LEGO Star Wars Vulture Driod Helps Keep Your Planet in Order


The magnificent Vulture Droid starfighter is a formidable force in the skies or on the surfaces of worlds that merit the attention of the Trade Federation or CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems). This LEGO Star Wars Vulture Driod set (75041) comes complete …continue reading

Einstein Relativity Watch Sees Time from a Different Perspective


If you want to see the precious minutes of your life advance forever forward from an Einstein’s eye view (before they cut up his brain and put its little gray pieces in a bunch of jars), then the Einstein Relativity Watch is …continue reading

LEGO and Arduino Join Forces to Farm Gold in Online Game


Is there a free game you play that could best be described as “annoying but very addictive?”

With just some LEGO Technic parts, an Arduino board, and a tablet computer, YouTube user RubiksRun (aka Uli Kilian) built …continue reading

Faun Ears? Satyr Ears? Elf Ears? It’s All Goat to Me


Can you hear that? It’s Goat Week! Still not receiving the message loudly and clearly? Well, you could always snap on a pair of these big ears and become some kind of weird goat person who frolics among the buttercups …continue reading

A Doctor Who Plays Together Stays Together


Here’s a Doctor Who question: If you could get all of the incarnations of The Doctor together to form a band, who would play what instrument?

[Image: Zebra Tees]

Even if you can’t pick a …continue reading

Goat Week Day 3: Miley Cyrus Goat Party in the USA


What kind of party in the USA (or any other sovereign corner of the planet) would it be without some goats to goad on even the shyest of wallflowers? Before this, did you know that Miley Cyrus hated to be the center of attention?

…continue reading

Mario and Luigi Slippers Make Your Feet Super, Bro

slip-mario-and-luigi-on- your-tootsies

After you’re finished playing a fast-action round of one of the many games that feature two plumbers who don’t do a whole lot of plumbing — the world-famous Mario Bros. — what better way to enjoy an evening’s rest than to slip …continue reading

Batman Vehicles with Collector Magazines


Complete your collection of Batmobiles, Batboats, and Jokermobiles! They even come with collector magazines to shelve in plastic right next to your precious comic books! Here’s what’s on sale (click on images for details):

Batman Movie 1989 Batmobile with Collector Magazine

Batman …continue reading

Goat Simulator Lets You Unleash the Fury of Goatkind


For those of us who take Goat Week more seriously than others (and it’s a pretty serious pseudo-holiday), getting behind the wheel (so to speak) of a genuine, simulated goat and seeing just how much vengeance you can wreak upon …continue reading

X-Men: Days of Future Past Opening Battle Scene


If you haven’t seen the one-minute teaser trailer of the opening battle scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past that was revealed by Ellen Page at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, here’s your chance to check it out.

Thanks to Mashable …continue reading