How to Deal with Bullies

How to Deal with Bullies

Bullying — online or in the “real” world — is something we’ve probably all had to deal with at one time or another. Even bullies tend to start out as the bullied, and they just continue the ugly cycle as a way to cope — …continue reading

The X-Files Returns? The Truth is Out There!

The X-Files Returns? The Truth is Out There!

Well, the long-speculated truth we’ve suspected to be out there has been officially declared by the powers that be (namely Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny): The X-Files will be returning to our television screens soon!

It’s only slated to be a six-part miniseries, …continue reading

Chocolate Beef Jerky Candy Bar Review

Chocolate Beef Jerky Candy Bar Review

Chocolate! With beef jerky! It’s Wild Ophelia’s All Natural Beef Jerky Milk Chocolate Bar! Who is this Ophelia? What’s caused her to go wild? Most important: why is her jerky in my chocolate?

In this Show & Tell video, I …continue reading

Unleash the Love on National Puppy Day


From here on Earth to fantastic realms and galaxies far and wide, puppies are a universal assurance that there is room for tenderness and mercy in an often unsympathetic cosmos.

If you can’t be with the puppy you love on National Puppy Day, then love …continue reading

Smart Umbrellas and Detachable Power Banks


Kisha Smart Umbrella: Never get caught in the rain or lose your umbrella again at 28% off!

Lepow ADD Detachable Power Bank: Sleek, detachable 9000 mAh external battery now 50% off!

…continue reading

Yosemite OS X Productivity & Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Courses


Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course: 10 courses; 43 hours of content; nine essential programming languages at 90% off!

MacDojo Yosemite OS X Productivity Course: 50+ lessons on Mac’s newest operating system to boost productivity with shortcuts and techniques at 80% …continue reading

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review Taste (Papa John’s)

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review Taste (Papa John's)

What’s better than a cheeseburger? Arguably, a pizza. But what unarguably belongs on both? Bacon! (Duh.) What if I told you that there’s a way to invite them all over for a party in your mouth? Hold onto your hats, because in this …continue reading

Threadsmiths Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt Review

Threadsmiths Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt

Threadsmiths was kind enough to send me a Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt for this CPU video, in which I throw all sorts of stuff on it to see if I can ruin the thing!

It doesn’t seem like a polite thing to do to …continue reading

The Simpsons Celebrate First Day of Spring in Springfield

The Simpsons Celebrate First Day of Spring in Springfield

Dire Groundhog predictions aside, today is officially the first day of spring! (Or, as the druids would call it, Spring Equinox.)

It seemed like the perfect time for us to celebrate the denizens of Springfield, a little town named after this fine season. …continue reading

Winter Haul 2014 – My New LEGO Sets


While it’s March and the LEGO sets I got over winter 2014 might not be considered “new” by the standards of the truly tuned in and cutting edge (I’m sure at least a few will tell me as much!), I figured I’d share ‘em with …continue reading