Ghostbusters Logo Stickers Make Me Feel Good


If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, it’s long been established that you pick up the phone and call the Ghostbusters. During the Halloween season, however, those guys can get pretty busy, so sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands. If you …continue reading

Rainy Days Are Marvelous with a Marvel Comics Umbrella


Some people think that rainy days are a drag, but I would remind them that it’s all a matter of perspective. When you’ve got the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and other superheroes right over your head, protecting you from the dampness, you’re more apt …continue reading

Zombie Survival Bookends Keep Living Literature Safe


When you’re fighting off the undead hordes during the zombie apocalypse, do you prefer to hack or cleave your way to safety? This set of Zombie Survival Bookends lets you make that choice in defense of your favorite literature! The faux zombie …continue reading

Five Low-Tech Gifts for Geeks


As the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year quickly approaches, many of us are still left with the question of what to get the geek (or geeks) left on the shopping list. Sure, you might know exactly what they want, but how do you summon …continue reading

Every Friendly Neighborhood Needs a Spider-Man Buddies Backpack


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man always works hard to ensure that your neighborhood stays friendly; what better way to help his efforts than to carry a Spider-Man Buddies Backpack around with you on patrol your way to school or work? Sure, it may …continue reading

An Active Wrap Beats Speakers Raw


Active Wrap Headphones: No Wires. No Noise. Just Music (51% Off): The wireless, noise-canceling Bluetooth headset for your busy life (includes free shipping)!

RAW Beats Speaker – Powerful Sound Meets Rugged Durability (50% Off): The waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and …continue reading

Swiftly Casing a Bundle of Crystals


Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Case Bundle (75% Off): Hard-shell ultra slim case + front screen protector for iPhone 6 (free shipping included)!

Learn Swift – Apple’s New iOS Programming Language (80% Off): Stay on the cutting edge with 95 …continue reading

Infected Zombie Mug Turns You from Walking Dead to Waking


Are you a zombie before you’ve had your morning coffee? Don’t be the walking dead when you can be the waking dead with this Infected Zombie Mug. It turns your mug into that of a lumbering, leering denizen of the undead whenever …continue reading

Top Five Pens for Geeks


The ancient art of putting quill to paper has been a celebrated sign of a civilized society. While we may not rely on the plucked feathers of a large bird to place our thoughts down in writing today, there is still a place …continue reading

Five Techie Halloween Decorating Ideas


Halloween is coming up, and it’s not too late to decorate your house and lawn to make it the talk of the neighborhood. For many of us, the same old plastic skeletons and boom box playing the scary sound effects CD just won’t …continue reading