Fax Online for the Sake of Efficiency

Every day, new ways of using the Internet are being discovered. When people first started using the Internet, they used it to find new pieces of information that weren’t easily available in books at home or at the local library. As time has gone on, …continue reading

New Internet Ad Blocker and Why You Shouldn’t Use It

There are addons that work with most of the more popular browsers to block out advertisements while you surf the Internet. These software solutions can be configured either manually or by selecting from filter lists, which are pre-configured to block out Web-based advertisements.

There is …continue reading

Is This the Credit Card of the Future?

Could the next credit card you receive from your bank contain a keyboard and LCD display? It may if you are using a MasterCard for either credit card or debit card purchases in the very near future. The newest type of credit card and debit …continue reading

Passwords: Soon to Be Replaced by Eye Movement Tracking

I hate it! I’m always finding out that, while I think that I remember the password into this or that account, I am wrong again. Frustratingly, it is usually due to something as simple as a missed capital letter or a single digit somewhere. But …continue reading

Internet: Could It Really Become a Language Killer?

As a child, I can remember when the Catholic Church performed its mass in Latin. At the time, Latin was also offered, at least in parochial school, as an elective in foreign language studies. Since that time, however, Latin has basically been delegated to the …continue reading

Technicolor Certification: More Colorful Laptops and Monitors

If a consumer needs specifications for their computer system — the processor type and speed, how much RAM is available, storage size, and available ports — it’s currently easy enough for them to get them from either their local brick-and-mortar electronics store or a comparable …continue reading

Use the Internet or Smartphone to Control Your Home Thermostat

Some of you who read this can’t wait to have an application monitor and control your home environment, while others among you have no intention of giving up the ability to control your home thermostat. However, for those of you who are interested in saving …continue reading

Television Online: Can Reruns Help Your Mind?

Did you know that reruns can be good for your brain? In one recent survey, it has been shown that watching old programming — programs that you have seen before — actually increases your ability to take on difficult tasks. When I first read about …continue reading

All-in-one Television to Replace Components?

There was a time when a television was strictly for the displaying of an image. The television was capable of receiving an image either by an over-the-air signal, a cable connection, satellite, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other device such as a Roku …continue reading

Depression Symptoms Similar in Horses and Humans

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first read that horses and humans share similar physiology. Upon further research, I was even more surprised to discover that humans and horses share an even closer relationship that extends to a psychological level. …continue reading

Robot Suit Helps Wheelchair Bound Walk

Have you ever considered what it would be like to one day wake up and find that you could no longer walk or even stand on your own? For many, this event becomes a reality due to illness or injury that renders them paraplegic.

However, …continue reading

External Storage: Convert an Old Hard Drive

When you get old, it seems like senior moments are just something you have to live with. There isn’t any currently known way to clean up or to replace that forgetful part of the brain, or even to alter it to serve another purpose. However, …continue reading

Where is the Windows 8 Start Button? Stardock Start8 Has an Answer

After using both of the preview editions of Windows 8, I have now installed the full RTM version. In doing so, I lost one of my comfort features: the Start button. Yes, I know all the reasons why Microsoft says that it had to remove …continue reading

Blindness: is a Cure Possible?

One of the most dreaded misfortunes that anyone could suffer is the loss of their sight. I know I couldn’t imagine life without being able to see the world around me. When I read recently about a startup that could possibly be in the beginning …continue reading

Prepaid Credit Cards for Teenagers

Teens and money: how do we go about teaching them to spend it wisely?

Well, believe it or not, there are times when one finds some helpful suggestions from television commercials and it just so happens that I saw a product advertised that gave me …continue reading

Football: Sensors in Helmet Alert of Possible Brain Injury

You sit there watching as your teenage son jumps up and catches the football in midair. The crowd is in an uproar, your heart swells with pride, as he turns and begins to run down the field. Then suddenly, your heart stops. You watch as …continue reading

Old Age or Good Health: Which Would You Prefer?

I don’t know about you, but it only seems feasible to me that, if I am going to live to an older age, I would like to do so in good enough health to enjoy it. I just can’t see living to be 150 years …continue reading

Cancer Detection: Fast Camera Spots the Disease Early

Cancer is one of the most terrifying words that can come out of a doctor’s mouth. The thought of seeing a loved one or yourself endure months of chemotherapy or radiation only to die a few months later leaves our senses numb. However, waiting to …continue reading

Higher Education Technology Trends: How Are Professors Adapting?

In a day and age where we are all surrounded by technology, college students and faculty are taking advantage of the latest technology available. In fact, one only needs to ride any type of public transit to observe students using their e-book readers to study …continue reading

Online Dating? Technology Can Save You from a Bad Date

Online dating seems like the ideal way to get to know someone before actually risking a one-on-one encounter with them. In fact, this extremely popular method of dating is touted by the companies presenting such services as a way to potentially meet your soul mate. …continue reading

Automobiles: Crash Avoidance System Has Cars Talking to Each Other

In a pilot program designed for accident avoidance, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in conjunction with the University of Michigan, is set to begin the largest test bed of wireless automobiles in the world.

It is believed by the program’s developers that motor vehicle …continue reading

Suicide: Will a Nasal Spray Keep Army Soldiers from Killing Themselves?

Suicide in our military ranks has become more common than any of us want to admit. The cause could be PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), depression, or failure to readjust to civilian life.

The fact is that suicide among our returning soldiers is occurring at …continue reading

Google Glasses: Could Glasses Plus Augmented Contacted Lenses Be a Replacement?

Just when the world is going bonkers over the Google Glasses of the future, up steps another, even better idea.

To do this, let me first explain that Google Glasses are designed to project an image onto one lens of a pair of wearable glasses. …continue reading

Google Search: Are Consumers Tired of Technology?

There are times in our lives when we draw odd conclusions from the information to which we are privy. This could span a whole gamut of different issues from politics to which car we decide to buy. The same is true when the issue is …continue reading

It’s Not Just a Tablet Computer – It’s a TV!

Our tablet computers are not only changing the way we communicate with each other and surf the Internet, but they are also changing the way that we watch television. This fact was pointed out in a recent article found in the PopSci online magazine. The …continue reading

Would You Turn Your Cellphone off to Receive a Discount?

It has happened to all of us. We are in a restaurant, a movie theater, or other public gathering when a cellphone rings. What happens next is enough to send anyone over the edge of sanity. Some loud mouth, inconsiderate person decides to share their …continue reading

Hector: Robotic Helper Designed to Assist Seniors Living Alone

Have you ever priced the cost for care in a nursing or care home? You may be surprised to learn that in some parts of the country it can cost as much as $6,000 a month for an average rated facility. However, until now, there …continue reading

Robot Hand is Lifelike and Cost-effective

In a world where wounded soldiers are returning from the battlefield with missing limbs, and police are in potential danger when bomb threats are called in, it is good to know that alternatives are being developed to help prevent such injuries. One of these devices …continue reading

My Lovely Parent: Children Help Senior Parents Find Love

According to Consumer Rankings, the top senior dating site is Match.com. But what do you do if your parent is computer illiterate and doesn’t have a clue about how to find a date online?

In answer to this question, two brothers took matters into their …continue reading

StoryBundle: Your E-reader’s New Best Friend

If you have fallen in love with your e-reader but not the price of the books, StoryBundle may well become your new best friend. In fact, as far as deals go, StoryBundle ranks high on my list. I have found that it has a simple-to-understand …continue reading