Phil Fish, Fez 2, and Twitter: The Polytron Dramatron


What’s a Phil Fish? We’ll get to that. I’m sure the lot of you who come around these parts are enthusiasts of all sorts of tech hobbies and that’s, you know, what brings you to this site. You come here for information, you come to …continue reading

The Advantages of Color Laser Printers


Color laser printers are becoming more commonplace in home offices as the cost of this technology continues to decline. There are a number of reasons you might want to choose color laser printers over traditional inkjet solutions, even in a home office where …continue reading

The Newest Technology in Floor Cleaning


Keeping your floors and carpet clean is a real chore. No, really. Floor cleaning is the very epitome of the household chore — against which all other household chores are measured.

If you have kids or pets, you probably know just how quickly a bright …continue reading

Selecting the Right GPS Tracking Device for You


Selecting the right (Global Positioning System) GPS tracking device for you can be a difficult task if you’re not sure exactly what you want out of the device. The average smart phone these days will double as a GPS tracking device on the fly, but …continue reading

Broken iPhone? Recover What You Want Using Dr. Fone


I’ve been known to be rough with my devices, particularly when it’s my 40th birthday and I’ve been drinking a good strong stout. I’ve dropped an iOS device or two, cracking the display …continue reading

Accessories That Will Improve Your GoPro Photos


GoPro photos have arguably changed the world of action video for the better. Consumers and professionals alike have taken little GoPro cameras and used them to capture some of the most impressive feats of human sportsmanship and live action from a first-person perspective. You can …continue reading

Why You Should Get a Frigidaire Warranty for Your Dehumidifier


Should you get a Frigidaire warranty for your dehumidifier or other heavily used appliances in the household? It isn’t often that I get the opportunity to address a subject about which I once advised people as part of my primary job. Back in the early …continue reading

Increase Your Mac’s Power with Apple RAM


This Mac is getting on my nerves. That’s right, I said it.

This Apple Mac mini is getting on my nerves. It’s driving me crazy. I bought it configured with enough …continue reading

Frigidaire Service for Cleaner Air at Home – Dehumidifier Health Benefits


Dehumidifiers are among the easiest ways to solve a variety of issues around the house — from sticky cabinets to that stuffy feeling you get when the humidity level in your home is heightened. A variety of things can cause humidity levels to creep, from …continue reading

The Zimmerman Trial and How Twitter Felt It


Were you sitting there on the edge of your seat when the Zimmerman verdict was read and processed through the various annals of the Internet? Do you recall your moment or internal conflict? Did you talk about it online? Were you at …continue reading

Pod Coffee Makers: Why You Want One


Nothing says “good morning” here in the USA quite like a fresh cup of coffee. It offers a quick pick-me-up to help combat early morning grogginess, and gives you an early break to shake loose the cobwebs that exist from the night before. There was …continue reading

Kindle Special Offers: How to Snag Them


Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers are among some of the best bang-for-your-buck deals to come to the tech world in recent years. Before you find yourself taken aback at that rather bold statement, take a moment to consider just how much having a Kindle can save …continue reading

Microphone Test: Best Microphones for Fitness Instructors


Why would a fitness instructor find a microphone test important? Fitness instructors have a tough job. They not only have to be incredibly physically fit, but they have to work out several times per day. They’re on the move, active, and unable to stop a …continue reading

Digital Phones: Yes, People Still Have Landlines!


Sometimes you just gotta get it off your chest (whatever “it” may be), and often there’s no better way to do it than with a phone call. Though I prefer using FaceTime when I want to immediately get in touch with someone …continue reading

Media Storage: Copy Vs. Google Drive


After watching a recent LockerGnome video, I decided to check out a cloud storage and file sharing service that Chris mentioned called Copy. Among more well-known competitors like Dropbox, Google Drive, and MediaFire, I find Copy to be the easiest to use in …continue reading

Protect Your PC Without Negatively Affecting Performance


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vipre for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently described my experience using an anti-virus application I hadn’t …continue reading

There is No Gamer Girl: Breaking Down Gender in Gaming


Do you know any females into gaming? You know, the girls who play videogames? ┬áThe human beings that happen to have a uterus and they also enjoy tearing it up with a controller or mouse and keyboard in hand? I bet you know them, right? …continue reading

Tips to Help with Your Summer Steam Sale 2013 Impulses!


I don’t know if the lot of you understand what it means when I say “Steam Sale,” but if you’re heavily entrenched in the gaming community with your PC, you know just what I’m talking about. Valve’s beautiful little marketplace dubbed “Steam” …continue reading

Loot Crate Brings Subscription Boxes to Geeks and Gamers Alike


Have you heard of Loot Crate, yet? Are you too busy to go to conventions and to play dress-up as your favorite Doctor, Star Trek officer, or Stormtrooper? We all are. Trust me, there are times where I’ve wished I could just shut down my …continue reading

Monitoring Your Facebook and Twitter Expressions Better


Are you the type who looks to social media like Facebook and Twitter as an outward expression of your emotions? I think, to some degree, we all have a bit of that in us. However, not everyone has the kind of processing …continue reading

400 Days Continues The Walking Dead’s Story


Have you taken a venture into Telltale’s The Walking Dead first “season?” If you haven’t had the experience — it’s a heavy one and it bridges the gap between the gamer who wants a story and the folks who aren’t intense gamers but …continue reading

PlayStation Plus By Sony Deconstructed


Is PlayStation Plus worth your while? Do you find yourself straddling the lines between your economic decisions and being a video game enthusiast? We all do. Seriously, look at the costs of being into any hobby nowadays and they’re pretty nuts. LEGO bricks? LEGO sets …continue reading

Finding Creative Videos for Kids in the Internet Age


Finding creative videos for kids can seem like a real challenge for parents these days. Do you find your child watching more and more regurgitated and ADD-laced television? As a parent, I know that I seem to trust my child to a …continue reading

Social Responsibility on the Internet Begins at Home


Look, there’s no clever way to SEO this title to get my message across: social responsibility on the Internet begins at home. There’s no way for me to make sure that people are going to get this by inputting something into Google by using specific …continue reading

Power Cords for Power Tools

Power Cords for Power Tools

Honey, do you know where I put those power cords?” is probably something that many wives, partners, and girlfriends are used to hearing. We all know that power is important, but we also know that we cannot keep them …continue reading

Buy a Cheap Battery for Backup

Buy a Cheap Battery for Backup

Don’t you hate it when you run out of “juice” in your favorite device? A cheap battery would probably sort out your problems. What do I mean by a cheap battery? A cheap external battery will allow you to …continue reading

How to Make Your Home Office Productive


Whether someone is a telecommuter or runs their own business from home, I’ve found it’s ridiculously important to establish ground rules for how I operate and work from my home office. Some people have a home office tucked away for this kind …continue reading

Microfiber Towels Clean and Protect Your Electronics

Microfiber Towels Clean and Protect Your Electronics

We all know that cleanliness is next to geekiness, right? Cleaning your electronic devices is a necessity, or at least it is in my opinion. Microfiber towels are one of the better ways to clean your devices without giving them an actual …continue reading

Charging Kindle Fire Faster


Paper books are great, aren’t they? They can be enjoyed on many levels by all of your senses. They smell good when you bring them home fresh from the bookstore and even after they’ve had a hundred years or so to really come into their …continue reading

Better Internet Security with VIPRE Internet Security 2013


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vipre for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a low-end PC I purchased new last year in order to use as a test system; this is what I …continue reading