A Day with Tech Was a Day Without Talking

Hello, My Gnomies!As you might recall from yesterday’s rather haphazardly-worded report, I started feeling under the weather before I slinked under the covers after sipping a shot of knock-out juice (but not before making sure you knew what I had been up to for the …continue reading

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Software Couldn’t Protect Me from This

More from Hasbro! #ChooseDarkSide

A little while back, Hasbro sent me a bunch of cool Star Wars stuff when I decided to #ChooseDarkSide – and this week, they sent even more awesome stuff!

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All Quiet on the Battlefront

What Happens When You #ChooseDarkSide with Hasbro?

After my live Global Unboxing of the Star Wars Battle Action Millennium Falcon, I was already way too excited about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens collectables!

Imagine my excitement when Hasbro asked me to decide if I’d #ChooseDarkSide or #ChooseLightSide – …continue reading

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