How to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone Camera

How to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone Camera

“Photographer” — that is, someone trained in the art of taking pictures on a professional level — is not something that I would claim to be (and I mean no offense to those of you who earn your meal ticket with the craft and have …continue reading

How to Charge Your Phone with Fun – Darth Vader USB

How to Charge Your Phone with Fun - Darth Vader USB

Does a USB charger exist that was seemingly made with me in mind? As this Darth Vader External Battery might indicate: yes!

How much do I like it? Might you like it, too? Watch this Show & Tell video …continue reading

Aukey Monster Battery Pack = Big Charge


You’re a roving air warrior who regularly travels from airport to airport? Well, I can tell you from experience that the Aukey Monster Battery Pack is a fantastic piece of hardware for keeping your USB-connected portable devices charged and ready to go. No …continue reading

ParaShoot Review Done with Greatest of Ease

ParaShoot Review Done with Greatest of Ease

This CPU video finds me reviewing the ParaShoot, what the company calls a “smart wearable camera” akin to, but smaller than, the GoPro.

What’s my analysis? Find out for yourself here!:

Here’s a list of everything featured (and mentioned) in this video:

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Hostess Chocolate Creme Twinkies Review

Hostess Chocolate Creme Twinkies Review

How do Hostess Chocolate Creme Twinkies compare to their more traditional, golden counterparts? Are they still spongy, moist, and delicious in a way that defies the urban legends of their eternal preservation? In this Show & Tell review, I aim to sort it …continue reading

What Is the Best Magazine for Geeks and Nerds?


Surprising as it may seem, there’s some media that I’ll always prefer in physical format over digital. In this Q&A video, I talk about magazines (and one, in particular) that have captured my nostalgic heart and make me hope that there will always …continue reading

Beer Review: Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout Taste Test


Sure, I know what you’re thinking.

“Chris, the holidays are over! Santa’s hibernating and his elves are on vacation — why are you drinking a beer that’s out of season? Bah, humbug!”

Well, in this Show & Tell video, I’m showing you that …continue reading

Collecting with Kid President


Like all of us, Kid President has passions. One of them: corn dogs. But if you try to mix that particular passion with one of mine — collecting — things soon go awry, as you’ll see in this video.

On the bright side, …continue reading

Portable Chargers and Sleepy Bedphones


BOLT Portable Battery and Wall Charger (25% Off): A compact, powerful 3000 mAh power bank that lets you charge at home and continue charging on the go!

Bedphones Sleep Headphones (33% Off): Headphones so thin and comfortable that you’ll …continue reading

Whisky Tasting and Classic Cocktail Concoction


MakersKit Classic Cocktails Bar Set (34% Off): Essential tools and recipes for the at-home bartender!

Flaviar Top-Shelf Whisk[e]y, Rum, and Gin Tasting Packs (13% Off): Discover five premium spirit varieties with a curated home tasting!

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