Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Bookends Guard Your Library


These Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Bookends loyally guard the Stark family library — or yours if you treat them right! No one will dare borrow your precious tomes nor attempt entry without permission under the penalty of death! These 8″ tall …continue reading

iPin iPhone Laser Pointer Brightly Gets Your Point Across


Whether you need to make the direction of your business presentation clear to the people at the big meeting, or you just want to annoy your cat, the iPin iPhone Laser Pointer will provide the means. Just plug this tiny device into …continue reading

TV Remote and Bottle Opener: Most Convenient Tool Ever?


On any given Sunday, millions of people are sitting in front of their TV sets watching whatever sports happen to be in season. And the appropriate, accompanying beverage of choice for many of them? Beer, of course! So when I saw that some genius inventor …continue reading

Helios Bars Smarten Bikes for 21st Century Lifestyles


Disclosure: This post was written as part of Progressive’s Apron Project, helping tell the story of people and their initiatives making progress towards a greater good. I have been compensated as a contributor to this project, but the thoughts and opinions in …continue reading

Star Wars R2-D2 Egg Cup is the Breakfast You’re Looking For


If you’ve got R2-D2 on your side, you can do just about anything — and that includes enjoying the most important meal of the day with the panache of a Padawan and the smugness of a smuggler. Not sure how to proceed with your quest …continue reading

Front-End Master Bundle and VPN Unlimited


Don’t let the Sunday blues get you down. Today, you can name your own price for the Front-End Master Bundle that gives you seven actionable courses and 93+ hours of awesome dev training, or a VPN Unlimited Premium Plan …continue reading

Last Chance Batteries and Drones A-Go-Go


Need batteries? We all do! Now’s your last chance to scoop up 100 AA and 50 AAA Duracell batteries for 62% off their regular price. Or, if you’d rather have something that comes with its own rechargeable battery and takes pictures from …continue reading

LED Light Up Shoelaces Are Perfect for Night Runs


You can go on a midnight run with these LED Light Up Shoelaces and know you will be easily seen. They’re also perfect for ice skates, roller skates, roller blades, or any type of lace-up shoes — hey, imagine bowling with these! …continue reading

Transformers Autobot Snapback Hat Fits Any Size Noggin


Organic, bionic, or fully robotic, some heads are bigger than others. And even if you can’t squeeze your cranium into a “normal” (whatever that means) hat, you’ll be happy to know that this Transformers Autobot Snapback Hat is designed to fit any …continue reading

Machine of Death is the Game for Creative Assassins


Fancy a storytelling party game about murder? Here’s one for you. When the Machine of Death can tell a person how they’ll die by analyzing a sample of their blood, your job — as an assassin — just got harder. That’s why …continue reading