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Why Console Gaming is a Thing of the Past

In recent years, gaming has captivated the minds of millions around the globe. Whether you enjoy a bloody FPS game or a fast-paced racing game, it’s likely that you’ve engaged yourself in some sort of gaming-related activity in the past. Gaming, just as every other topic on earth, …continue reading

What to Expect from CES 2013

CES 2013 is around the corner and the entire consumer electronics industry is anxiously awaiting the event to introduce the latest products and set the stage for consumer technology in 2013. Taking place in Las Vegas, NV on January 8-11, CES is the largest industry …continue reading

Twitter is Growing, but Has It Become More Useful?

Twitter has surpassed 200 million monthly active users. This is a nearly 50% increase over where it was at the beginning of 2012. Since its original rise in the public eye back in 2007, Twitter has become a brand synonymous with personal and corporate branding, …continue reading

What Regular Maintenance Should You Do for Your Truck?

Vehicle maintenance is something that every automobile owner should be aware of. For truck drivers, the importance is even more critical. You depend on your rig to get you where you need to go (and if you own a smaller variety of truck, you can …continue reading

UniGrip Pro – the Ultimate Universal Smartphone Mount

The smartphone has replaced the traditional camera as the device of choice for many of us when taking a picture. At a recent high school sporting event, most parents were snapping flicks of their children on smartphones while only a small handful held onto their …continue reading

Why I Like the Confusing Windows 8

For literally my entire life, Windows has been a Start button, a taskbar, and a desktop. And for many people, that’s all the computer has ever been. Now with Windows 8, Microsoft is making consumers learn a whole new experience with no video tutorial or …continue reading

How to Convert Your Mini SIM Card to Micro or Nano

SIM cards are incredibly important if you want to take advantage of cellular wireless service on your smartphone, tablet, or notebook. These little cards slip in and contain all the information your carrier needs to connect with and grant access from its service to your …continue reading

Seven Must-Have Android Shopping Apps

We are often reminded during the holiday season how stressful shopping can be, but really, it can be stressful no matter what time of the year it is. Whether you are buying holiday gifts for your family or trying to find the perfect birthday present …continue reading

What Gadgets Aren’t Worth Buying?

You might say I’m addicted to gadgets. I spend more money on gadgets and other electronics per year than I do on virtually anything else. Some of it can be attributed to my work reviewing these little gizmos, but for the most part, it boils …continue reading

How to Download Your Instagram Photos

Making a backup copy of your Instagram photos is a great idea for anyone wishing to either switch to another photo sharing service or simply copy their existing photos over to a different storage platform for safe keeping. Like any free online service, Instagram doesn’t …continue reading

Google Nexus 7 Accessories by MobileFun Review

I am one of the original recipients of the Google Nexus 7. In fact, my unit arrived within a few days of Google releasing the device to the marketplace. Since that time, I have totally enjoyed my Nexus 7 experience. However, I must note that …continue reading

What to Do with That Old Desktop Computer

We all have one around the house, standing proud with its 3.5 inch floppy drive and cables galore. I’m talking about that tower PC that has become an eyesore, yet you just can’t part with it. Perhaps it’s memories of logging on to AOL and …continue reading

Transparent Speaker: a Timeless Design for Music Lovers

With so many different products and devices being introduced on a daily basis, it is sometimes refreshing to see a product that actually has the potential to be eye-appealing and functional at the same time. Swedish company PEOPLE PEOPLE is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter …continue reading

GravityLight: Lighting for Developing Countries

For those of us who are fortunate to live in a country with an abundance of resources, flipping on an electrical outlet and having our lights turn on is an everyday occurrence. This process seems so natural to us that we don’t even give it …continue reading

What to Look for in a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Project

Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are changing the business of product development and funding. Venture capitalists or angel investors are no longer a requirement for taking a product from prototype to store shelves. Crowdfunding is enabling people to invest in products …continue reading

Wii Vs. Wii U

When I first decided to write about Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U, I had to separate myself from the two products. I have been a Wii user, have bought three other units for kids and grandkids, and have thoroughly enjoyed the family entertainment this device …continue reading

Why I’m Dropping Instagram as a Primary Photo Sharing Platform

Instagram is one of the greatest photo sharing services out there. After spending 1 billion dollars on it earlier this year, it would appear that Mark Zuckerberg agrees. While most of my picture taking recently has been done on one mobile device or another, I’ve …continue reading

Are USB Drives Really a Thing of the Past?

I’ve heard a lot of people say that USB drives have gone the way of cassettes — or CDs, for that matter. But I’m here to say that these devices, which are called something different by most everyone, still have a purpose …continue reading

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Keeping your laptop keyboard clean isn’t just a matter of sanitation; it could extend the life of your device considerably. Dirt, dust, and food can quickly become lodged under a key and cause it to stick or fail to read as you type. Regular cleaning …continue reading

How to Set Up a Picture Password in Windows 8

For Windows 8 users on a tablet or touchscreen computer, Picture Passwords are a great way to secure your computer without having to break out the keyboard every time you want to log in. By having the system memorize a few gestures over a photo, …continue reading

Five Reasons to Pick an Alternative Windows Laptop over a MacBook

Being a proud MacBook Pro owner, I often find myself in a precarious situation. I do most of my computing in the Windows environment, and only a certain percentage of the things I do for work require me to have a foot in the OS …continue reading

WebMail Notifier Gives you Visual Email Notifications

Every once in a while, a gimmicky gadget comes along that makes me smile. Usually, these gadgets are a bit humorous in nature such as a Darth Vader USB hub or a USB Christmas tree, but this time around it’s the WebMail Notifier that has …continue reading

ScreenFlow 4 Review

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Pointing your camera at your computer is so old school when you’re trying to screencast. These days there’s software to take care of that, and if you …continue reading

Fax Online for the Sake of Efficiency

Every day, new ways of using the Internet are being discovered. When people first started using the Internet, they used it to find new pieces of information that weren’t easily available in books at home or at the local library. As time has gone on, …continue reading

How Google’s Upcoming Flight Explorer Could Help You Make Better Travel Plans

Are you considering going on a vacation soon? There’s a recently discovered Google project making the rounds right now that could save you a lot of money. Google Flight Explorer helps you to find the lowest rates for flights leaving your local area and heading …continue reading

Are Computer Clubs Dead?

Are computer clubs dead? The answer depends on what you mean by a computer club. I can only speak of my own experiences. Maybe you have different observations. If so, please let us know. But skipping to the final point right now: isn’t LockerGnome a …continue reading

Why is Google Shunning Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

If you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of a dedicated Google Maps application for Windows Phone 8, you might be waiting a very long time. In fact, you might be holding your breath equally as long for Google Drive or Gmail.

Clay Bavor, Google’s Product Management …continue reading

How YouTube Empowers People to Pursue Their Dreams

YouTube is, in many ways, the great equalizer. While comment threads can sometimes be harsh, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that on this incredible platform, the everyman is king. The media industry has long been dominated by polish and corporate backing to the …continue reading

A Season in Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Since April, I had been engaged in the episodic The Walking Dead series that Telltale Games released onto multiple platforms. As someone who had read Robert Kirkman’s amazing monthly comic book series but hadn’t watched the hit television show on AMC, I knew …continue reading

Three Kitchen Gadgets to Avoid

I love gadgets. Kitchen gadgets are especially interesting to me as they are all intended to make life easier for the home cook by turning otherwise difficult tasks into trivial issues. Whether you use a gadget to chop an onion or peel a potato, the …continue reading