Speaking the Language of the Top Shelf Shimmy


The Top Shelf Liquor Tasting Pack from Flaviar: Expand your palette and discover five new spirits — includes free shipping!

The Learn a Language Course: 370 hours of award-winning language instruction!

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Hot Wheels! Here’s Star Wars Hot Wheels!


Why would you need wheels — hot or otherwise — to get from a galaxy far, far away to here? I’m going to confess that I don’t really care about the logistics involved, because this set of five Star Wars Hot Wheels …continue reading

QNAP TurboNAS TS-251 is Your Personal Cloud


Do you NAS? If not, that probably looks like a typo I made in the middle of a sneeze. If you do, then you know that I’m talking about Network Attached Storage — that is, a place to keep your data available to all the …continue reading

Swing Low, Sphero Chariot


We’ve talked about the Sphero robot ball here at LockerGnome before. But we haven’t talked about the Sphero Chariot… until now!

It takes a little channeling of my inner Mr. Ed to get the (robot) ball rolling, so to speak. …continue reading

Pizza Pringles, Imperiale Stout, and Sriracha Mayo


Does Ninkasi Brewing Company Imperiale Stout taste any more delicious when poured into a Spiegelau Stout Glass? Can Pringles chips truly capture the flavor of pizza? And can I be converted to the Cult of Sriracha …continue reading

Tech Shopping 101 with Staples Connect and Tablets


To paraphrase Dean Martin: It’s a wireless world; we’re all just livin’ in it. The plugs and cords of outrageous fortune no longer tether us to walls and trip us in our travels from one room to the next, and I’m going to go on …continue reading

Retro Game Phones and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (2% off): Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness [pre-order] — includes free shipping!

Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases (30% off): Reminisce on the good times with the classic …continue reading

Bootstrap Bundles and Traveling Headphones


The Big Bootstrap Bundle (89% off): Master the Bootstrap framework with six courses and 25 hours of content!

SELECT Premium Travel Headphones (46% off): Stylish headphones with full-spectrum sound and tangle-free cabling — includes free shipping!

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Chivalry’s a Day in the Park with the Knight Hoodie


Chivalry’s not dead. Heck, thanks to this official Knight Hoodie by ZBoss Inc, chivalry’s not even chilly. Care to disagree? Gawain, I dare you!

Properly attired when even the dining hall’s roaring spitfire can’t keep autumn’s cold dampness at bay, you can …continue reading

Tech Round-up: Stocking Stuffers


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

When espousing the strengths and shortcomings of the tech in my life, I’ve often been told to “put a sock in it.” I can’t …continue reading