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Do I Need a New iPad?

Christmas Day was spent with family and friends. One of the presents that drew the attention of some of us geeks was a brand new iPad that was given as a gift from my son-in-law to our daughter. The other highlight of the day was …continue reading

Why I Do Not Buy E-Books

Five reasons why I do not buy e-books:

You cannot buy; you license (although the Amazon page does refer to buying?) Amazon deleted more paid-for books without notice after promising not to do it again DRM They are impermanent They are often tied to a …continue reading

How to Undelete a Lost File (or Two)

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of ReclaiMe. All opinions are 100% my own.

We’ve all lost a file we didn’t intend to delete at one point or another. Either it became mixed in with a group of other files …continue reading

How to Avoid Plagiarism Online

Plagiarism is a serious problem for content creators online. It happens on social networks, blogs, and even traditional static websites. There is so much content online that people seem to believe they can rip someone’s writing off, put their name on it, and no one …continue reading

How to Build Your Own Smartphone Battery Backup

This is an interesting project for those do-it-yourself people who like to tinker. It seems that all of us have become victims of buying everything already made and we no longer get our hands dirty to either built a PC, or in this case, to …continue reading

Electricity Monitoring Devices

Paying the monthly electric bill feels a lot like paying a tax on your technology. The air conditioning you use in the summer, computers, televisions, heating in winter, washer/dryer, and even your refrigerator are a constant cost to you. Some of them have average hourly …continue reading

No Optical Drive for Windows? No Problem

I recall a time when running software and playing video or music from an optical drive was the norm and considered state of the art. In years that have gone by I, like many of you, have found the loud whirring noise of an optical …continue reading

Isn’t It Time We Got Past Comparing Tim Cook to Steve Jobs?

“Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let Apple get away with what it’s doing today.” — Many

That phrase is a trending topic that has even inspired the creation of sites devoted to exploring the public’s fascination with what Steve Jobs would or wouldn’t have …continue reading

Best Beginner Robotics Products

What do you buy for someone aspiring to become a robotics engineer? You could go all out and hit them with all the parts and software they might need to develop their own advanced robotics projects from scratch, but what about someone …continue reading

Mind-Blowing 3D Display

The creative talents at zSpace have introduced a revolutionary way to combine the physical world with the world of virtual reality. This improvement in 3D technology will improve the way we can solve our problems, teach one another, learn from each other, and communicate effectively …continue reading