LEGO Minifigures Series 13 Review


Some people like to collect LEGO minifigures by buying blind bags and being surprised by what’s inside of them. Sure, that’s fun, but it can be expensive and take forever. In this CPU, I decided to go a different route. Enjoy the spoils of LEGO …continue reading

Did the Oscars 2015 Win Your Attention Span?


Sure, the Oscars were last night, but it’s what everyone’s talking about today. It seems appropriate to give a nod to the projects that were nominated and the people who entertained us (whether intentionally or otherwise) at the 87th Annual Academy Awards.

As a side …continue reading

Solar Batteries and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker: Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness (pre-order)!

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000 mAh Battery: The epic shockproof, rain-resistant, external battery with solar charging!

…continue reading

Unlimited VPN and Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headsets


VPN Unlimited Three-Year Subscription: Safeguard your online activity and access territory-restricted websites on mobile and desktop!

Active Wrap Wireless Headphones: The noise-canceling Bluetooth headset!

VPN Unlimited Three-Year Subscription …continue reading

Awesome Table Games Roundup


You’re allergic to sophomoric ball jokes, you say? Then no dice for you in this CPU! Actually, there are some dice. I guess that means everybody wins? Watch it here:

Here’s a list of everything featured in this video:

Desktop Skee …continue reading

Taking Paws to Love Your Pet Day


Like most of the holidays that we really enjoy, Love Your Pet Day is something that most of us celebrate every day. How could we not adore those precious little faces (whether they bark, meow, oink, hiss, moo, or display some other call of the …continue reading

How to Track Your Dog’s Location and Activity with Tagg


Rocky and Apollo are two very sneaky dogs. They laze about our apartment all day long and just when you think it’s safe to open the door to accept a delivery, they leap into action and dart out the door at lightning …continue reading

Hobbit Beers and Oreo Challenge Accepted


This CPU finds me trying one of three Hobbit beers by Fish Brewing Company, and then I blind taste test various exotic flavors of Oreo cookies — witness my mom hand-feeding me for the first time since I was a toddler!

Here’s a list …continue reading

Over the Moon for a Happy Chinese New Year


Whether you believe it’s the Year of the Goat, the Year of the Sheep, or the Year of the Ram — depending on some pretty vague translations from antiquity that have only served to confuse the issue — the important thing is that you have …continue reading

Darth Vader Car Collectables


Didn’t think I was a car geek? I might not have been were it not for the introduction of one of my favorite things into the equation: Star Wars. And then the introduction of one of my most favorite things from Star Wars into the …continue reading