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10 Reasons to Use Deal Sites

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Deals2Buy, one of the foremost deal sites that compiles bargains, coupons, and sales from all over the Internet and presents them in one place for your consideration. All opinions expressed are 100% my …continue reading

10 Reasons Virtual Meetings Are Better Than “Real” Meetings

Are virtual meetings better than “real” meetings? This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

Anyone who’s ever spent time in an office knows that meetings can take up a substantial part of a …continue reading

How I Survived Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us

The resounding reviews from Naughty Dog’s Masterpiece, The Last of Us, have had everyone wanting to sound off on the achievements the studio has made and just how raw, honest, and rich the story it told was for today. Reviews have been …continue reading

Don’t Take Risks! Buy Your Own Breathalyzer Test

Have you ever had cause to use a breathalyzer test to ensure that it’s safe for you to drive after having a drink or two with your friends after work? It’s better to submit to your own breathalyzer test before you even …continue reading

Panel PC Vs. Touch Screen Tablet

What’s the difference between a panel PC and a touch screen tablet? If we’re honest, there is not much of a difference. However, we will have them fight one on one for your entertainment and reading enjoyment. I think we will start off with a …continue reading

Top Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories

While the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series are steady mainstays in the smart phone arena, the increasing popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories seems to indicate that this phablet is making a strong name for itself among mobile consumers.

Samsung Galaxy …continue reading

Do I Need a GPS Tracker on My Fitness Tracking Device?

There are two major trains of thought when it comes to the humble GPS tracker. Some think that it’s all part of an elaborate plot enacted by Big Brother to follow our every move (I know it sounds crazy, but…), and others tend …continue reading

Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen for Your Tablet Computer

Tablet computers and touch screen devices have become so commonplace over the past few years that it seems as if the Star Trek vision of a paperless society is truly getting a head start. It suits me fine — I can convey a lot more …continue reading

How to Avoid Social Media Overload

Just a few short years ago, there were only a couple of social networks that mattered. Facebook and Twitter were pretty much where everyone hung out. It was pretty easy to keep both sites updated and keep your finger on the pulse of what each …continue reading

Garment Bag Solutions for the Frequent Traveler

Are you a frequent traveler? There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to discover that your clothes have become wrinkled and ruined during the trip. There are plenty of more interesting things to do with your time on the road than iron your …continue reading

Replace Reading Lamps with E-Readers

In the one-room log cabin where he grew up, Abraham Lincoln is said to have read libraries’ worth of books using only the light of candles to guide him. If only he’d had reading lamps or e-readers available in the 19th century, he could have …continue reading

Product Photography Business Essentials

Product photography isn’t an activity exclusive to product makers, photographers, and online stores. It’s quickly becoming an important part of life for a variety of new media outlets ranging from blogs and affiliate sites to full-blown video production.

Being able to capture a good product …continue reading

Security Cameras for Your Retail Business

With Big Brother watching us from every angle of our lives these days, there’s no denying the importance that those in authority place in the power of knowing what’s going on among the populace. And while the general lack of privacy in the …continue reading

Disney’s Carousel of Progress and Modern Invention Today

It’s summertime, you guys. This is when you see families flocking to Disney properties all around the world and indulging their inner child to innocent fun with numerous attractions. As a human being obsessed with the original vision that Walt Disney projected with the opening …continue reading

Differences Between CCD and CMOS Camera Image Sensors

CCD and CMOS are two camera imaging technologies found in modern cameras and camcorders. Each of these technologies has its own set of pros and cons that are important to consider before throwing down your hard-earned cash on either one. So what are the differences …continue reading

Why Are Edward Snowden and NSA PRISM Scaring Us?

Coming off of Edward Snowden’s release of documents that showcase what theorists have already been touting for decades now: a government “need” for our personal records from both phones and Internet. There are banks built from the ground up with the intention of …continue reading

Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack and Case Mate Screen Protector Reviews

The Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack and Case Mate Screen Protectors were sent to me for honest review by our friends over at Mobile Fun. All opinions are 100% my own.

I bought my fiance the Galaxy S3 for Christmas and he absolutely loves …continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One Vs. Sony PS4 at E3 2013

Xbox One by Microsoft? PS4 by Sony? How much do you know about the two behemoths of gaming and their current fare on display at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo? Were you able to catch up on the press …continue reading

Cloud Drive Combination for Maximum Backup Protection

Is storing all of your data in the cloud enough of a safeguard against losing it should disaster strike? I wouldn’t recommend it, but then I wouldn’t recommend simply following one backup regimen, either. Having a backup of a backup — and, yes, even a …continue reading

The Best Way to Start Programming for Free

We all have good ideas, right? But sometimes these good ideas take more skill than we have at our disposal to bring to life. Maybe you’ve thought of the perfect “app for that,” but haven’t ever programmed a line of code in your life — …continue reading

Sony NEX 6 L/B Vs. Sony NEX 5N

Sony’s NEX cameras — particularly the Sony NEX 6 and the Sony NEX 5N — have taken the latest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera trend to a level that is giving entry-level DSLRs a run for their money. Not only are we seeing …continue reading

iPads: Cheap Online Retailers

Sure, you want an iPad. Everybody else has got one. But the thought of paying top dollar for something that your clumsy fingers will drop or your absent mind will leave behind somewhere — when you’re sleep deprived from working too many hours to buy …continue reading

Tropes Vs. Women Vs. “Research”

I want to open this up first off with saying “calm down,” because I remember how this went the first time we talked about tropes and women and video games all in the same place. Granted, my original idea was to entitle this “DiD2: Lie …continue reading

Mac Learning Curve: Hurdles Moving from PC to Mac

So you’re considering moving from a PC to a Mac. Maybe you’d like to use both operating systems, or maybe you’re considering a permanent switch. The problem is, you’ve never used a Mac before, let alone the latest operating system: OS X Mountain Lion. Here …continue reading

Good Laptops for Traveling

What makes for good laptops — or any kind of portable computing devices — when you’re on the go?

I may prefer my iPad (and the tablet form factor) to the traditional laptop model when I’m traveling because it’s just so darned …continue reading

Hulu Celebrates Summer Movie Season with Trailers!

Who doesn’t love summer movie season? I’m praying you guys do as much as I do, because part of the reason I have a Hulu subscription is the trailers. You’re talking to someone who sees everything that she possibly can get and makes it a …continue reading

Philips Lighting: Redefine Color in Your Home

Familiar with Philips Lighting? Adjusting the lighting conditions in your home can make a dramatic change in how your living space feels to you and your guests. Adding a touch of color can set a mood, enhance your decor, and otherwise free …continue reading

Best DSLR Camera for Beginning Photographers

Wondering how to get into DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) photography, but you’re not sure where to begin? If you’re searching for a good DSLR camera to get started with your journey towards more serious photography, then there are few options …continue reading