Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It?

Buying YouTube Views - Worth it?

At, Lizc asks:

Can you really buy YouTube views?

The short answer is yes.

There are a myriad of ways that you can buy YouTube views. You can pay someone to utilize nefarious methods (think spam) to escalate views on videos uploaded …continue reading

Can Developers Decide the iOS Vs. Android War?

Can developers decide the outcome of the Android vs iOS war?

At, Rahul247rocks writes:

One of the main reasons iOS does so well is because the average quality of all of its apps seem much better than its Android counterparts. Do you think it’s the developers who can shape the mobile OS industry …continue reading

Mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation Pro Review


This product was sent to me as a review unit by our friends over at Mobile Fun. All opinions are 100% my own.

When I told our contact at Mobile Fun that I was interested in trying out a charger for my …continue reading

How to Avoid Getting Headaches While Watching TV with Your Dad


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DISH for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A friend told me the following story:

The last time I visited my dad's house for the holidays, I was …continue reading

The Mac Essentials Bundle


Bundle. It’s such a comfortable, cozy word, isn’t it? When a baby is delivered into the world, it’s swaddled up lovingly and called a bundle of joy. The word also implies a sort of togetherness: you can’t make a bundle with just …continue reading

Cosplay for Valentine’s Day


Millions of lonely geeks are finding themselves lonely today, though with the image of geeks and nerds being made more lovable with each passing Valentine’s Day by films such as Napoleon Dynamite and television series such as The …continue reading

Should You Buy an iMac or a MacBook?


At, Solidsafety2 writes:

I am looking at buying an iMac or a MacBook Pro with Retina display, but I don’t know which to get. I know that Chris has an older iMac and he likes the new one, and he also has a MacBook …continue reading

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid iPad Case Review


This product was sent to me to review by our friends at Mobile Fun. All opinions are 100% my own.

For a few years now, I swore to myself and everyone who would listen that I did not need a tablet of …continue reading

What’s the Best Camera for Video and Still Photography?


At, Mleates writes:

I do some HD videos that I upload to YouTube, plus I have kids. I want a camera that can do HD video and capture great stills. I’m more interested in still quality than anything else. I’m looking for …continue reading

Should You Leave Your Smartphone Charging Overnight?

Group of Smartphones

At, Robert writes:

I’ve had my Nexus 4 since late December; it’s a great phone! The thing is that, every night before I go to bed, I read social feeds to drain the battery and then I plug it in for a charge for …continue reading

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro a Good Gaming PC?

Microsoft Surface Pro

At, rKiller writes:

Can the new Microsoft Surface Pro run high-end games? I know (as I have seen in my friend’s house) that the Surface Pro can run Batman Arkham City quite smoothly. I was wondering if the Surface Pro is worth …continue reading

Is Making Money Building Computers Still Possible?

building and selling computers

At, pavleap writes:

This may seem like an odd question, but what I want to do is invest $300-500 to build a computer, sell it on Craigslist for a small profit, and use the money to build another, better computer. Do you …continue reading

Hands On with the Microsoft Surface Pro


Now that we’ve done the unboxing of the Microsoft Surface Pro, let’s get into my initial impressions of the little device after playing with it for about an hour!

I’ve got to tell you, in this short hour, this thing is fantastically better …continue reading

Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Pro


Welcome to the unboxing of the Microsoft Surface Pro 128 gig, running on the Intel platform! I’m very happy to have this in my hands; apparently, these things were sold out — everywhere. To me this doesn’t seem like too much of a …continue reading

Questioning Office 365: Do I Need It?


Chris writes:

With the release of Office 365, I’m still a little confused. If I buy Office 365 Home Premium, it says I can install on up to five machines. This is great, but does that mean I can connect each machine to a different …continue reading

Why is the Gaming Industry Still Using Optical Media?


JDisturbed asks:

Why is the gaming industry still using optical media? With the current speeds and storage space of Flash drives and Flash media, why isn’t the industry getting back into cartridge-based gaming? With Flash media reaching storage capacities of 256 GB, and a read …continue reading

Is Technology Becoming Too Integrated into Our Lives?


At, ClosetFuturist writes:

Are we cyborgs? The short answer may seem to be no, but how much do we use man-made devices for interaction with our environment and each other? I recently read a paper on Spacetime Embedded Intelligence and, though it’s …continue reading

Technology News and Review Website Tips


At, TechnoKid7 writes:

I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a website about tech news and wold love to know how you capture such a big audience! I have tried all the social networking sites but it just doesn’t …continue reading

Best Smartphone for a First-Time Buyer


On, Vipul asks:

I want to buy a smartphone — my firstĀ  ever — so I want some advice on which to select: will it be Galaxy Note II, SIII, Nexus 4, BlackBerry Z10, or an iPhone 4, 4s, or 5?

For …continue reading

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need to Live Stream?

How much bandwidth do you need to stream at 720p

At, Lestat611 writes:

How much bandwidth would I need to live stream 720p/1080p video and audio?

Bandwidth depends on the software you’re using to live stream. Different software providers use different codecs and those codecs can, and do, change the quality of the …continue reading

Which Lightning Connector(s) Should I Get for My iPad mini?


Anthony Ricottilli writes:

I have recently purchased an iPad mini. The only accessory I feel I really need is the Camera Connection Kit. I use the one I own for my iPad 2 often. I use the iPad as my main means …continue reading

Does Microsoft Surface Run Regular Windows Programs?

XPS 12

At, Jeudcastaned writes:

I’m studying at a university and I program a lot. I’m looking for a tablet PC and wanted to know: what is the best — but cheapest — tablet I can use? Does the Windows Surface run programs like …continue reading

Are Macs Just for Video Editing and Graphic Design?


At, Oscar Wood asks:

Are Macs just for video editing and graphic designing?

The short answer to your question is no. There is very little you can do with a Windows-based PC that you can’t do with a Mac. That said, there …continue reading

Why Chrome and Firefox’s Adoption of WebRTC is a Good Thing

Firefox and Google

Google and Mozilla have been seen as competitors for several years in the browser space. Despite both of their browsers being built almost entirely on open source code with the help of active and supporting communities, the two browsers have been trading blows for market …continue reading

Why HP’s New Chromebook Could Be a Big Deal


HP has thrown its hat in the Chromebook arena with its first Chrome OS device. Featuring a 14-inch display, this is the largest screen you’ll find on a Chromebook. It’s also one of the more visually appealing, if you really like black hardware.

…continue reading

Which Camera Smartphone Should I Buy?


Jack Sanders writes:

Hello, Chris (or anybody reading this).

I want to buy a new smartphone, but I’m having some difficulty choosing one. I’m into digital photography, so I want to buy a phone with impressive camera technology. After searching the Web, I’ve come down …continue reading

Is Windows 8 on a Desktop Good for Productivity?


Joshua Henderson writes:


I am currently running Windows 7 on my desktop and mostly use it for playing games, doing word processing, graphic design, Internet browsing, and listening to music. Recently my computer has become slow, and not as productive as I would like …continue reading

How Do I Keep My Smartphone Steady when Capturing Video?


Robert writes:

The only video camera I have is my smartphone. I want to do YouTube videos with my phone while avoiding camera shake. So is there a tripod that is made for a smartphone?

Thanks for asking me, Robert. …continue reading

How Do I Get My iTunes Songs Into My Google Play Music Library?


Omar Ibrahim writes:

I’ve been using iTunes for a while, and I have a huge library of songs. I really would like to get an Android device, but because of all the songs I’ve bought, I’ve been trapped in the iOS world. Is there a …continue reading

How to Develop for Android, iOS, and Other Mobile Devices


Today, the average smartphone user is spoiled for choice. There are over 700,000 apps from which to choose at the Apple App Store, and around the same at the Google Play Store for Android — with several more in the pipeline. The mobile app development …continue reading