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Precision Gyroscope Defies Gravity and Boredom

Used in everything from commercial airplanes to satellites to the Hubble Space Telescope to probably more than a few of those UFOs that people keep spotting in rural skies around the world, gyroscopes are more than simple toys. But beholding one in action — whether …continue reading

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser is Your Dutiful Dinner Droid

The Galaxy is graced with myriads of delicacies to suit every palate under the suns. And moons. And oceans. And artificial life support systems of every variety. But in my travels thus far, I have yet to find a place where the savory, salty solution …continue reading

Automatic: Hack Your Driving, Even if You Have a Manual Transmission

Today is a brave day. In the midst of telling you about a driving innovation that should meaningfully have an impact on your life in a positive way, I will be sharing some of my most embarrassing driving habits. For the sake of explaining just …continue reading

Pop Quiz Clock Takes Math Back to the Blackboard

Do you want to feel a little bit smarter every hour? Well, I can’t promise that you will with this Pop Quiz Clock from DCI, but I can promise that you will look smart in front of friends and family members who …continue reading

Coca-Cola Personal Six Can Mini Fridge Keeps Meds Cool

The Coca-Cola Personal Six Can Mini Fridge will keep your canned drinks cold and, as I discovered recently, can also be used to keep meds — like insulin — cool. Bring this little refrigerator to the office and watch your coworkers melt …continue reading

Chris Pirillo’s Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs

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I’ve learned a few things since I started to publish content online in 1996.

The medium is not the message; don’t be afraid to adapt to changing patterns …continue reading

Winter Shall Not Conquer You in This Barbarian Beanie

Judging from last week’s cold snap across the Rockies and beyond, we have left the gentle embrace of autumn and shall have to endure many a frozen midnight before we once again enter the summerland. Oft we look to our fearsome cousins in the north …continue reading

Yoda Santa Hat Invites You to Wear or Wear Not

“Always pass on what you have learned.”Yoda

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”Anon (Sadly not George Carlin, in spite of what the Internet tries to tell you!)

Whether in a …continue reading

T-Rex Mug Will Make You Clap with Joy and Thanks

As we approach Christmas Day, the value of a good White Elephant or office holiday exchange present cannot be underestimated. This T-Rex Mug is funny without being offensive. This very rare combination of attributes makes it a valuable member of your last …continue reading

Five Pound Chocolate Bar is the Everest of Candy

When the holidays roll around, it’s probably wise to have a pair of pants on hand that either accommodate a higher waist size or stretch with the power of elasticity. While the general feasting that takes place between Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and all …continue reading