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Getting and Keeping Your First 1000 Customers

Aspire to run your own business? Whether you sell t-shirts from a van down by the river, design soup can labels, or haul quick-dry cement to well-dressed yacht enthusiasts at the marina without asking too many questions, the challenge of acquiring a …continue reading

Wedding: Matching Tablets for the Honeymoon and Beyond

Christopher Smith writes:

I have a question for you and was hoping that you can help. I plan on using my tax return this year to purchase a new tablet (or possibly two, but more on that later) or similar device. The problem I have …continue reading

Do You Really Need a Mobile Data Plan for Your Tablet?

Ben Freshwater asks:

Do you really need a tablet computer with mobile data? It seems that the majority of people who would take their tablet out of a Wi-Fi area would most likely have a smartphone which they …continue reading

Why is the Default OS Drive Assigned the Letter C?

At, IamTechCrazy writes:

I’ve always wondered why the default letter for Windows OS drive is “C.”

This is a good question, and the answer date backs to the early days of personal computing. Believe it or not, personal computers didn’t start out …continue reading

Roaring with the OS X Mountain Lion Server Course

You’re the envy of your colleagues and an object of unending desire among those who admire you from afar and anear, alike. You enjoy the rush of knowing everything under the sun about every potential server and network configuration available, and you’re …continue reading

Will Adding Music to My YouTube Channel Get Me into Trouble?

Peter O’Underfire writes:

I would like to put music on YouTube. However, I don’t want to get in trouble and have my account suspended. Am I allowed to upload videos with music on YouTube, just as long as I don’t monetize it? I would like …continue reading

Why Would I Want to Consider Apple’s Ecosystem over Microsoft’s?

Jaren Lopez writes:

Although the Microsoft ecosystem is young and completely different from Apple’s, what are the major benefits of investing in Apple products instead of Microsoft products? I would prefer to keep myself in one ecosystem rather than having one Microsoft product, one Apple …continue reading

About the Mobile World Congress: a Gadget Lover’s Take

One of the biggest events about mobile gadgets is about to unfold, and I can’t help but feel giddy as I count the days to February 25. No, I won’t be going to Barcelona for the coming Mobile World Congress, but staying on …continue reading

Raspberry Pi Vs. Arduino: Simple Technology for a Complex World

Someone was asking me the other day about Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino. I had no idea how to answer. Luckily, once again, Lance Seidman was able to come to the rescue! He writes:

Hi, Chris.

To be very honest, …continue reading

Make Beautiful Art from Instagram

Remember when you’d have to drive a roll of film down to the pharmacy for developing, crossing your fingers that the 20 or so photos you took on that amazing vacation to Hollywood — including the one of you meeting David Hasselhoff …continue reading