Leopard: no big ones, runs well and CS3 photoshop, Indesign are really fast!! Think different! best wishes from Hamburg/ Germany
    Steven Papworth

  • bobo

    I think chris pirillo and his flunky ron need something better to bitch about. waaa waaa sniff sniff vista sucks give us web traffic. losers…

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello bobo,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Interesting point of view. :-)

  • Ankur

    Alright, Vista isn’t as bad as people are making it. It works fine for me. And this is for all of you who are struggling with vista crashes. There is a really cool option about using USB ports for your RAM. You could add one gig for $30. Impressive! Go to for more info and how to do it. I am told it is very simple to do.

  • Ankur

    USB sticks sorry

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Ankur,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m using Vista on a new laptop and so far it is working fine. :-)

    I am actually pleasantly surprised.

  • Tommy

    Hard to understand why so many having problem with Vista.Just what do they want Vista to do.I purchase my HP computer with Vista a while back.I havent had any problems.Now i read people saying it crash and all kind of horror stories.Since Vista was new i had problem with my Epson printer driver and my logitech webcam.But i found a work around and was using both the same day.Could the problem be the one behind the keyboard?I notice many like me,has had no problems.It’s not slow at all.Also my XP machine runs quite well.I heard horror stories when it came out also.I was thinking about a Mac to play with and learn.But the cost stopped me.But is rebuilding a laptop to play with linux,to learn it.

  • Ron Schenone

    Thanks Tommy for stopping by.

  • 8ight

    Honestly, Vista isn’t as horrible as people make it look. I’ve been using Vista on my HP tx2500 for about a month now, and I have not seen any MAJOR problems yet. Though I have to say, you do need a powerful computer to be able to run this OS properly. The blogs that show up on google (when searching ‘why vista sucks’) should be updated. The computers used back then only had 2 gbs of ram, which is “obviously” not enough. And, many of the problems with compatibility are resolved now. So yeah, someone should make a fair comparison of Vista and XP now.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Sight,
    I just recently purchased a new laptop computer that came with Vista SP1, a dual core processor and 3GB of RAM. I’ll be doing a review in about 3 weeks or so.

    Regards, Ron

  • Mark

    Most people should learn what they are talking about before they start making comments. Just because you hear horror stories or experience something, should not cause you to point the finger at the first thing you think of. I have worked on computers for years and Vista is by far the best operating system they have ever released, that is also the reason people are being forced to Vista. Just about every “problem with Vista” that you may have is not Vistas fault. Lets start with your old software not working. The companies that released that software could have, and should have released an update to make it work with Vista, however they did not. If they would have released an update it would have been free and that company would not have made any money. Instead they just released, or are working on releasing a newer version that you will have to purchase from them and they will make money. Vista is just too knew and other companys have to catch up. Same goes with hardware. Companies had to release the new drivers but many of them decided not to. HP was great about releasing their drivers but most other companys lacked in that division. They chose to just make new hardware for Vista so they will make a profit and not release a free driver for your old stuff. Those two are the most common “issues with Vista” that people complain about and blame it on the wrong thing. Open your eyes people and know what you are talking about before blamming the new stuff.

  • Ron Schenone

    Hello Mark,
    Good points. Thanks for dropping by.