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Flashflight Light Up Flying Disc Puts LED in Your UFO

Is it a frisbee that lights up the night sky among the moonbeams at a beach bonfire or a flashlight that guides your way in the darkness? The Flashflight Light Up Flying Disc by Nite Ize is both! It’s even water resistant …continue reading

BrickStix Reusable Stickers for Your LEGO Bricks Are Not Icky

LEGO bricks and minifigures come in a dizzying variety to supplement just about any playground of the imagination that you or the children in your life might dream up. But sometimes they don’t come with the exact design you have in mind or you have …continue reading

Plants Vs. Zombies Risk is All out War

Unlike with the classic Parker Brothers board game of Risk, there’s no Ukraine to insult, and no Australia to covet, but in Plants Vs. Zombies Risk, make no mistake: it’s still all-out war. This mashup between PopCap Games’ Plants Vs. Zombies and …continue reading

Star Theater Pro Turns Your Ceiling into the Night Sky

If you live in a brightly lit city or a place that’s cloudy all the time, you may not realize the heavenly splendor of an unobstructed night sky that hangs right above your head. But you don’t have to move out to the boondocks to …continue reading

Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy is Low Tech Fun

Looming at a somber eight inches tall, this Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy broods in the style of those early- to mid-20th century novelties that you or your very recent ancestors probably played with as kids. Just wind up …continue reading

Keep Gotham Dreamy with the LEGO Batman Night Light

Sleep safely, good citizen! Even when you think the Caped Crusader is nowhere to be found, the LEGO Batman Night Light promises to keep your slumber free of whatever trouble the dark denizens of Gotham can dream up.

…continue reading

Tetris Staple Free Stapler is Practically Office Magic

One of the drawbacks of the standard office stapler is that it’s a beast that never tires of feeding. Box after box of staples are emptied into its guts to appease its ravenous appetite, but it’s never enough. And then, should those staples ever shake …continue reading

Star Wars Coffee Sends You into Hyperspace Without a Seat Belt

Everyone’s always going on about the wretched hive of scum and villainy to be found in the Mos Eisley Cantina, but what a lot of travelers passing through the bustling Tatooine spaceport keep to themselves is the charming coffee shop that’s located just four doors …continue reading

The Chil Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet Makes a Point

The Chil Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet makes carrying a stylus easy. No longer will you need to clutter your shirt pocket or purse by carrying a standard stylus; all you’ll need to do is slap this bracelet on your wrist and you’ll …continue reading

Staples EasyTech Total Support Keeps Your Computer in the Game

Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Does PC maintenance still vex you as an arcane art that requires at least occasional assistance from outside forces (like tech-loving offspring or friendly …continue reading