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Are Ultrabooks Good for Video Editing?

At, Smarron writes:

I’m looking into getting a new Ultrabook with:

Third-generation Core i5 processor (3 MB L3 cache and 1.7 GHz with boost up to 2.6 GHz) 6 GB DDR3 memory 500 GB HDD with 32 GB SSD

I mainly use iTunes, CyberLink …continue reading

How to Disable Spam Invites from Google+ Appearing on Google Calendar

Not long ago, Chris Pirillo mentioned that he no longer uses Google Calendar because of all the spam invites that he gets via Google+. Whether or not Chris has figured out this workaround by now (quite likely), I figured I’d pass it along to those …continue reading

Hello, World! How to Get Started Writing Apps

One of the questions I am asked all the time is how I learned to write software. That question is always followed by “will you teach me?” Creating applications is a complicated process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You may already have some …continue reading

The Ultimate Kindle Fire HD Accessory Pack Review

These accessories were sent to me to review by our partners at MobileFun. All opinions are 100% my own.

My fiance received a shiny new Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. While he’s been happy just to have and use the device, …continue reading

What Career Path is Best for a Geek?

Bridgit writes:

Hi, Chris!

I’m an aspiring Web/app programmer trying to plan for an uncertain future. How can I make sure that the things I spend time pursuing are going to be relevant five to 10 years down the road? With the rapidly changing tech …continue reading

Are Android Cameras the Future?

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Jason Evangelho, the “Games Technician” for, recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Camera. For those of you who understandably associate …continue reading

Best Free FTP Program

At, hyderpotter asks:

What is the best free FTP program to use?

Your question strikes a strong nerve within the tech community. Simply put, a good FTP program shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, many people strongly believe …continue reading

Is Windows 8 the Best Solution for You?

At, Mohamed Eassa writes:

Is Windows 8 a good operating system if I am a gamer and will also use it for listening to and managing my music? (I am now using Windows 7 Pro.)

I will also use IE10 for browsing …continue reading

Should You Switch to iOS?

At, JordanV writes:

I am currently an avid Android user, have gone through several Android devices in the past year, and have had a good experience with Android thus far. I am also an owner for a MacBook Pro, which I love.

My current …continue reading

What Tablet is Best for Watching Movies?

At, NightviperMT writes:

Hey, Chris!

This is Chris. I’m from Malta and a big fan. In two weeks’ time I’ll be traveling to London for some shopping, and I was thinking of buying a new tablet while I’m there. My main use for …continue reading

Best Microsoft Surface Cases

At, CoatsyJnr writes:

I recently started to watch Chris’ videos and love them by the way, but I’m posting this to see if you guys would recommend a case for my Microsoft Surface. I have had a look at iPad cases, but …continue reading

Vlogging Tips

At, iFreakshow writes:

I do videos and I want to make better vlogs. I have a hard time “being myself” without feeling awkward. Do you have any tips on making better vlogs?

Vlogging is all about personality. Once you get past thinking …continue reading

What Makes a Device Obsolete?

Chucky writes:

In your opinion, what makes a device obsolete? Is it the discontinuation of updates (or the inability to cope with current technology), discontinuation of production, emergence of a new and better technology in the same field, or simply the introduction of a new …continue reading

Why Aren’t More Photos Taken in 16:9?

Matthew Lago asks:

Why do we still use pictures with 4:3 ratio and not 16:9, even though all the screens of modern PCs are in 16:9?

This is an interesting question. Modern monitors are mostly in the 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios, but …continue reading

What is the Best Platform for a New Developer?

Steve writes:

I am a control engineering student about to finish my studies and I’m preparing my thesis, which I decided would be a project including Web programming. I decided I want to get my hands on this because I want to figure …continue reading

Best Accessories for a Chromebook

Gabriel writes:

I have recently acquired the new Samsung Chromebook and I’m very pleased. I was looking for a sort of “Top 10” of budget accessories and/or essentials. Do you have any recommendations?

It’s so good to hear that …continue reading

Does CPU GHz Rating Matter?

Brent writes:

I love watching the show and how you’re opening this site for detailed questions. I have a question regarding processors (specifically for mobile devices).

With all the talk about quad-core processors in today’s devices, I’m a little confused about how the GHz of …continue reading

Can Windows 8 Save Microsoft?

Shon Sullivan writes:

Hi, Chris. I have been following your vlog recently after being reintroduced to you during your visit at Ignite-U. I had originally followed you back in the days when you were mainly a software junkie.

Understandably, everyone has their opinions …continue reading

How to Stream One Computer to Another Wirelessly for Free

At, Rhall95 asks:

Is there a way that I can wirelessly stream the screen from my desktop computer to my laptop, which is connected by HDMI to my TV? Can I do it for free?

Thanks in advance!

Great question! There are …continue reading

Why Are Digital Download Rentals So Expensive?

Christodoulos Foufoulides writes:

Hi, Chris!

First, thank you for your YouTube channel. I have been following your TLDRs and vlogs for about a year now and they have been both educational and entertaining; your work and effort is much appreciated.

I have a …continue reading

Is CPU Overclocking Safe?

At, MrNekopan writes:

I recently upgraded my desktop PC that I’ve been using for four years now. I put about $200 into it, and it is now capable of any task I throw at it. However, I did not change the CPU — it …continue reading

Seven TV Shows for Geeks and Nerds

Television series aren’t only limited to the usual genres of drama, comedy, and action. From time to time, TV networks churn out shows that also cater to a very specific niche market usually composed of smartypants who wear glasses and ugly sweaters. So without further …continue reading

How Safe is Rooting Android Devices?

At, Ryebread761 writes:

After almost a month with my Nexus 7, I am beginning to get comfy with Android. (So comfy that I want my contract to end so I can switch to an Android phone…) Anyway, I have seen a few cool things …continue reading

Is the iPad Good for Vlogging?

At, lukesamsowden08 writes:

I run an online support group for sufferers of Retinitis Pigmentosa and was thinking of doing a TLDR style video, but was wondering if I would be able to use my iPad camera for vlogging? Also, could anyone recommend …continue reading

Should I Trade My iPhone 4S for a Samsung Galaxy S III?

At, Urgebot1777 writes:

Should I trade my Verizon iPhone 4S for a Verizon LTE Samsung Galaxy S III? What would I lose or gain? I love social media. I have a MacBook Pro, Apple TV, Nexus 7 (soon to be iPad), and …continue reading

How IT Administrators Disable USB Ports in Offices

Desktop computers equipped with open USB ports are a common sight among offices. Unlike earlier computers that needed to sport obscure ports or connectors designed for each specific hardware, today’s typical USB port allows workers to utilize a multi-use, universal embrasure for a variety of …continue reading

Do Windows on PCs Increase Electronic Interference?

Zombiesnare writes:

My dad doesn’t want me to get a windowed case for my next PC build because he says computers give off a lot of electrical interference that can mess up a lot of nearby electronics. Is there any legitimacy to this or is …continue reading

Home Media Servers: Backing up and Sharing Files Made Easy

Greg G. writes:

I have a question about home servers. I am interested in making a media sharing server as well as a file management/back-up server. Right now I am in college and I’d like to access files when I’m home and at school. I’m …continue reading

HandBrake Video Encoding Tips

Nate Thibodeau (Simba) writes:

I use HandBrake for most of my video encoding needs, but I am confused by the two quality options that can be used: Constant Quality (RF:#) or Avg. Bitrate (kbps) (single or two pass).

I see these options (or …continue reading

Is It Safe to Leave Electronic Devices in Your Car During Winter?

David Corbin writes:

I spend a lot of time driving and I leave my devices and electronics in my car. Is it bad to leave your devices out in a vehicle in cold weather?

This all depends on just how cold it is in your …continue reading