Black Friday Guide to Android Deals

Looking to give away an Android phone this holiday season to a special someone, or looking to simply find a great deal on one for yourself? Deals are all over the place on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this weekend. Great phones are going for cheap cheap cheap, so make sure to check out this list and find a phone that suits you! If you’re wondering which phones to buy, check out our roundup of great Android phones on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

Best Buy Black Friday Android Deals (All require new 2yr activation unless noted) Black Friday Android Deals

Radio Shack Black Friday Android Deals

Bonus: Android App Black Friday Sales
Several popular apps are also going on sale on Black Friday, giving you a discount on their already low prices.
SwiftKey Keyboard – One of the most popular keyboard alternatives, SwiftKey, has a killer prediction engine that makes your typing faster by predicting the next word you’re going to type. It learns the more you use it, and can make your typing much, much faster. SwiftKey is on sale on the Android Market on Black Friday for only $2, which is 50% off. Don’t miss this deal!
There are also an assortment of apps to help you with your other Black Friday shopping, if you decide to brave the crowds and go out tomorrow. Christmas Shopper Pro and Black Friday App are an easy way to track and find deals close to you and find the cheapest deals on everything.

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    Had to add that there’s a great company in Issaquah, WA called 1GreenPlanet (don’t know if they have other locations, sorry) and they will take all used electronics, scrap metal, TV’s, and all of the other electronic stuff you feel guilty throwing in the trash for free. I make routine trips over there myself.

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    among other things, I recently restored a Zenith Z 248 system that was military surplus. it’s a 286 8mhz system with a 40 gig hard drive and 1mb of ram. it’s my definition of a very old system. and the oldest PC I have to date. but I do sometimes question myself on why I keep older computers. I have several built that do not seem to be going anywhere at the moment. as my outlet for donating these has dried up, so I guess I’m not alone anymore in terms of that question. part of me screams “No!, it’s a good computer!” but the logical half knows that I would run out of room really fast if I kept even half of the working systems that I’ve come across.