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It’s a Trap! Admiral Ackbar & Mon Calamari Star Wars Collectables

Admiral Ackbar is a strange looking character from the Star Wars galaxy, but that’s exactly why I like him.

Star Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl Haul

Do you collect Funko Pop! Vinyl Characters? Perhaps this Pirillo Picks Star Wars POP! Vinyl Haul will inspire you.

Convert points earned with to build your own collection!

3 Reasons That Luke Skywalker Went Into Exile

Garbage Pail Kids – American Fun For Over 30 Years!

In a recent Pirillo Picks, we reviewed the latest Garbage Pail Kids Series – “American As Apple Pie – In Your Face!”

In today’s Vlog, we took a look at the 30th Anniversary Series.

Fixing Windows, Fun Apps, More Pirillo Podcasts?

Vintage LEGO Polybags from McDonald’s Happy Meals

Are you a child of the ’80s or ’90s?  A fan of LEGO collectables?

Today’s Pirillo Picks might be right down your alley!

BlackBerry PRIV Unboxing

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3 Reasons Kylo Ren is More Frightening Than Darth Vader