Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Using Solar Power

Resizing bonsai induction charging

Induction charging is about to take center stage as more products like the Nexus 4, Lumia 920, and Droid DNA offer wireless charging capabilities. A new product over at Kickstarter is about to offer induction charging via a novel bonsai tree configuration that appears to …continue reading

Bluetooth Vs. Wireless USB Receivers


Buying a wireless keyboard and/or mouse doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a Bluetooth device. Even with the majority of today’s laptops being built with Bluetooth integration, there are still a great many people who have systems which don’t support the standard.

…continue reading

You 2.0


One of the things about being a geek is that when it comes to new gadgets we like to be on the cutting edge. If I could I would be walking around with Google Glass strapped to my head, flexible solar paneling in my clothing …continue reading

WSU Researchers Develop Method for 3D Printing Using Moon Rocks

3D Printing

Imagine being an astronaut on the moon and something comes up. A vital component of the lander or shuttle is in need of replacement, but you don’t have the spare part on hand. Granted, this is a somewhat unlikely scenario, but it could come up …continue reading

Extended Warranty: Do You Really Need One?

640 x 480 warranty

Whether or not you choose to get an extended warranty to accompany a major purchase is subjective and always a matter for discussion. What I want to share with you, our valued readers here at LockerGnome, are some of my experiences in purchasing extended warranties. …continue reading

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off at an Electronics Sale


It’s the time of year once again for sales and bargains aplenty. Unfortunately, many retailers out there are making rather lackluster deals look like something they’re not. It’s not that these retailers are being dishonest, but not everything is as good as it seems.

Just …continue reading

New Devices for Children: Are These Tablets for Kids Just Toys?

Resized leapfrog

Our three-year-old granddaughter is a proficient user of the original Apple iPad. This is a credit to Apple and its design team at making the iPad extremely user-friendly. When I say that she is proficient, I mean she can play children’s games on the iPad …continue reading

Fitbit One Vs. Fitbit Ultra


Few health products on the market today have come as highly recommended as the Fitbit. Not only does it track your activity levels throughout the day, but it can also help you get a grip on your sleep habits. After all, sleep is a …continue reading

Compact Digital Cameras Are Still a Good Investment

Sony Camera

Compact digital cameras have received a bad rap in recent years by the tech world. Declared “dead” by some pundits, the compact digital camera may be anything but. In fact, I’ve seen more of these little cameras in the wild this year than I had …continue reading

Technologies That Irritate Us All

Resized technology annoyances

From the time that our smartphones, tablets, and alarm clocks wake us in the morning, most of our daily lives are controlled by technology of some type. For the most part, we have embraced technology and have become dependent on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other …continue reading

Should Social Media Affect Your Employment Status?


Should social media affect your employment status? Calling this topic “controversial” is, at best, putting it lightly. How many stories have we seen about people being fired because of what they post on Facebook? How many stories have we seen about a potential employee’s privacy …continue reading

Could Microsoft’s Project Glass Competitor Pose a Challenge to Google?

Google Glass

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses with an integrated HUD that told you the batting average of a baseball player as he approached home plate, or the amount of touchdowns a certain running back made during the last football season. This could be a reality …continue reading

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 in 2012

Under 100 Gifts

Buying the right tech gift for someone takes more than just knowing their general tastes. It takes knowing what they have and where their general needs are. Even the coolest gadgets to you might be totally unnecessary to the person for whom you’re shopping. Keep …continue reading

Kickstarter Project Spark Connects Your Lights to the Internet


If your lights could access the Internet, what would you have them do? What if your lights had built-in Wi-Fi and a robust API allowing you to download and create a number of useful mobile apps to help you make the most out of your …continue reading

Google Books Team Open Sources Linear Book Scanning Device

Linear Book Scanner

Leave it to Google to open source one of the most clever content digitizing gadgets out there. The Linear Book Scanner is a prototype device that scans books and turns pages automatically. All you need to do is essentially place the book face-down on the …continue reading

Hostess is Closed: Twinkie Alternatives


Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards?” – Tallahassee (Zombieland)

Few sugary snacks are as beloved among geeks as the Twinkie. The golden breaded shell, white creamy filling, and incredibly long shelf life are just a few reasons geeks have adopted the Twinkie as …continue reading

Canon EOS M Brings T4i Video Performance to Mirrorless Cameras

Canon EOS M

Canon has made great strides to bring industry-defining video performance to DSLR cameras, but until recently it has all but ignored the mirrorless SLR world. Micro Four-Thirds cameras have become the speculative next big thing in photography. Many of them feature the same basic functions …continue reading

Is Your Second Computer Just out of Reach? Synergy May Be the Solution


Do you have a second computer that is just too far away for you to be able to use it comfortably? I know I do; my problem came about when I decided to put my laptop on the desk as more of a full-time thing …continue reading

Questions to Ask When Buying DSLR Cameras


Buying a DSLR camera is a pretty big commitment for the average amateur photographer. It’s a step above and beyond point-and-shoot camera in both price and capability. Buying a DSLR is a commitment, and one that can end up burning you if you don’t ask …continue reading

Memoto Wearable Camera Promises to Capture and Catalog Your Life


Imagine wearing a camera that wasn’t entirely suspicious looking and having a 5 MP photo taken of whatever it is you’re facing twice a minute, every minute of every day. That might sound a little creepy, or perhaps even a bit Orwellian, but the makers …continue reading

intellipaper Promises to Digitize the World of Paper


Imagine being able to hand someone a business card that has all the contact information and supporting documents you’d like someone you’re hoping to do business with to have. What if you were able to rip off a piece of that business card and …continue reading

Dropbox Reaches 100 Million Users – is It Worth It?


Dropbox announced this week that it reached the 100 million user mark, a milestone for any cloud service, especially when that service’s usefulness depends so greatly on user numbers. The more people use Dropbox, the more likely Dropbox’s folder sharing and collaboration features …continue reading

Skype Vulnerability Lets Anyone Take over Accounts with Email Address

Skype Hack

A Russian blogger posted a step-by-step guide on how anyone can take over a Skype account in six easy steps. All you need to know to get started is the primary email address on the account.

In the guide, the process of requesting …continue reading

The Biggest Changes in Technology That Will Shape Our Future

resized crystal ball

There are a group of companies scattered throughout the world that are going to make major changes to the way we live and play. These companies are going to be building machines that were once only fictionalized in futuristic novels or comic books that many …continue reading

iConji Connects the World


I don’t mind it when you flip me the bird. I know I should be offended by it — chances are you’re telling me you don’t like me or you don’t like something I’ve done — but honestly, I’m a bit tickled by the gesture. …continue reading

Cyberbullying Can Happen at Work

640x480 cyber bullying

We are all familiar with the unfortunate fact that children, teens, and young adults have been known to treat their peers nastily in voice and actions. Known to us as bullying, this age-old problem has surfaced on social networking sites and now a new survey …continue reading

moneto Adds Easy NFC Payments to iPhone and Android


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of moneto. All opinions are 100% my own.

It seems like every time I read a review of the iPhone, I’m faced with the same criticisms: The iPhone doesn’t support NFC, and it …continue reading

My Picks for Best Gadgets of 2012


As another year is coming to a close as we head quickly into a busy holiday season. This has been a very busy year for the tech industry. Advances have put more powerful computers in our pockets, better cameras in our bags, and another wave …continue reading

Five Great Photo Sharing Sites for the Photography Beginner


If you’re just getting started in the world of photography, it can be a lot of fun to post some photos you’re particularly proud of on the Web to share with friends and family. It might be easy to lean on the photo sharing features …continue reading

How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees and Carry More on Your Next Flight

resize bag

Have you had it with all of the extra airline fees? If you have, it is because you have discovered the vast array of potholes and gotchas that these companies have installed in order to get the most out of us. In fact, today’s airlines …continue reading