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The Best Way, Other Than iTunes, to Rip CDs to the AAC File Format

Breeze_23 asks:

What is a great program that rips your Compact Discs (CDs) into Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files instead of the MP3 files? I know iTunes can do this, but I’d rather not use iTunes if that’s possible.

Have you ever heard the saying …continue reading

Is Gaming and Tech Journalism Dying Out?

It used to be so simple, you know? 10 years ago, this “industry” was swollen and sweating from the quality of writers that filled its tight seams. We were heavy-handed and quick to review, pick apart, and really delve into the next generation of gaming. …continue reading

How to Improve Your Website’s Reputation

On, Harold asks:

How do I improve my website’s reputation? What tools are available to do this?

Reputation management has changed a lot in the past 10 years. Previously, your website’s reputation was built largely on your advertising and less so on …continue reading

Will Apple Make a Cheaper MacBook Air?

Josh Walls writes:

Will Apple ever make a laptop that costs around $600 or $700? It would make sense, right? Drop the price of a MacBook Air around $300 and people would start buying! I know I would, but $999 just for a MacBook Air …continue reading

Chrome Vs. Safari on OS X

At, SteliosTsl asks:

Which browser is the best for my iMac: Chrome or Safari?

Browsers are typically a very personal choice. Few browsers are as alike in both backend scripting and general capabilities as Chrome and Safari. Both of these browsers …continue reading

How to Avoid Identity Theft on Social Networks

On, Tyler Hoang asks:

I’ve got a friend who is thinking about joining his first social network, but he’s scared of identity theft. I couldn’t help him out that much because I’ve never had my identity stolen before. How do you guys …continue reading

iOS Camera Lens Three-Pack

Honestly, I’m under no illusion that I’m the world’s most amazing photographer. No, I don’t believe that using Instagram filters qualifies me as some kind of artistic prodigy. No one’s ever mistaken me for a budding Edward Weston or Lee Miller from …continue reading

Ubuntu for Phones Vs. Android

At, freedmerica writes:

I understand it would be cool to get a new operating system, but are there actually any major benefits to using Ubuntu on a phone or tablet? Is it just user interface?

Ubuntu and Ubuntu for Phones do a …continue reading

Can I Add a Second Monitor to My Retina MacBook Pro?

Alan Dickinson writes:

Hi, Chris. I was wondering what you would recommend as an external monitor for an rMBP; is it as simple as the Thunderbolt display, or are there other good (if not better) options out there? Primarily I’m looking toward a 27″ monitor; …continue reading

Do App Developers Have Influence over the Mobile OS Industry?

Mario Yeltsin asks:

How much influence do app developers have over the mobile OS industry?

I believe that app developers have a huge influence over the entire mobile OS industry. Not only do they create the very software that makes an operating system more appealing …continue reading