Minecraft Creeper Hoodie Makes Explosive First Impression


Having a Minecraft Creeper Hoodie on hand can be more useful than just keeping you warm on chilly autumn nights. Let’s examine the possibilities.

Creepers are quite possibly the scariest mob you can stumble across in Minecraft. Don’t get me wrong: those …continue reading

Creeper Week Day 3: Wrecking Mob – Minecraft Miley Cyrus Parody


As a wise buckaroo once said, “No matter where you go, there you are.” Unfortunately, wherever you are, there’s a good chance that creepers aren’t far behind. Rather than lamenting this sad fact, it might just be best to always expect the unexpected.

In Wrecking …continue reading

Doctor Who Villain Street Fighter Pits Baddie Vs. Baddie


Okay, so maybe you don’t want to play Doctor vs. Doctor. That’s fine. Perhaps you’d prefer to pit Dalek against Cyberman? Weeping Angel against Adipose? Sontaran against The Master? With the Doctor Who Villain Street Fighter t-shirt, you can make …continue reading

It’s Time Lord Vs. Time Lord in Doctor Who Street Fighter


All right, so it’s only a t-shirt, but wouldn’t this be one of the best games, ever? This Doctor Who Street Fighter selection screen makes us consider the perpetual battle we all face with ourselves. If you had to pick a single …continue reading

Konitz Classic Chalk Talk Mugs Let You Scribble Without Remorse


Got something on your mind in the morning? Feel like playing a little tic tac toe? Sudoku soothe you? Maybe you just want to doodle while you’re waiting for your caffeine to kick in after a few sips of coffee. With this set of four …continue reading

Cooking for Geeks is a Manual for Kitchen Domination

cooking for geeks

Cooking for Geeks is designed to be more than just a cookbook. It is part textbook, part inspiration repository, and part science experiment. This is so much more than just a collection of recipes that may or may not turn into delicious …continue reading

Minecraft Creeper Scarf is Good for a Larf


I know it’s warming up in the hemisphere where LockerGnome is based and you’re probably wondering why we’re featuring a Minecraft Creeper Beanie and a Minecraft Creeper Scarf today, but let’s be honest: winter will come again, and you can’t …continue reading

Minecraft Creeper Beanie Glorifies the Greenest of Meanies


In a world of ultra-violence, doublespeak, and other terms that equate with unpleasantness in the dystopian lexicon, is it wrong for me to covet a Minecraft Creeper Beanie?

Does it mark me as morally ambiguous to seemingly endorse this opponent of peace …continue reading

Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure


As part of the Series #1 Minecraft action figure collection, this Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure even comes with a block of TNT just in case the little guy gets any fancy ideas about trying to attack you in your sleep. Still, …continue reading

Creeper Week Day 2: Revenge – Minecraft Usher Parody


When the creepers congregate to keep you in a condition of constant consternation, it’s time to get serious: Minecraft serious. You’ve got the tools. You’ve got the resources. You’re like a digital MacGyver. Don’t let Creeper Week get the best of you. Don’t …continue reading