Will the Buzzing Drive Nexus 4 Users Nuts?

Will the Buzzing Drive Nexus 4 Users Nuts?The Google Nexus 4 has had its critics, with their main complaint being the lack of LTE 4G service. Other complaints have included the inability to change out the battery, no micro-SD slot for added storage, and that the camera could have been better. The latest gripe is that there is a buzzing noise when users attach an earpiece. Depending on the source, the buzzing is coming from the earpiece, speakers, back of the case, and inside of the case. This all depends on which report one reads and how well, or not so well, the problem is described by the Nexus 4 user.

So is this problem unique to the Nexus 4 only? Not really, since there have been other reports that the problem is not unique and that other phones have similar problems. The Optimus G has a buzzing sound from the earpiece. This is to be expected since the Optimus G and Nexus 4 are similar in design. In fact, fellow LockerGnome writer Ryan Matthew Pierson said: “I have the same problem on my Optimus G, which is a Nexus 4 with a different case.”

But if the problem was isolated to just two phones that are similar in design, one would think that either LG or Google would be working on a fix. Unfortunately, this problem crosses over to different brands including the Galaxy S3, Samsung Skyrocket, and also the Apple iPhone 4S.

One could conclude that this is a real issue in some of the most popular consumer electronic devices, if one searches deep enough.

I have no such issue with my Nexus 4 smartphone, so I am unable to share any thoughts as to why this problem exhibits itself to some Nexus 4 phone users, but not others. What is ironic is the fact that buzzing noises on cellphones can be found doing a Google search starting in 2007. I am sure if I did some further searching I could find incidents being reported even before 2007.

Which makes me wonder: will any company be able to solve this problem with a software tweak, update, or patch? Or is this a hardware issue inherent in the design of some products? It is possible that nothing can or will be done and this design flaw may continue to haunt users and could plague cellphone designers for some time to come.

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