7 Pocket or MultiTools to Tame Your Tasks


The Swiss+Tech ST53130 Palm-Grip Micro-Max Xtreme has everything but the kitchen sink: http://t.co/BZLWE6yh4R pic.twitter.com/Bf1kxYFRx6

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We didn't think you'd see this coming: http://t.co/SWWM2Gwfzt pic.twitter.com/KMW6zlBBw3

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7 Radical Rebels Receivables Recommended

Rebels Ghost LEGO Set

If you thought Mandalorians were only male, have you met Sabine? http://t.co/LlSFFLGpi6 pic.twitter.com/nUnqpID90p

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Normally, we wouldn't recommend going to bed with droids, but… http://t.co/FB5qwJOsjF pic.twitter.com/of2oKcQjbn

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7 Infinity Gauntlet Items to Interiorly Integrate

Infinity Gauntlet

Are you looking for a bottomless glass of cold liquid? How about infinity: http://t.co/I6jUjWAfmT pic.twitter.com/osZpuCFFTk

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Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds and Home Automation Mothers


Avantree Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds (40% Off): Cut the cord and get the perfect Bluetooth fit!

Mother by Sense (16% Off): The do-it-all home automation system for keeping your daily tasks on track!

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BPA-Free Bottles and Gesture-Enabled Mouses


Carteret Infusion Tritan Water Bottle (55% Off): Stay hydrated on the go with this BPA-Free, 22-ounce H20 bottle!

Swiftpoint GT Gesture-Enabled Mouse (20% Off): Touchscreen meets the traditional mouse for combined ergonomic perfection!

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7 NES Controller Nostalgia Needs

NES Controller Mat

Let's see if anybody tries to use this welcome mat as a Power Pad: http://t.co/NxnwnjDk9b pic.twitter.com/Hj0ekmGmfJ

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Stop playing with your hair – just put this on: http://t.co/SsJq5bXyC3 pic.twitter.com/x9ru8vmMTv

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How to Keep Someone from Seeing What’s on Your Screen


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

Don’t look now, but… you can’t really stop people from looking.

Small screens are everywhere – and, with them, everything of yours is at risk. 

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7 Halo Hard Haves to Hold

Halo Risk Board Game

Are you tired of playing video games? Put together this puzzle for a while: http://t.co/bsu8ugXuzP pic.twitter.com/jO2Hmhzwqa

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Eat your heart out, Han Solo: http://t.co/hNCDhC0gpj pic.twitter.com/AVV8hkKALG

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7 Classic Video Game Consoles to Crave


A three-in-one retro console to rule them all? And in your home, bind them: http://t.co/K1TeLGser9 pic.twitter.com/I5LRjxn2z1

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You just want to plug & play Space Invaders? Bickety-bam: http://t.co/znPIxQd0Ol pic.twitter.com/D13rPrHsvv

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7 Jurassic World Wonders We Want

Jurassic Park Monopoly

Jurassic World Monopoly is a thing: http://t.co/Zpy2aGc9nS pic.twitter.com/5yDGzM6oQ0

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Is your laptop a dinosaur? This is for you: http://t.co/qGlEEimO4d pic.twitter.com/j0o804Aa91

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