Enjoying the Bath of Least Resistance on Rubber Duckie Day


The rubber duckie is an iconic symbol of bathtime the world over. Even the most tub-resistant kid can learn to embrace the rituals of cleansing when accompanied by this ubiquitous yellow fellow into the bubbly, warm water.

Today, we celebrate this curious phenomenon and wish …continue reading

Making Clean Off Your Desk Day Shine All Spring


The second Monday of the year means it’s that holiday toward which you may have been looking least forward, but I’ll say it anyway: Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day!

On the plus side, the fact that this is considered part of the overall ritual …continue reading

Some Drones Are Bigger Than Others


SKEYE Nano Drone (41% Off): The world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter!

X8+ Premier Power Drone: A ready-to-fly, follow me-compatible, heavy-duty copter with lifting power up to 800g (includes free shipping)!

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Speaking to the Panorama of Game Creation


Panorama Bluetooth Speaker (77% Off): The crisp and clear way to wirelessly stream calls and music!

AGFPro Game Creator Kit (83% Off): Build and then play your own games with the powerful AGFPro software and three add-on packs!

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Everybody Knows the Nerd is the Word on Word Nerd Day


Sometimes it’s good to keep what we say short and simple on Word Nerd Day. After all, you never know who’s waiting in the shadows to correct you for not writing good, you know?

Happy Word Nerd Day!

Why not begin your Word Nerd Day …continue reading

Spreading the Happiness Bug on Joygerm Day


Happy Joygerm Day! I understand your puzzled look; it’s the same look I likely had on my face when someone told me that today was Joygerm Day. What the heck is a joygerm, and why is there a whole day devoted to it?

As when …continue reading

Teaching Old Rock Day New Tricks


Today’s Old Rock Day, when geologists, fossil hunters, amateur stone collectors, and Rolling Stones fans like to shovel up little chunks of ancient history and talk incessantly about the past. It’s a great day for fellow geologists, fossil hunters, amateur stone collectors, and Rolling Stones …continue reading

Tooting the Traditions of National Bean Day


Sure, we’re pretty much through the lump of festivities that everyone generically knows as “the holidays,” but it never really ends, does it? Every wide-eyed youngster woke up today knowing that January 6th stands for more than a trudge through the grimy slush to school …continue reading

National Bird Day is Feathery and Friendly (But Sometimes Angry)


Would you consider it a party fowl to forget about holidays that honor our feathery neighbors in the sky? Oh, what the flock? I don’t want to egret this later, so I guess owl parrot what everyone else has already been saying: Happy National Bird …continue reading

The Power of Better Smartphone Photos Compels You


PowerCube Extended USB (9% Off): Four outlets, dual USB ports, and extension cord for all charging and power needs — includes free shipping!

3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit: Take Epic Smartphone Photos (56% Off): Capture a new perspective with your …continue reading