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The Most Useful Custom Keychains

Picture the scene: your car has broken down on the interstate; all that is needed to get you back into moving traffic is a Phillips head screwdriver, but you accidentally left your travel toolbox in your garage the last time you were spring cleaning, and …continue reading

Whether to Upgrade or Put Your Old Computer for Sale

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Your beloved computer has served past its prime and it’s just not performing as efficiently as it once did. Newer software often demands higher equipment specifications, and time has, as it does to us all, worn down your …continue reading

Interview with a Creative Agency: FILTER Digital

Disclosure: FILTER Digital is a proud VloggerFair sponsor.

Q: Filter Digital has a long tradition as a staffing agency since 1990 with offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In more recent years you’ve grown …continue reading

Buying an HD Camcorder: Features to Look For

Buying an HD camcorder may sound like a fairly straightforward process. After all, don’t we carry around HD camcorders in our pockets in the form of smart phones? What could be so difficult?

Well, with standalone consumer HD camcorders boasting specs and …continue reading

Security Camera Installation and Wiring Tips

With many reasons to install wireless surveillance cameras in the home or office, basic security camera installation is something that the average person should be able to do without calling in the professionals. Of course, we’re not talking about complex, multi-leveled security systems …continue reading

10 Reasons to Install Wireless Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

If you want to truly be king (or queen) of your own castle, making sure that it’s safe from the dark designs of the outside world is paramount to your peace of mind. But digging crocodile moats and building sky-high towers is such a 12th …continue reading

Apple Router Setup – Secure Your AirPort Extreme Home Network

Anyone with an Internet connection knows that some of type of modem is always called for. It’s usually a rather nondescript (or downright ugly) electronic box that plugs directly into the cable or telephone line that your Internet …continue reading

How CEO Reed Hastings and Netflix Are Winning the New Media Battle

Be sure to check out fellow LockerGnome writer Candice Shane’s 2012 article on what to watch on Netflix — but be sure to add House of Cards and other Netflix originals to that list!

If Reed Hastings seems to always be photographed with …continue reading

How to Connect a Wireless Microphone Headset to a Mixer

A wireless microphone headset is convenient for a variety of purposes — especially if you’re as animated as I can be when I get really wound up. Rather than getting tangled and mangled in the cords and wires and …continue reading

Meet Joanna Gaskell from Standard Action

For those out there who are aware of the Dungeons & Dragons community and have always looked at the hit Web series The Guild and wondered why there wasn’t one for you, look no further than Standard Action, a quick-paced, witty, and earnest …continue reading