Harry Potter Playing Cards Make Poker Night More Manly


A deck of Harry Potter Playing Cards in the talons of Hedwig is worth two in the Borgin and Burkes.

Super Mario Bros. Theme Played on Wine Glasses and Frying Pan


Mike Green writes:

I’ve been keeping up with Dan Newbie’s YouTube channel. He makes music with everyday items and he’s at it again! I just had to share; I think you would love to see his latest video, in which he plays the …continue reading

Goat Boy Mask Induces Grown-up Terror


If someone asks you to do your best goat emote, you can slap this creepy Goat Boy Mask on your noggin and give ‘em hell! It’s enough to scare the crap out of any grown-up (or hipster).

…continue reading

If Calvin and Hobbes Lived in the Game of Thrones World


Hey, look! It’s Ghost and Snow, the Calvin and Hobbes of Westeros! This shirt’s only available for the rest of this week, so act fast if you want it

[From Weekly Shirts]

20% off LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (ASAP)


While some illicit cargo handlers count on a lucky hand at Sabacc to land the sweetest ride in the Galaxy, the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965) is currently 20% off!

It even includes six minifigures: Han Solo, …continue reading

Goat Week Day 4: Sneezing Goat Scares Hipster


Why would a sneezing goat scare a hipster? If we’ve learned anything during Goat Week, it’s that goats are unpredictable and make funny noises. Now we know that hipsters can make even funnier noises when provoked by the unpredictable. Hipster never had a …continue reading

Star Wars Drapes Show off Your Out-of-This-World Taste


Most of the neighbors already think you’re a little weird. You mow your lawn in a Stormtrooper costume uniform. You answer the door in a Jedi bathrobe. You weatherproof your driveway wearing a vintage Empire Strikes Back shirt that you’ve had since you were a …continue reading

Big Lebowski Vitruvian Dude Abides – Renaissance Style


If Leonardo da Vinci was the renaissance man of his day, then perhaps Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski was the renaissance man of his. We could ponder this all afternoon, but eff it, Dude. Let’s go bowling (in this freaking cool Big Lebowski …continue reading

Christo Graham Makes Magic with Muppet Christ Superstar


Some people think that Jesus Christ Superstar — the ’70s rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice — is blasphemous. I regret to inform these people that they aren’t going to be much happier about this: Muppet Christ Superstar!

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A Bolivian Goat Hoof Rattle in the Hand Is worth Two on the Internet


Like friendship, goats are magic! And we’ve been embracing the heck out of this magic during the admittedly odd and arbitrarily convened Goat Week at Chris Pirillo’s odd behest.

As much as we love goats, though, even we can’t deny this …continue reading