Star Wars with Bad Dubs is Good Fun


Remember how you used to make your own sound effects with your mouth when you were playing make-believe with guns and dinosaurs and spaceships and explosions and… lightsabers when you were a kid? Well, YouTube user Hudson Hongo takes things to the next level…

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A Capella Tetris Theme A Done Right by Smooth McGroove


Fellow Patreon-mate Smooth McGroove does some amazing things with his mouth. Wait! It’s not what you think! Before I over-explain further and dig myself into an even deeper hole of miscommunication, check it out for yourself. Here’s Smooth McGroove doing the Tetris Theme …continue reading

Overwhelming Emoji Overload


100 new emojis (tap the screen to pause)! Thanks, Avery Monsen, for making this magic happen via Vine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a phone call to a wizard.

Best. Vine. Ever.

— Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo) April 24, 2014

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Minecraft Creeper Bracelet May Make Crime Pay


Do you frequently get caught with your hand in the cookie jar? The not-so-cruel and quite-usual punishment for such a misdemeanor is a slap on the wrist. But perhaps you want to have your cookie and eat it, too, without answering for your crime? The …continue reading

Minecraft Creeper Face Mug Won’t Blow Up Microwaves or Dishwashers


Holding eight ounces of your favorite drinkable liquid, this Minecraft Creeper Face Mug is even microwave and dishwasher safe (assuming your microwave and dishwasher are made of obsidian).

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Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure is Half a Foot of Vinyl Figure Fun


Don’t think of this Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure as six inches of vinyl figure fun; think of it as half a foot of vinyl figure fun! Included with the package is a 2″ diamond block upon which you can display the figure, …continue reading

Creeper Week Day 4: Creeper – Minecraft Michael Jackson Parody


Whether or not you’ve ever been a fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson music videos were a ubiquitous part of the ’80s. Thriller became especially iconic for showing us just what was conceptually possible with this newly recognized format and giving us an …continue reading

Dalek Mr. Potato Head is the Ultimate Doctor Who Starchnemesis


At a modest seven inches tall, it’s hard to believe that the Dalek Mr. Potato Head is a rampant “extermitater” that sends even the nearly omnipotent Tuber Lords into a panic.

Do you want Galli-fries with that?

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Space Module Tent Ideal for Campers Tired of Creeper Week


And remember, if you get tired of Creeper Week (yeah, right! Right?), you can always camp out on the moon or something in this Space Module Tent until it’s all over.

Make Your Own Papercraft Creeper with This Free Pattern


Our friend Josu proves that Creeper Week is for everyone! He’s passed along this free¬†papercraft creeper pattern (courtesy of that you can print, cut out, and fold:

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